My Travel Essentials

Wearing: crop top, showpo skirt (comes in set), sandals

A lot of the questions I get asked about on a daily basis revolve around travel, particularly my travel essentials. It’s taken me a while to really refine my travel essentials from half of my belongings to just the necessities, so I hope this helps some of you travel more efficiently. Still haven’t quite figured out how to “pack lighter” though, don’t think you’ll be seeing that post for a while… if ever!


Obviously the first and foremost is your luggage, and for this, you want something as light but sturdy as possible. I’ve used and loved the Samsonite brand for a long time now and it’s never failed me. I have been loving this suitcase in particular!  I’ve recently switched from using soft cases to hard cases and I think each have their pros and cons, so it’s really up to personal preference. I find soft cases can expand to fit more, but hard cases to be more sturdy and the newer ones are made of polycarbonate ABS, so they are scratch-resistant and lighter than ever.

If you’re cool to spend a bit extra, RIMOWA is a favourite brand of mine, especially their Topas suitcase. They make a smaller cabin one too for quick trips.

If you’re after something more trendy, but still durable, I would recommend CALPAK. They have a cute two-piece set in gold & rose gold, otherwise there’s the standard 20-inch. Chances are you’ve probably seen their marble hard case making a few appearances over social media. Another similar brand is Herschel Supply Co, which makes the very popular (and affordable) trade suitcase.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for something more vintage and trunk style, maybe Bric’s suitcases might be more your thing! I love their classic designs in both the 30-inch and 32-inch.

Carry-on luggage

When it comes to your carry-on luggage, there’s a few different options you can take. Personally I have always preferred a large duffle bag or backpack when it comes to carry-on, as I don’t want to wheel another smaller suitcase around. But again, it’s whatever works for you! You could even get something with a combination of the two, a duffle bag with wheels so you have both options.

Small crossbody / purse

I always have a small third bag with me, usually a crossbody or backpack (given my carry-on isn’t also a backpack), to carry with me on the plane and not store in the cabins. In this I’ll have my passport, money, tickets, cards, a pen and those necessities I need to grab immediately without having to open my larger carry-on luggage.


A few of my tech essentials are: USB cable, headphones, universal power adapter, hard drive, and portable charger. I always prefer to bring my own earphones or headphones on planes as I’ve never been a fan of the ones they give you. I don’t know about you guys, but I need total noise cancellation. If you work a lot from your computer or are a blogger, I would highly recommend investing in some hard drives! I bought my first this year for some extra space, security and backup. I can’t believe it took me so long to get on it.

Tech cases

Since I usually work on-the-go, I always keep my tech safe with proper casing. This goes for my phone, laptop, and camera especially!

Comfortable shoes

I get A LOT of questions regarding my travel shoes. I always make sure to bring a pair of open & closed shoes, these are usually sneakers and sandals. These sandals are probably my favourite ever for traveling – I have two pairs of them. I’m still shocked they’re under $60! They survived months of walking all over Europe, Bali and other quick trips, and are somehow still going strong. They have an extra layer of support so are incredibly comfortable too. Otherwise, sneakers are my go-to! I love my stan smiths because they go with everything, but if I know I’m going to be walking for miles, then I’ve been loving the Nike Air Zoom’s!

Miscellaneous items

I call these miscellaneous because they don’t just fall into one category, but they’re things that have made traveling more seamless. This pillow spray is great if you have trouble falling asleep (hello jetlag!) by helping you wind down. On the topic of sleep, I was never an eye mask person up until last year, when I tried one for the first time and my life changed. I love this one especially. I always have a lip balm in my bag because my lips always dry out on planes, along with a hydrating moisturiser and/or face mist, & anti-bacterial wipes.