The Dirty Business of the Influencer World

Over the past week I have been accused more than a few times of having bought followers on Instagram. It’s upsetting but I understand it, which is even more sad, because it’s what this industry has come to. In less than a week, my Instagram following had a dramatic jump from roughly 25,000 followers to now sitting on 280,000. To be completely honest, I’m still in shock and can’t quite process it all. I created templates on Instagram which happened to go viral, being reposted by celebrities and even making the news.

These kind of Q&A templates have been around for a while though – they were already surfacing through Instagram and I cannot take credit for the idea. It wasn’t my idea. It was just my design that went viral. They even hold a lot of similarity to those old Facebook and MySpace questionnaires back in the day. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure Snapchat even had something similar not long ago? It’s always been a social media trend.

Flash forward to today, I log into every social media and there’s talk about me everywhere. Threads on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn all questioning the legitimacy of my account. I mean I’m not sure who would even buy 200,000 followers (?!) but regardless, in the heat of the moment I posted a screenshot of my impressions and story views to prove my legitimacy, only later to find out you can even BUY those now?!

Having worked in social media and marketing, I understand how much brands invest into influencers and those with bought followers are only deceitful, as they hold no real influence. Most eventually get revealed that way. I’m sure at least one of you reading this has bought followers or thought about buying them. Funny story, I even had a friend the other day who is not very into the world of social media/Instagram, talk about this girl she was following on Instagram who had 20,000 followers but only 1,500 likes per photo. Today, with the mess of the algorithm and all that, I’d consider that a pretty good engagement rate. She was convinced the girl bought followers though.

How is this industry ever supposed to survive if Instagram allows tools where influencers can freely (and quite cheaply) purchase followers, likes, views, impressions, and so on? It’s ironic because the people that buy these to get ahead in the industry, but are actually contributing to the decline of it.

I’m not going to further try to prove to everyone that I haven’t bought followers because I know I haven’t, and I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself if I did. How do you even keep up an account with 200,000 fake followers? Do you have to buy bots (which I hate with every part of me) to keep it looking legit? Who has the time/money/energy to even do all this? I just don’t know anymore. It’s ridiculous.

I truly hope Instagram becomes a more transparent platform in the future and the relationship between influencers, PRs, brands and audiences becomes a more honest and open one. There’s already so much shade, secrets and deception in the industry like the fact there are no regulated ad rates, sponsored post rates, fake bot traffic etc and not to mention the bitchiness between some bloggers. I stopped attending events because of it. Because who really wants to go to events to make friends, follow each other, and then have them unfollow you as soon as you leave? or better yet, pretend to be your friend just to get the photo and exposure. Let’s just say in the 5 years I’ve been in this industry I’ve seen A LOT.

There is so much secrecy in the industry, and things no one talks about so my question is: do we REALLY need to create more?

Anyway, I guess I’m writing this not only as a way to get it off my chest, but to open up the conversation here because I wish more bloggers were open & honest.

I really want to hear YOUR thoughts on this all. Did you know it was happening? Are you apart of the industry? Where do you think it’s going in the future?

Also, I couldn’t leave without saying a massive THANK YOU to the majority of you who have been so supportive. I really can’t express how much it means to me and I couldn’t ever thank you guys enough.

  • terkoula

    To be honest, I am one of your followers that started to follow you because I found out about your fancy templates and I loved them. So I’m not surprised about your rapid followers increase recently. People follow you because they like your posts, lifestyle, travelling experiences and much more.
    I have been receiving emails from “companies” that offer you to buy followers, proving that this kind of “marketing” is absolutely legitimate. That’s why people are in doubt, but don’t worry about anyone trying to report or block your account. There will always be many people jealous about your success trying to put you down. Don’t let them succeed, keep doing great job. :)

    • Thank you so much!! This means so much to me you have no idea! xx

  • I am so so happy to see your Instagram blow up, Angela! I’ve loved reading your blog and catching up on your amazing feed for months now, so to see it go from such a huge jump is so well deserved!

    I totally echo your thoughts, it’s such a shame that there are so many deceitful people in this industry, but it’s also such a shame that instead of celebrating somebody’s success, people naturally jump to the conclusion that you must have bought followers. I’m so sorry that’s happening!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday,

    • Oh wow thank you so much Michael! You have always been so kind to me. It is so sad isn’t it! xx

  • Close your eyes for just a moment, and realizing there’s no wrong that you’ve done, you only did good and the time has arrive that people have discovered your work, and like what you do. Think of no negativity, only the positives, things will always have a way to work it out in the end. And you’ll always be the last one standing! Remember make your visions so clear that all your fears become irrelevant! Stay positive and keep up the great work! 💜👍🏼💜

    🌸🍃LA BIJOUX BELLA 🌸🍃| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    • You always leave the sweetest comments. Thank you so much Mia! xx

  • The Gold Lipstick

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • I used your template and thought they were so cute and I was thankful you made them because they are so fun. I also watched your growth and was amazed but knew it had to be the templates. Congrats on your hard work that payed off! I had no idea you could buy insights. Instagram is so weird, at least we still have our blogs to show our authenticity, but boy we really need Instagram and it makes it hard on the little guy. So unfair.

    • Thank you times a million for your support Sharon! Instagram is such a strange world when you think about it. Who knew it would blow up like this! xx

  • Megan

    Good on you for saying all of this! 💗 I 100% believe you that you didn’t buy followers. Almost every insta story I have seen lately has one of your templates! The power of things going viral is amazing! That is how I came to be one of your followers, by seeing one of your templates on someone’s insta story and then as soon as I checked out your page I was blown away at how amazing it is!
    I struggle so much with gaining followers, I feel like I put all this effort in and just don’t get the views or likes however there is no way I could live with myself if I bought followers. Plus who has that kind of money and who would want all these fake followers anyway? Keep up the good work. Your page inspires me so much and you deserve all the recognition you Are getting! Much love 💗💗

    • Thank you so much!! This means the world. Keep on improving & creating content and you will gain a following :) it takes so much time these days! xx

  • Dierdre

    I actually found about this a few months ago when a YouTuber (Chloe Morello) posted a video talking about it. and also, the reason how I found your page was because of your templates! it’s amazing how small things like these can go viral! and regarding about what happened, keep your head up and forget about the negatives! keep doing what you do best! ❤

    • I’m so glad she made that video!! It definitely opened a lot of peoples eyes. It is so incredible but I’m so happy you found me :) thank you girl xx

  • Ah people are so jealous! I saw on your Insta stories when you reached 100k and people were accusing you our buying followers.

    • It’s so sad it’s such a common thing now! Thank you for all your support Candice, means so much xx

  • tash

    girl, THIS. this needed to be talked about, and you were straightforward but classy. people who don’t understand how working social media works will of course be envious of someone who skyrockets as fast you did! instead of celebrating that, they’re trying to sow doubt into other people’s minds. you know your truth. keep doing you and working hard. that’s the key. you worked hard and stayed consistent 💕 i love your page and your blog. thanks for being a good example in the social media influencer world.

    • Thank you so much Tash! I really needed to hear this. The funny thing about going viral is people don’t acknowledge how much work you might’ve put in before it! xx

      • tash

        awww anytime!! yesss exactly! you’re inspiring alot of women, so keep being amazing at what you do!

  • Shriya

    I found you through the templates too! 💓 just be yourself and don’t worry about the nonsense! people just need a reason to talk anyways 🙄
    But your feed is truly amazing from the beginning 🌟

    • Thank you so much Shriya!! Seriously means so much!!! xx

  • I love this post! I am amazed that you can buy insights now, what is the industry coming to! I too often avoid attending events for the same reasons as you. I am so happy for your recent growth you really do deserve it!


    • Right?! I was literally shocked. It’s so deceitful. Thank you so much girl!! xx

    • You can buy insights!? What? That’s ridiculous…

      • I know!!! It’s so crazy. You can literally buy everything now

  • I’m a blogger and happened to find you from your templates that all the other bloggers I know are posting/using. I checked out your feed, liked it, and hit follow….which I’m sure many others did too. Instagram is such a mystery to me. I read all the articles about growing your audience, try to do it, and still have a small following. I’ve heard the key is consistency, but it’a Still a mystery to me how bloggers have an arsenal of pics to be posting every day. 😫😫. You do you girl and keep being great.

    • Thank you so much! Consistency and patience are definitely key. Our job is to create content so it’s important to plan everything in advance so you have enough for every day :) thanks again!! x

  • I checked your instagram and it’s actually such a gorgeous feed! xx

    • Aw thank you so much! xx

  • Saccharine Soul

    I remember seeing your account before the spike in followers and wondered what happened to grow so fast :D You have been working hard for a long time, it was time that your hard work gained all this attention :)

    • Haha thank you so much! So kind xx

  • Your templates were beautiful and everyone wanted to use them which drew people to your feed. You gained the followers because your page was already beautiful and it got seen! I’ve thought it for years or however long I’ve been following you for and I’m so happy for you. Anyone that follows you can see how genuine you are x

    Gemma Louise

    • Thank you so much! This means the world to me Gemma!! :) xx

  • Yulia

    I began to be serious about my blog and IG not long ago and I grew fast (still relatively small, only 10k but it is a big deal for me) and I first experienced a wonderful world of supportive bloggers and was so excited but I rapidly discovered how much of BS is around. I even got bullied in private by one of giveaway organizers for posting in a group on lack of good results from her giveaway. And then Inchecked he has 48K followers and 42 likes per picture… it is unfortunate because there are so many new bloggers and influencers who get “guided” by not legit people and it just kills their good intentions. Don’t even bother yourself with those comments it is a cost of fame 😂

    • I’m so sorry that happened to you! The industry can be such a cruel place. I completely agree – so many influencers take advantage of the new players in the game. Thank you so much for your support! xx

  • I had something very similar when I had a spike of followers and girls started spreading rumours. Its really hard to stand out as a real account when so many people are cheating their way to the top. Love your feed though babe and the people who matter will always believe you!

    Ellie xx

    • Ahh I’m so sorry that happened to you! Sad how common it is too. Everyone has such incredible content but standing out sometimes is like a needle in a haystack! Thanks so much for your support xx

  • Heatherlynnecarter

    I saw your templates on one of my favorite instagrammers story and loved the look, the questions, and the simplicity immediately! When I discovered them, I was eating dinner with my boyfriend (chik fil a). As we get this meal often on our college campus, your templates made our dinner date exciting. I began to read aloud.. “Hey babe, (this) or (that)?” It was not long until I was on your page, on your highlights, searching for more interesting questions. Not only did I learn more about my favorite instagrammer but also myself and the love of my life. In all this backlash and analysis of your Instagram account, keep doing what you are doing. Sincerely, a college girl who is always looking for ways to spruce up dates!

    • Omg I LOVE this!! haha so cool. I’ve been forcing my boyfriend to fill out my templates LOL! Thank you so much for your support xx

  • Heather Turner

    I started following you on IG because of your templates! I saw so many influencers that I follow using them and either covering up your credit or cropping it out so I tagged you in one of mine because that is just so rude. I started a blog about 15 months ago and have had a very hard time growing my audience on IG thanks to the stupid algorithm that 💩 on small accounts. Hardly any of my actual followers see my posts and because my account is small nobody sees it on the discover page or in the tags I use. It’s very discouraging but I’ve stuck with it because it’s something I’m passionate about. My best friend tried to get me to buy followers last year and I had to try and explain to her how big of a faux pas that is in the blogosphere. Anyways…sorry you’re getting so much heat when really you just when viral which is awesome and you should be celebrating all the new followers instead of trying to defend yourself to the trolls.

    • It’s so upsetting to see that! I don’t know why people erase or crop out my name!! I think those who have bought followers will only end up losing. Can you imagine if Insta did a big sweep of ghost accounts again?! Thank you so much for your support xx

  • Angela,

    So sad that you had to write this, but remember, when you start to have haters you’re doing something right! You have always been the sweetest and you so deserve this. I want you to know I’ve been talking to people and other bloggers about you too. I’ve been saying things like: 1- I am so happy for her, she deserves it. 2- Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. She has been putting the work in consistently and creates great content, without that- going viral would have been meaningless- it is her hard work up to this point that caused people to follow once discovering her through templates 3- What a genius idea, how can we learn from this in our own marketing and growth?

    I’m sure many people are being awful, that is the price that comes with popularity. But never forget the people who have supported you up to this point and continue to support you and back you up on your authenticity. We support you and are SO HAPPY FOR YOU because we know how much work went into this “overnight success”.



    Caitlin @lostluxe

    • Oh wow I can’t even express how much this means to me. That’s the funny thing about going viral – people forget the work you put in before it! I’ve learned to accept there’s always going to be haters, it’s kind of part of the job as sad as it is. But thank you SO much for your support Caitlin. So happy to have found you & following along your journey too! xx

  • Congratulations on going viral and all the new followers! I just discovered you from one of your templates and had no idea you had this massive jump so congrats and don’t pay no mind to anyone else. You seem very humble and down to earth. Beautiful feed!

    • Aw thank you Deja! You are so incredibly kind xx

  • Aaaah I’m so sad that you had to write this but also kinda glad you did. Good on you for speaking up on the pitfalls of this industry!

    Oh & also: GO GIRL! It’s so exciting to watch you grow and succeed. xo

    • Thanks so much Sharni! You have always been such an incredible support to me! xx

  • Kelly Nash

    I think it’s so messed up that people buy their followers or engagement. Me being a new blogger, I’ve been conscious to grow my following organically. I want followers who like me for ME and enjoy reading my content.

    Thank you for your openness on this issue. I think the transparency is 100% needed and is so welcomed. Love what you stand for and have appreciated your templates and blog posts! 💋


    • Exactly! I’d rather have some influence than a fake one where no one is actually reading or appreciating your content. Thank you so much for your support and good luck with your growth :) xx

  • I’m so sorry you’ve been accused of buying followers. It definitely seems like Social Blade is taking over, and people are becoming obsessed with digging into everyone. Your templates are everywhere, so of course you’re going to gain from that! Keep doing you xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Social Blade is so hit and miss, but people treat it like the bible! A spike in followers doesn’t necessarily mean someone has bought them and I hope people start to realise this. Thanks so much for the support Hannah xx

  • Bernadette

    That’s so awful that you were accused of that. I feel like ever since people began to realise certain individuals were buying followers & like they began to point the finger at anyone and everyone who is doing well in the industry. I think people need to have their facts straight, it’s quite a shame that people are doing dodgy things to get ahead and that brands are also falling for it but I feel like despite the fact that I’ve always been a slow grower I’m proud at myself at how far I’ve come and my content despite the numbers not reflecting that.

    • Yes! So true. Sometimes slow & steady wins the race. Those who buy followers aren’t going to survive long in this industry. You keep doing you girl! And thank you for the support xx

  • I have been seeing those templates around insta so much these past few days, I had no idea it was you!

    It’s amazing that your content went to viral but it sucks that people question your honesty and legitimacy – but as long as you are happy with what you’re doing and you know they’re all real that’s all that matters, people will always talk! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    • Thanks so much Ariadna! You are so right – you can’t please everyone in the end :) xx

  • Shelby

    Hey girl! I just want to say I’ve been following along and I have worked in this industry in the past. It can be rough. I can’t really keep up with it anymore as I am a full time student, but it can definitely be a surreal place to be. All I can say is keep doing you and don’t worry about the hate. They’re bitter and jealous. Just do you! There are many of us out here who genuinely do want to see people thrive and it’s not something you should have to feel bad about. Keep it up! – Shelby

    • Thanks so much Shelby! I agree – it’s a very surreal place to be. Thank you so much for the support, you are so kind xx

  • Sarah Diaz

    I am so happy you decided to talk about this! I am someone who after years of wanting to start a blog finally did it. It took me a lot of research at first because I wanted to know all I could do to successfully run a blog! Blogging is a commitment in my opinion. There is so much to learn. In this industry, there is always something new which means we are constantly working to find ways to keep our readers entertained but always keeping or content genuine. It definitely makes it harder when there are others that try and find the easy route by buying followers, likes, etc. I actually know of someone that admitted it to me years ago, I was shocked back then that you could even do that. And to top it all off, that person didnt even want me knowing how they did It? As if i even wanted to know? I believe in being real, I want a real connection with my followers. Long story short, those people have in my opinion ruined the success of other talented bloggers, instagrammers, etc. andnow as more and more realize people can do this, they end up not trusting the genuine people! The thing is, I loved your templates when i saw them. I thought thr whole template trend was really cool to learn more about who someone is following. After looking at your Instagram, I thought wow I love her content! I never saw it before because of the large amount of accounts I see in a day. If anything people should be happy something like a template that went viral was your opportunity to gain a real follower like me based on what you put out there! I hope this industry changes for the better!
    Insta: @sarahdiazmakeup

  • Vanessa Bancheri

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s so important to highlight this. There’s all this talk about women needed to support and empower other women, yet this still occurs and it’s important we open up about it. I can’t believe this bitchiness and fairness you mention between bloggers. I think it’s awful. There is so much more good to come from collaboration and supporting each other than this crap. Women should be better than this. I hope the industry changes this and we get better. This isn’t okay. I’m sorry you went through what you did. But you did a great thing, used your head and creativity to share it and you deserve all the credit. Keep it up!

    • It’s so upsetting! We should all be collaborating, not competing with each other. I think everyone is so panicked there isn’t enough room for us all to succeed which I strongly disagree with. Thanks so much for your support Vanessa! xx

  • Jennifer Faun Snyder

    My husband has said on many occasions that the world should fear the day women learn to work together. We could put an end to a patriarchal society if we wanted to just by coming together as a united front. And I don’t think we all have to have the same beliefs to do that.

    • Your husband is a smart man! I completely agree. We need to learn to collaborate, not compete. Thank you for your support! xx

  • Christina

    Ive never bought followers but I know a lot of bloggers who actively engage in Instagram pods to bypass the algorithm and improve their engagement on their posts. To me, pods are just as bad as bots or purchased followers because it is still illegitimate engagement and therefore the influencer is not really Influencing. There’s so many shady practices that actually grow accounts successfully and quickly, so it can get discouraging when you are trying to grow organically and honestly because it looks “slow” in comparison. I understand your frustration but all we can do is what we can do that’s true to us. Congrats on your growth and success – you got it doing you! What better thing can there be?

    • I used to think pods weren’t that bad but now I have to agree with you. When looking at it from a brands perspective, the engagement is still fake and like you said, not really influencing. Thanks so much for your support & good luck with your growth! xx

  • Jacs

    Wow, sucks that you have had to feel as though you have to justify yourself. I think that Instagram as a social media tool is powerful and people are certainly a lot more savvy about how it “works”. Just keep on doing what you re doing and creating great content, that’s obviously what has people such as myself following you. The templates was a great idea and I remember them on FB and MySpace back in the day too, you’ve inspired me to make some of my own templates as I think they are a great tool with engaging your followers as well as attracting new ones such as myself. Chin up lady, haters be hating’ you just keep on winning!!

    xo @behumanwithjacs

    • Thank you so much girl! You are very sweet. I think I’m learning I’ll never please everyone and I’m okay with that. Kind of part of the job haha! :) xx

  • Nakarha Bethell

    My mom told me that if people aren’t talking about you then you are irrelevant. Clearly you are doing something right and you are very relevant. Those people who actually take time out to say these negative things about you are clearly just looking for some of the attention that you’ve been receiving. Greater things are about to happen for you, you can only go up from here. All the best to you doll!! 💰🙌🏻

    • I love that!! I need to keep that in mind – your mom is a smart one. Thanks for your support girl! xx


    I completely agree with you. It’s hard enough as it is, who has the energy to “buy follower” and those automated bot responses are just so tacky! I hope there is future transparency as I am so sick of the “follow/unfollow” game. I don’t get it. I’m working hard on my brand, on researching my products and providing the best content I can for my followers. I can only be authentic (even posting about all my grey hairs recently :( and just being me). I have only just come across your page from another friend of mine and have been enjoying reading your blogs and what I have seen so far. So I am a new (genuine) follower. Keep true to yourself and I’m all for venting as well. Congratulations on all your achievements to date.

    • Exactly! It must be so tiring trying to keep up a fake following! The follow/unfollow game is really the worst and it’s sad that it’s what Instagram has come to. It’s so refreshing to see someone who is authentic and only focusing on improving their content. Thank you so much for the support and good luck with your growth! :) xx

  • Holly

    This is amazing for you and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Your hard work is being recognised!! Keep up your amazing work, particularly your templates :)

    Holly x

    • Thanks so much Holly!! Means the world xx

  • It’s such a shame that by you doing something creative and providing value for others has turned into being accused of buying followers. I get a lot of people who do have ruined it for everyone else but if someone has done something to go ‘viral’ your audience is obviously going to quickly grow… well done on doing something different and creating lovely content as always. It’s just a shame it’s putting a downer on your time to celebrate the success. Xx Imogen

    • Aw thank you so much. You are so so kind! xx

  • linda scarpato

    I accidentally came across your site as I was looking for inspirational quotes for my followers…maybe dumb luck but your post has validated my current feelings about social media. Anyway, I have spent the whole weekend trying to study Instagram accounts in an effort to grow my own. I am in bewilderment at some of the numbers I am seeing for accounts that are not engaging with followers at all. Being relatively new to Instagram, it is actually so distracting and detracts from the quality of work a person can produce because the disingenuous nature of some accounts affects legitimate accounts in so many ways. It winds up that Instagrammers are trying to keep up with something that doesn’t even exist. I am sure your followers will see things clearly and continue to respect your professionalism.

    • I really believe everyone is so focused on numbers and strategies to grow they lose focus on what’s imporant: creating & improving the quality of your content. And I completely agree!! How exhausting must it be to keep up with a fake following?! Thank you for your support Linda! xx

  • I absolutely cannot stand those who purchase followers. It’s so disrepectful to us who genuinely work and engage with our followers. I love you and everything you’re about and you going viral was so deserved and I cannot be happier for you!!! <3 I had no idea you could buy your impressions as well! Anyway, keep doing you! <3 You are amazing.

    • Completely agree!! Thank you so much :) this is so sweet. And I know right – had no idea of impressions.. it’s crazy! xx

  • Betzmann7

    You’re a noname and you always will be. Templates bring no growth same as YouTube links bring no views. Your template is basic on a basic background. Do you really think that people bother to type in your name ? How many of those people are even in your niche to follow you? Like why would anyone like to follow your average looking page? You thought it’s a good idea to give your sad little page a boost while you got those few shares and people will forget in the end right ? Everyone buys followers but jumping on that one won’t bring you any further. Brands won’t work with you seing such a growth on Social blade with such a little engagement. How can you even waste your time in such a bullshit blog post ? ‘Everyone was talking about me:press, fb, insta’ hahahah disgusting. Rot in hell

    • Wow, who hurt you? I’m sorry you feel this jealous and angry. Actually almost all brands and PR agencies I’ve worked with have all sent me a congratulations. I hope you can learn to be a kinder person one day.

    • leighturtle_art

      Honestly without her templates I would have never found her beautiful page. The simple design allows us to add our own personality.
      Love your feed Angela, it’s absolutely stunning and I’m glad I had the chance to fund you through tour templates.

      • Thank you so so much!!! This is so sweet ❤️❤️

    • Nicole

      Wow, why do you even care so much? It’s her brand and her content, I don’t know why it concerns you so much. Your words are seething hate and jealously quite strongly, might want to tone it back if you want to get your point across. Otherwise you just look like a jealous fool. Best of luck to you, sounds like you need some!

      • Thanks for the support girl!!! ❤️❤️

    • Maggie Noon

      Just an FYI I found this account from her templates and followed her because of her adorable photos so her “average photos” and templates got her at least one follower.

    • Sarah

      What an incredibly sad person you are. Why can’t you just be happy for someone else’s success? I actually found her page through a celebrity posting her template and then followed because her page was beautiful.

      Learn to be kinder. It will improve your life.

    • delia

      as compared to the number of REAL supporters she has, i guess you really are the one with ‘noname and you will always be’.

    • Konnie

      Actually im not in her demographic at all, i literally have no interest in life style blogs at all, but i found her from the template and really liked her pics cause they gave me a sense of nostalgia so, youre wrong

    • brad

      You sound jealous “Betzmann7”, and you must having a nasty day. I’m sorry you feel the need to be tasteless, rude and mean to this girl. Did writing this make you feel empowered? This is the type of internet bullying that needs to stop within our society today. You can hid behind a computer screen, but what for? She worked on something for her followers, and it went viral. This gave her exposure, growth and something others will copy because they were inspired by it. You are going through something in your life that’s making you act out and it’s not ok. Putting someone else down to make yourself feel better doesn’t change anything about your personal issues at the end of the day, does it? I hope you can to a place soon where you’re not hurting because you’re not getting the life choices (or internet fame) you want.

    • Luaia

      Who hurt you? You sound pathetic and miserable. Because only those kinds of people leave hateful comments like this! Her templates are actually swirling all over IG and I’ve seen them on numerous stories and in fact how I found her myself. I hope you find happiness so that you don’t feel the need to have to read others down! Let that hurt go bro!

    • Samantha

      Did you literally just tell someone to rot in hell just for writing a post that in no way hurts anyone? You’re the one who is being disgusting, not Angela or her post. The fact that you took the time to write all that just shows how jealous you are and what type of human you are, that you think it’s ok to be spiteful to someone who has done nothing wrong. She hasn’t hurt anyone, or insulted anyone, or committed a crime. It’s pathetic, really, that you think the way you do. And no, not everyone buys followers – maybe check your facts before you post? I mean, if that were true, I wouldn’t be on only 500 after two years 😂. Honestly, being a troll doesn’t look good on anyone, so maybe go away, get some fresh air, and think about who you really want to be (it takes a lot more energy and causes a lot more stress to yourself to be nasty that it does to be kind).

      • Love you!!! This is amazing 😭❤️

        • Samantha

          You’re very welcome! We’ve got your back – I’ve no time for people who behave that way. I mean, I get that you might see a blog or Instagram account and think “I wish mine was like that”, but going out of your way to try and belittle someone with a nasty comment just because you’re jealous is on a whole other level.

    • Haven

      You’re a disgusting excuse for a human being. Identify your demons and address THEM. Don’t go raining on someone’s parade because you’re wallowing in your own misery. Get a grip, keyboard warrior. Jesus 🙈😆😳

    • Sami

      This is the most pathetic thing I ever read! Clearly the templates brought an vast growth to her amazing page! I am an example of someone that typed in her name in the search bar after seeing someone post her templates! She is a beautiful and weight young woman. Someone has thier panties in a wad! You have no reason to be this nasty. Karma will come around.

      • Dami

        Bright young woman*

        • Sami

          That’s what I mean oops

  • Cassandra.felicia

    Love your templates! Out of all I seen yours are the best, makes breastfeeding go by so so fast! Never stop your templates
    P.S love the beauty ones<3

    • This makes me sooo happy!! ❤️❤️

  • Cake

    I found your page via your templates and stayed because I love your content! I know nothing about social media business and impressions and all that but I know that my friends use your templates too! Just ignore the hate!

    • Aww thank you so much!! 😘😘

  • Kristiana Wajnblom

    I am so excited for your success because it just goes to show that it takes one really good idea to go viral and really put your in the spot you’ve been working to be in! It’s aweslme that you’re here, and it sucks that people automatically assume the worst. I’ve known about the icky deceit for so long & it’s so hard to continue to push each day to be the best you can when others who don’t put in the work are “getting ahead” through cheating. I can only hope that there will be a way to shut down the cheats, or at least deactivate the bots. Keep doing the great work you’re doing! Your IG is absolutely stunning!

  • Sabrina

    I’ve seen a lot of templates going around but yours was one of the first and most popular I saw and when I went to your page to get it I loved your page and instantly followed so I definitely believe many others did the same and that you DIDN’T buy followers. I have to admit I was so curious about your page views not because I speculated but because your templates are so popular! I can’t believe people say such hateful things though! (I saw your stories) Keep doing what you’re doing love your doing great 🌷

  • I honestly found your templates by causality and I love them, I identity with the design a LOT. I followed you because I like your content and I know for sure you DID bought me with your feed, it’s great. So, thank you for sharing with us, now I’m also subscribing to this blog, it happens to have good content too. Keep up the AMAZING work! Cheers from Dominican Republic. ❤✨

  • Nothappy

    I found you on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with your page. I’m planning my first solo world travel and you have given me so much courage because of how real you are.

    The templates are not really my thing, so they aren’t what attracted me.

    Please keep posting about travel and style!

    Thank you!

  • Yolanda

    Dear Betzmann7,
    You’re a jealous dumb ass. I don’t know what’s more sad, that everyone thinks she’s buying followers..?? She isn’t!! Or that you guys are ridiculously jealous??? At the end of the day you are entitled to your very own opinion! But don’t be a hateful person. Yes she created templates. Yes I ran across them like everyone else. And yes I genuinely love her ig page so I started to follow her!! So many people get small bits of fame like this. So what she’s a bad ass and her account showed it 🤷🏻‍♀️ Therefore everyone else like myself being thankful we ran into her! Ps. Grow up and go ask your mom as to why she didn’t raise you well enough for you don’t wish anyone to rot in hell.

  • Anna

    From personal experience, I found you because everyone I was following used your templates. Clicked on your user and I LOVE your page. Your followers found you and stayed because your content is amazing! And of course, your templates are also the best ones that I’ve seen. I know it can be disheartening that your hard work is being assumed otherwise, all I can suggest is to keep up with what you were already doing. People will always have something negative to say 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is also my first time on your blog because I saw your Instagram story! I will visit often!

  • Oma

    I can’t thank you enough for making it so clear..the industry is so messed up that brands who rather go for an influencer based on the number and that is so heart breaking because it makes us feel like we don’t exist. I am a Nigerian blogger and is definitely sticking strong with my followers with hopes it grows someday, I’m happy I do this for my passion and not the pay.. I would really love a collaboration book/story with you to deeply talk about this, cause I believe we can change things and I believe others will follow….. your awesome girl… keep it up💕

  • Ana Alejandra Ibarra Ruelas

    I followed you because a friend of mine posted your templates and I loved them so I looked at your profile, liked it and now I follow you. Hugs from Mexico =**

  • People who are accusing you are just jealous they didn’t think of the genius idea you did! I never normally get involved in drama but I felt the need to defend you haha! I hope you’re ok. Good things are coming your way! Love, Imogen xx

  • Jade Dsa
  • Amazing story and congrats and getting your work viral – it feels like there’s so much negativity in the industry at the moment it’s hard to see what’s genuine and what isn’t, so it’s awful to get trapped on the wrong side of it. Let me know if you’d ever like to work together (I’m a blogger photographer – Al

  • That’s so inspiring. Your templates are so cute! I stumbled on your page last night when I saw the templates that everybody is been using. Rise and shine girl, you deserve it!
    Aurela x

  • Jasmine

    I heard about people buying followers on IG but I’ve actually never understood the concept. Why would you wanna buy “followers” that aren’t genuinely interested in your brand/feed/content and will hardly even engage. I think it’s pathetic. And the folks accusing you of buying followers obviously don’t have their facts right. The drastic increase in your followers is surprising but possible because your templates are all over IG, I mean across continents. I found your account because of your templates and asides loving your templates, I’m beginning to love your content as well. More grease to your elbows darling. And pay no attention to the haters. Love, from Nigeria.

  • Zara

    It’s a shame we can’t all support each other more, especially in this industry. You shouldn’t have had to write this post to justify yourself. You know the truth and that’s all that matters. You must be stoked that your following boomed!! Well done!

  • Cherie

    Congratulations on the increase of your followers. People are jealous of others and their success! You’re very honest and made it clear you didn’t buy followers . I’m a small account (Bali.travel4women) based in Melbourne but there are many other new accounts doing similar to me. It’s amazing the competitiveness . I’m just doing and sharing what I love to others and people are jealous. This whole Instagram business has made me feel disillusioned of late , what a world we live in ! People putting each other down all the time and not supporting each other, I can’t understand it.
    Enjoy your success and keep going ! Xx

  • wow, this is such an eye-opening article.. I have heard about people buying followers, but I thought it only happens to business accounts that need to attract potential buyers. I never thought that social media influencers would do such a thing. I thought they’re producing contents genuinely that people will either like it or not, then decide to follow them or not..

    keep on blogging and posting on instagram with your interesting contents.. many people like me are looking forward to your updates :)

    Indonesian Travel Blogger |

  • Jaimee

    I’m glad I came across this post because it is discouraging sometimes when people are trying to decipher the accuracy of your following. I also think the 1500 likes is pretty normal depending on the content for 20k followers. My fiancé is a pro athlete and has a significant amount of followers but depending on the content he posts his likes range from 1500-10k likes on a post. It all depends on the audience. I def agree and hope one day there is a way to regulate this so that peoples authenticity isn’t always having to be questioned. Love your blogs, love your page!