5 Healthy Meal Prep Recipes for Breakfast

I’m one of those people who could literally eat breakfast for every meal. I just LOVE breakfast foods. But how could you not when things like creamy vanilla overnight oats and acai bowls exist?

Since my mornings are always busy and I’d prefer to get that extra 15 minutes of sleep rather than prepare food, I usually meal prep breakfast up to a week in advance. Meal prepping has saved so much time, money and really sets the tone of my day to be a healthy one. Even if I wasn’t trying to lose weight or get in shape, I would always meal prep. It’s kind of just become a routine now. Plus I don’t like to eat first thing in the day, so I need something easy, convenient & on-the-go. My days are very long therefore I need food that’s going to actually fuel my mind and body. This means a good selection of protein, carbs and fats. A bowl of fruit just doesn’t cut it.

So if you want to be healthy but don’t have the luxury of time, here’s a few of my favourite grab & go meals.

1. Banana & vanilla overnight oats

I shared this recipe a long time ago on the blog but it’s honestly still one of my favourites. When I meal prep these oats, I usually make enough for 3-4 days. If you weren’t using banana, you could probably make enough for the entire week (banana doesn’t do well after the 3rd – 4th day, depending how ripe it is initially). It’s filling, with a great balance of protein and carbs, and I just feel like I could never get sick of it. I’m pretty sure I could eat it for lunch and dinner too. You can add in different fruits, nuts and seeds on top too! I’ve been loving a mix of crushed almonds and goji berries.

2. Egg & quinoa frittata muffins

Most of the time I’m often craving something sweet in the mornings, but on the odd occasion I’m feeling something savoury, these are usually my favourite on-the-go breakfast (although, you can also make this sweet version which are sooo good). I have a few for breakfast depending on how hungry I am, but they’re also a great midday snack since they’re packed with protein.

via How Sweet Eats
3. Make ahead smoothie packs

I tend to stay away from smoothies this time of year just because it’s so cold, but in the summer I’m whipping them up like crazy. This one I’ve shared below is so delicious and gives you a boost of energy. I tend to switch up the ingredients depending on what I have around the kitchen, but I’ll also create make-ahead smoothie packs and keep them in the freezer. Just pop your ingredients in a freezer bag for each day, so all you have to do in the morning is pop them in the blender and go! Also, I don’t measure any of the ingredients since I’ve been making it for so long, but these are pretty close approximations. You can always change around the fruits, protein, etc to your taste! Sometimes I turn it into a chocolate smoothie by using this protein powder + this raw cacoa hazelnut spread. So good, you guys. So good.

1/3 cup of rolled oats
Handful of spinach
1 small banana
1-2 scoops of vanilla protein powder
1 tbsp nut butter (almond, PB or cashew work great)
Handful of berries
Chia seeds
Optional: Bee pollen, coconut oil, flaxseed,
Almond milk to blend

4. Creamy vanilla chia seed pudding

I think the reason I love chia seed puddings so much is that they can kind of taste like dessert (can you tell I’m a sweets > savoury kind of girl yet??). You can turn them into peanut butter cups, sticky cinnamon rolls or green tea matcha! But I like to make this creamy vanilla base and then add banana, cinnamon and coconut flakes. Sometimes if I’m feeling more creative I’ll often add a bit of date syrup and dark chocolate chips!

5. Blueberry Coconut Baked Oatmeal

Anything with blueberry and coconut together and I’m pretty much sold. I make a batch of this at the beginning of the week (although it usually never makes it to the end…) and just cut a piece in the morning and take it to work. It’s super easy and tastes even better with a side of greek or coconut yogurt. It could trick you into thinking you were eating some sort of dessert, but it’s totally guilt-free and vegan friendly!

What’s your favourite on-the-go breakfast? I’m always looking for new ideas so I’d love to know!