A First Impression: Garbo & Kelly Makeup


Today I have something pretty special to share with you all. Garbo & Kelly makeup, have you ever heard? Because I hadn’t up until a month ago and now… kind of OBSESSED. I mean where do I even begin?

They’re a new brand on the block and totally killing it. Does anyone else get Anastasia Beverly Hills vibes? And before we even get into the products themselves, I feel like the packaging deserves a moment of its own. I can tell you I would probably splash out on these for the packaging alone.


L-R: Aurora, Asterid, Cosmo, Halley, Aries

Overnight Sensation Eyeshadow Palette

Fourteen shades, both matte and shimmer in nudes to exotic shades. I never expected to love the overnight sensation eyeshadow palette as much as I do.

When it comes to pigment, I really feel like these photos speak for themselves. I’ve tested every colour and I swear EVERY single colour is as intensely pigmented as the next. You literally need the softest touch – those swatches were made with one swipe. In terms of colours, I get use out of every eyeshadow expect for Cosmo (p.s. how cool are the names?) and Aurora which are the vibrant pink and blue. Still super fun to play around with though.

It’s a very versatile palette. It will be your everyday as well as your going out palette. I’ve never met a palette quite like it actually. Aries is just the perfect crease colour, Halley works with about every single eye look, & Astrid is a fun but comfortable alternatives to your warm toned browns.


Master of Illumination Highlighting Kit

For me, the Master of Illumination Highlighting Kit is the star of the show. I really couldn’t ask for anything more in a highlight palette. If you’re also a fellow self-confessed highlighter junkie, you will die when you try this. It’s definitely not for the the fainthearted; it’s a full on, glam kit. It contains six creamy powders, with two matte shades and four ultra-pigmented shimmering shades. Greta and Grace are your two matte, laid-back sort of highlighters. They’ll brighten up the area (I love Greta to set under my eyes too) and create a flawless, subtle-glow kind of finish. For a more modern, strobed look, that’s when we get into the shimmers. They’re as intense as they come so once again, a soft touch will go a long way.

Eyes: Astrid, Aries & Jupiter. Highlight: Garland.


Millenial Girl Contour Kit

For those who love a very defined, modern-aged contour, say hello to Garbo & Kelly’s Millenial Girl Contour Kit. A total must-have for contour lovers. This all cream kit combines your most loved contour colours with 3 colour correction shades. I tend to shy away from cream contour kits due to some very unfortunate experiences in the past (tip: don’t try buying them off eBay, especially when under $10) that left me off any kind of cream products for a while. Thankfully, this contour kit was nothing like those I’ve tried before.

It’s both pigmented and creamy which makes it real easy for sculpting and contouring your best features. It’s sure has become the staple to my evening makeup regime. It just blends so seamlessly whilst imparting a flawless finish. It’s that good I feel like it’s turning me into a cream contour kind of girl. My go-to colours are Lucille for shadows and a mix of Taylor and Bette for highlight.


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Have you ever tried Garbo & Kelly makeup? I’d really love to hear your thoughts on it!