Why I Took a Break from Full-Time Blogging


So I feel like I have a few things to address today and I’m just going to jump straight into it. Firstly, I have a full-time job now (didn’t really see that one coming either). After my last post about feeling a bit lost, I felt like I needed a bit of stability in my life. The thing is, I’ve not really had a proper full-time job in…. ever? Instead, I’ve always been a bit entrepreneurial with my work, for lack of a better word. I started small businesses, blogs, social media consulting, content creation, web designing… I guess I’ve always had 9032740 things going on at once. I’ve always worked for myself.

But I felt like there was something missing. Experience? Structure? Consistency? I’m not sure I can quite pin it down, but having a full-time job is not something I had ever experienced and I felt like I needed to. Working for myself is all I ever knew but I felt like I didn’t know myself very well.

There’s also the fact that I’m quite a social person, as in, I hate being alone. I hate working alone. It’s hard and I don’t think it’s entirely normal to go days without seeing people. I LOVE to be surrounded with chatter, personalities & diversity. It’s what keeps me inspired.

Along with this, I was feeling very overwhelmed by blogging. I didn’t know what I wanted from it and where I wanted to go. I felt like I needed to step back after 2 years of going at it full-time. And I’m so thankful that I did because I’ve learned more about myself than I have ever before. It’s improved my practical skills like waking up on time, the struggle of the daily commute, social skills, time management… it’s just what I needed at the moment.


Going from university to full-time working from home / blogging is interesting. You learn a lot about yourself but you also don’t at the same time. You miss out on learning those invaluable life lessons and practical skills. You don’t learn how to deal with stress very well either, or how to grow your social skills. I don’t regret it because in a way, I feel like I needed it as well. Forever learning things the hard way, but also the only way I can.

Basically, I just want to address that I’m in no way giving up blogging at all. If anything, I feel like I’m working harder to earn it. I was at a point where I was constantly stuck with ideas. I wasn’t stimulated enough and I had too much freedom. I live for those moments my life does a complete 360. I really do hate a boring story.

And I wont lie, it’s nice to have a consistent pay, you know? Blogging in Australia isn’t like how it is in London, the blogger capital of the world, so it is a lot harder to create a career of it.

So for the moment, that’s what’s happening. I’m working 9-5, 5 days a week and then blogging pretty much every spare chance I get; after work, during breaks, and weekends. Let’s just say I feel like I’ve really mastered the skill of replying to emails on my iPhone whilst doing a billion other things.

To be honest, some days have been completely exhausting but even more rewarding. If you want something bad enough, you’ll make the sacrifices. Over the past couple months I’ve really found where I want to take this blog so I’ve been slowly stepping back into it, which you guys might’ve already noticed!


“Don’t give up what you want most for what you want right now.”

I know I’ve had a few questions about this and how to keep up with it all when you have a side hustle. Maybe I can do a post? Share a few tips and tricks I’ve learned. In the end, the whole point of me creating Sunday Chapter was to have my readers leave feeling inspired.

I would love to know your situation – do you blog part-time or full-time? Have a side hustle? Work full-time? Let me in on your aspirations!

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