2018 Wish List Destinations

I was lucky enough to visit some incredible places during 2017 and it only made my desire to travel this year even stronger. A few of my favourites last year included Greece, Spain, Croatia, and Berlin, but there’s still so many destinations left on my wish list!


I’ve had a few friends return from Cuba and tell me it’s everything that I have been imaging: free-flowing mojitos, vintage cars, salsa music on every corner, dance parties and the warmest welcome. Honestly at this point I might not even come home.

Cartegna, Colombia

Cartegna is an Old Town that I have been dying to visit – I mean just LOOK at it. Words aren’t even necessary. If I’m being honest, the inner basic blogger in me is dying at the photo possibilities. I’d also love to see Bogota whilst I’m there and there’s also the nearby Rosario Islands that look nothing short of a postcard. I’m just really keen to see South America in general, actually.

Photo taken in Berlin

Can you believe I’ve never been to Italy? Really though, after spending 3 summers in Europe, I somehow managed to completely avoid it. I don’t know why, but I never had a real interest in going. That is up until now. Now I’m kind of gutted that I’d never visited! I would particularly love to see Capri, Venice, Positano and all along the Amalfi coast!

Tulum, Mexico

If I’m being honest, I’d make the 24+ hour commute to Mexico for the food alone. Tulum is a town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula and just looks like the dream. There’s many other places in Mexico I’d love to see, but I just couldn’t miss this one! The jade green water just gets me.

Photo taken in Malta

For years I have wanted to visit Japan as I’m so fascinated by the culture and way of life. I’d especially love to visit during cherry blossom season!


From the skyline, man made beaches, to the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa, things over there seem so over-the-top and I am here for it. Aquariums in shopping malls? Tick. Planes made out of flowers? Yep. Self-flying taxis? Obviously. Is this place even real?!

Photo taken in Santorini

Where is somewhere on your travel wishlist for 2018?