Casual Cool Weekend Wear

only bomber & skinny jeans, tobi strappy t-shirt, michael kors bag, adidas stan smiths

I’ve recently discovered I only really have two options when it comes to the way I dress: under dressed or overdressed. There is hardly ever an in-between for me. I’m really hot and cold like that. The funny thing is I used to only be an overdresser, I would literally put hours into each of my outfits and now, I’m all for that effortlessly casual cool style.

Since I wear SO MANY black t-shirts, to the point where I could probably start my own store, it’s quite nice to own some with details that differ them from one another. Which brings me to this black t-shirt from Tobi with a fun strap detail. It’s become an essential go-to piece that’s a little more elevated than your basic t-shirt.

The t-shirt also comes in white, and olive which I’ll probably end up owning too because you can never have too many t-shirts, right…? I wore it with a gorgeous olive bomber jacket, the most comfortable skinny jeans, a michael kors handbag and my trusty stan smiths.



What’s your weekend go-to? Are you an underdresser or overdresser?




  • I’m not really sure if I’m an underdresser or an overdresser… I feel like I could be an underdresser because my clothes are very basic and I don’t wear any jewelry but a while ago I was much more underdressed so I don’t really know… And that outfit is really stunning, the t-shirt is gorgeous and I really like the colour of the bomber jacket.

    Marta –

    • Haha maybe you’re a bit of both! Aw thank you – how gorgeous is the colour?! xx

  • Weekends are usually casual for me since I work during the week and try to dress more professional, but I do like to dress up depending on my mood and what I’m doing! Love the strappy details on your tee :)

    • I have to dress professional during the week too so it’s nice to just lay back & dress down on weekends :) thank you!! they’re my fave xx

  • I love this outfit! I am an underdresser, I wear basic clothes and almost never jewelry, but always a bag!

    • Thanks Darina!! haha me too, exactly the same! xx

  • Love the casual and sporty look for the weekend! :)

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    • Thanks gorgeous! It’s such an easy go-to :) xx

    • Ah thanks so much Feyi :) xx

  • I love this look! Especially the shirt :)

    xo, Liz

    • Yay thanks so much Liz! It’s my favourite! xx

  • Love cross neck tops and black denim !! You look stunning, Dominica from London. xXx

    • How great is the combo?! Loving it! & aw thank you – so sweet of you xx

  • I tend to overdress more often than underdress, I guess mainly because I like having a nice look and wearing pretty pieces haha. However I do have my tshirt and legging days sometimes! I think this look works great because the bag and the strap detail of your tshirt dress up the whole outfit a little. And black is always very classy!

    Julia x
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    • Haha I used to be like that too! T-shirt & legging days are very necessary sometimes. Thanks so much lovely, I’m obsessed with the strap detail! xx

  • There is no shame in undressing, I live in tees and jeans and vans at the moment and the amount of variations you can get in tees now why not just have a whole wardrobe full of them! But again for occasions there is no harm in overdressing and things either!

    • Exactly!! The t-shirt game has completely stepped it up recently. So many cool designs! Totally agree with you :) xx

  • Gabby

    I love this look! I’m the same way– always in black shirts! Haha
    xx, Gabby