Make a Statement with Air Max Theas



Sneakers have come a long way over recent years and it’s fair to say I’ve been converted to a sneaker girl. Fresh white sneakers, in particular, are ones that I’ve always been drawn to. They’ve become more than just a trend and have truly made their mark on the sidewalks.

No matter the season, occasion or errand, there is a white pair of sneakers that can coordinate with your outfit. For me, it’s the Air Max Thea’s. Not only do they feel like you’re walking on a cloud, but they are as stylish as they are practical which means you aren’t just limited to wearing them to the gym. Whether it’s the classic black and white or a fun fly-knit pink design, they mean a whole lot more than just athletic footwear.

I love how the Air Max Thea has a narrower profile and a thick sole with the signature pocket of air. There’s just something so sleek and effortlessly cool about them. I actually struggled with the ‘athleisure’ look in the beginning, until I came across Thea’s which were the first shoe I was able to properly style with my everyday clothes.


That’s the thing about Thea’s – they make you view opposite sides of your wardrobe as compatible neighbours. Polished dresses and distressed denim would not ordinarily be seen as mutually exclusive, but Thea’s make you push boundaries when it comes to your personal style.

Since the introduction of Air maxes they’ve been more than just a shoe – they’re revolutionised sneakers that give you, and your outfit, a rebellious statement. They speak louder than any other item of clothing. They force you to go against the grain and dress from bottom to top.

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What’s your favourite Air Maxes and how do you style them?


This post was in collaboration with Nike.