Casual Cool Weekend Wear

only bomber & skinny jeans, tobi strappy t-shirt, michael kors bag, adidas stan smiths

I’ve recently discovered I only really have two options when it comes to the way I dress: under dressed or overdressed. There is hardly ever an in-between for me. I’m really hot and cold like that. The funny thing is I used to only be an overdresser, I would literally put hours into each of my outfits and now, I’m all for that effortlessly casual cool style.

Since I wear SO MANY black t-shirts, to the point where I could probably start my own store, it’s quite nice to own some with details that differ them from one another. Which brings me to this black t-shirt from Tobi with a fun strap detail. It’s become an essential go-to piece that’s a little more elevated than your basic t-shirt.

The t-shirt also comes in white, and olive which I’ll probably end up owning too because you can never have too many t-shirts, right…? I wore it with a gorgeous olive bomber jacket, the most comfortable skinny jeans, a michael kors handbag and my trusty stan smiths.



What’s your weekend go-to? Are you an underdresser or overdresser?