Why This $10 Aftershave Is My New Holy Grail Primer


Today I have a little tip for you guys. A tip that has really changed my makeup routine over the past month. It’s the Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm. Before you go and call me crazy, hear me out.

Okay, for those of you who haven’t heard the hype surrounding this product, it basically started with Kylie Jenner. Because we all know when Kylie Jenner mentions something, it blows up about 2.3 seconds later and practically becomes sold out worldwide. That is exactly what happened with Nivea’s Post Shave Balm. At times, it was nearly impossible to find it not sold out in supermarkets, in chemists and even online. This was back in March, and it’s only over the past few months that the craze died down enough for stock to be replenished.

I was skeptical at first too. I mean, I’m pretty loyal to my Tarte Clean Slate Poreless Perfecting Primer, so how was a under $10 men’s aftershave product supposed to even compare?

The secret ingredient is glycerine.

What does glycerine do? It gives off that ‘tacky’ feeling making whatever you put on your face stick to it. It acts as a glue for your make-up. Although a lot of makeup primers do actually contain glycerine, they barely contain any, unlike the post shave balm which shows glycerine as its second most used ingredient.

I have used a lot of primers in my day, but there are only a select few that I notice a difference with. To be honest, a lot of them don’t make any difference to my makeup or its longevity. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if one works all together.

But this post shave balm was different.

Never have I had my foundation go on so smooth and flawlessly. It made application an absolute breeze and definitely impacted the lasting power of my makeup. I came home from a night out not long ago and couldn’t believe that my makeup prevailed through it (…it was an eventful night). I know for a fact that if I hadn’t primed with the post shave balm, my makeup would be in a very unfortunate state.

The downside is the quite prominent scent at the start, but once your foundation and base is applied, it doesn’t linger much longer. It’s not an unpleasant smell per say, but it is quite expected in a makeup product.

For anyone wondering, I have normal combination skin although it was said by Kylie herself this was great for oily skin. There are glowing reviews on this product for oily skin too, stating it helps control shine. For me, it helped to hydrate dry areas and control the oily areas.

At less than $10 a product, it certainly worth a try. Considering you only need a pea-sized amount, I expect it to last a very long time.


 As always, I would love to know if you’ve tried this! Would you? Have you ever heard about it? Let’s chat in the comments!