A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Effortless Style

I’ve always taken the ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to fashion but feel a lot of us tend to over complicate things. The foundation should always be simple – wear what makes you feel good. I think that’s why I tend to idolize French fashion a lot, their style always looks so effortless and put together at the same time. They don’t look like they’re trying too hard and the real allure is simplicity. Just remember, effortless does not mean throw on a hoodie and track pants – we’re aiming for simplicity, not laziness! It’s understanding what works for you and wearing clothes that look like second-skin.

Basics are key

I am a massive advocate for basics and I believe you can never own too many (same goes for shoes, obviously). I’ve always felt that when my wardrobe was lacking in basics, I was lacking in outfits. They are the foundation and defining feature of what makes style look effortless.

Mix loose and tight fitting clothes

Pay attention to the fit and shape of your clothes. For example, I went for skinny jeans so I paired it with a lose cami. If you were to opt for a tight fitting top, pair it with boyfriend jeans. It’s all about keeping a balance – you don’t want to look like you’re covered in a blanket (although that does sound like a dream).

Add a statement piece

A statement piece could mean anything from brightly coloured earrings, a bold lipstick or a designer bag. You want something that makes your look say you’re ‘put together’ without getting all elaborate.

Add heels

Not a necessity, of course, but I’ve always found throwing on heels like the nude ones I’m wearing instantly spruces up a look. This outfit would give a completely different vibe if I was to wear sneakers. I’m not talking platform heels or anything which may not be the most practical for your occasion, but wedges, heeled booties or sandals make all the difference.


Bad hair day? Hide it with a hat. No makeup? Oversized sunglasses will do the trick. There’s many ways to accessorize to elevate everyday style. I’ve always found a really nice watch or piece of jewellery elevates a look to feel a little more sophisticated.

Experiment with layers

Layering is a lazy girls best friend by adding dimension and shape to an outfit. My favourite layering pieces include an oversized sweater, structured coat and cardigan in which I’ve worn here. There’s just something about the way an oversized cardigan drapes over an outfit, giving it a cosy and effortlessly chic feel.

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