Summer Presets



Note: The summer presets are only to be used in Adobe Lightroom on a computer.

The summer presets comes in a pack with 5 different variations to suit different skin tones, hair type and colours. They are great for adding beautiful lively yet soft hues to your photo and enhancing warm oranges & teals. They work best for beach, tropical and sunset photos, but I do find them quite versatile and use them for most of my fashion and city photos too (see examples below).

Presets are not filters used in an app. You will need Adobe Lightroom for desktop. The presets are a one-click application, but depending on your photos lighting, colours, etc, it can look different on every photo. You will need basic knowledge of Lightroom in case you have to slightly tweak the temperature, tint and brightness for each photo.

These Lightroom Presets work best with RAW photos, but also work on JPEG & iPhone photos as long as they’re a high resolution. As presets cannot be returned, unfortunately we can’t give out refunds.

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