My Lightroom Presets Are Now Live!

I can’t believe I can finally say that my Lightroom presets are now LIVE! I’ve been working on these presets for months and months, so it feels a little surreal to have them available to you guys now.

I won’t go on for too long about them since I’ll let the photos themselves do the talking, but felt it was kind of necessary to make a blog post. The summer presets consist of 5 different presets which are similar with slightly different variations for different lighting conditions, skin tones, hair colours, etc. They all have quite a bright and warm feel to them, gravitating towards pink, teal & colours you typically associate with summer. They tend to work best with beach / tropical / sunset photos but I also use them for a lot of my fashion posts and as you can see, they work quite well for cities too!

Shop the presets here

At the moment, they are only available to download for Adobe Lightroom on desktop, not the mobile app.

See below for some before and after photos. I even included some of your photos below (which btw, just wanted to say THANK YOU if you did send your photos to me. I received hundreds so it was quite overwhelming to narrow down!)

P.s. If you do use my presets, make sure to tag me in your photos or use the hashtag #SundayChapterPresets!

Before vs After

using your photos