The Best Designer Handbag Dupes

Today we’re talking the best designer handbag dupes! Before I get into this, I just want to break down the difference between ‘replicas’ and ‘dupes’ since a lot of people can get them confused, or believe they’re the same thing.

A DUPE is simply the acronym or short form of duplicate, but it does not mean fake. There should be no branding of the original brand – it is just the copy or inspired version. For example, you found an exact shade or similar lipstick from Revlon that resembles a popular M.A.C lipstick, but is much cheaper. Therefore, the Revlon lipstick is the DUPE for the M.A.C lipstick.

A REPLICA is simply the exact copy of anything. It is essentially a fake and it is illegal. For example, again, if you find a M.A.C lipstick with the exact branding, colour, packaging but you haven’t bought it from M.A.C, it is a replica.

Now, would I wear a fake handbag? No. But a dupe? Yes. Fake’s dilute the brands image, making them seem not as exclusive. A good example of this is Louis Vuitton. When I see someone with a Louis Vuitton handbag, I always wonder if it’s real or not. Most times I actually think it isn’t since there are so many fakes out there and they’re getting harder to tell apart. Now, imagine if you spent all this money on a bag only for believe to question whether it’s fake or not. It’s not only unfair, but it creates a negative connotation with the brand.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I wanted to share my best finds for dupes today as it’s not only been highly requested, but I also understand spending 3 grand on a bag isn’t possible for everyone’s budget. This is when dupes are a great option if you adore the style of a particular bag, but just cannot afford it.



Chanel Boy Bag, $4,700.00 | DUPE

Chanel Boy Bag, $4,000 | DUPE

Classic Chanel flap bag, $2,875 | DUPE


Prada Cahier Bag, $3813 | DUPE

Prada Cahier bag, $3813 | DUPE


Sylvie leather bag, $2855 | DUPE

Dionysus Medium leather shoulder bag, $3075 | DUPE

Embroidered Dionysus bag, $5240 | DUPE


Faye medium shoulder bag, $1950 | DUPE

Nile bracelet bag, $2,094 | DUPE

Nile bracelet bag, $2057 | DUPE

Faye small backpack, $1795 | DUPE

Marc Jacobs

Snapshot Leather Camera Bag (also here), $415 | DUPE


Garavani Rockstud bag, $3821 | DUPE

Saint Laurent

Sac De Jour tote bag, $3678 | DUPE


Serpenti Forever bag, $2,700 | DUPE

I’d love to hear your opinions on dupes. Are you loving any here? Do you buy dupes? Share in the comments!