Vintage Floral Playsuit

{Floral Print Playsuit, Quay sunglasses}

When I was traveling around London with these American girls, one of them said “that’s a cute romper you’re wearing!” and I was so confused, asking “sorry, a romper?”

“You know… your romper”

“My romper?”

“Like your clothing?”

And I said, “you mean my playsuit?”

“Playsuit? You guys call rompers playsuits?”

At this point, the exact situation had happened so many times in the past few days we just started laughing. I never thought the terminology between Australian and American was so different, but there were so many basic terms that we say completely different.

The same thing happened in Paris when I had chocolate sauce dripping down me from a crepe (…typical) and yelled out quickly for a serviette.

Mid-running to a cafe they all turned and were like “a WHAT? What the hell is a serviette?!

At this point the ice-cream started melting down me too so I washed off at a nearby fountain… SO CLASSY, right.

Turns out Americans only refer to serviettes as napkins (is that correct?). Good to know in the future if I’m ever in need of a quick napkin run because some sort of dessert is dripping down me which will more than likely happen again.

So anyway, getting back to my outfit.


As it’s now hit November which I can hardly believe, this marks one month until summer (although, still yet to see the sun) which means I’ve officially started stocking up on warm weather clothes! I was actually not much a playsuit person in the past because I never found one that fit right. I’m about 5’7 and feel like they just end up being too short on me so I have to go a size bigger but then it’s always too lose around my waist. Basically, to save the trouble and disappointment, I just ended up avoiding them.

But then I came across this ’80s floral number and decided to give it a go. You know that piece of clothing you keep spotting in-store and say you should try on but can never be bothered or think it wont look good? That was this playsuit. And I’m so glad I took the plunge because it fit so lovely.

I think what I love most is that it’s a skort playsuit aka you can almost get away with calling it a dress from the front but wont have to worry about flashing anyone. Despite it still being pretty short, it feels quite secure. And plus, how cute is the ’80s throwback print? I paired it with my favourite superstars to keep the vintage theme going.


Quite a few people have asked me where it’s from and I could’ve easily fooled them thinking it was vintage! I swear I’ve even picked up something similar at a thrift store before. If you love the vintage look, but you’re not big on thrift shopping, then this might just be for you.


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What do you think of this look? Are you a fan of playsuits? And I’d love to know, do you call it a playsuit or romper & where are you from?!



  • Kristina Wintermeier

    Love your outfit but I can’t with this blogpost (insert eye roll emoji) – first, it’s the difference between Australian and American English (American isn’t a language!) and second a serviette is the French word for napkin – English, and in particular the US, has just adopted it! Bless your heart for trying, but put a tiny bit of thought into it and what is a really great and charming story wouldn’t be ruined!

    • I know the word serviette is the French word for napkin, but we use it in Australia and these particular girls had never heard it before. Bless my heart for trying? Put a tiny bit of thought into it? If you’re going to be so rude, please don’t bother leaving a comment (insert eye roll emoji).

      • Kristina Wintermeier

        Oh I’m so sorry it came off rude! Really wasn’t my intention, I was just trying to say that am assuming you had good intentions but that it rubbed me the wrong way (and might do to others). I live in a French speaking country and you wrote that only Americans refer to napkins as serviettes, but am happy to refrain from pointing out mistakes in the future!

        • That’s okay, it was never my intention to offend anyone. I was just saying we refer to napkins as serviettes in Australia too, and I didn’t know it wasn’t commonly used in American English!

  • meg

    I’m so in love with this playsuit. The pattern is real cute as well. Yeah, in the UK we’d call this a playsuit, and obviously anything with longer legs would be a jumpsuit, then you obviously have dungarees…it makes me chuckle with the different names for the same thing around the world.

    Meg | Elmpetra

    • Aw thank you meg!! A dungaree?? I’ve never heard of that word before but I just looked it up and it’s an overall (that’s what we call them here!) so strange! Haha

  • Around Colours

    When I was taking the fashion course my teachers said that in english those could be called playsuits or jumpsuits and then later I found out by myself that americans called it rompers. I honestly don’t know what to call them! I think that in my blogposts I say jumpsuits but I can’t quite remember. But all that aside, your romper/playsuit/jumpsuit is gorgeous! hahaha

    Marta –

    • Hahaha last line made me laugh! Thanks lovely :) I only ever call them playsuits but I’ve heard a few people start to refer to them as rompers now. So weird!!

  • Too funny! I have never heard of a napkin called a serviette (but it sounds so fancy)! Good to know if I’m ever in Austrailia! Love this outfit anyway! :)
    x Kenzie //

    • Haha so weird right! Aw thanks Kenzie!! :) xx

  • Haha, yes us Americans call these one-pieces rompers! But I do call them playsuits depending on the blog I am reading (lol). This vintage print is too cute! Also never heard the term serviette before…languages continue to amaze me.

    • So strange!! Thanks so much Sheila :) & it’s so weird you guys don’t use the word?! haha it amazes me too! xx