To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind In Life


I’ve had this post on my mind for a very long time now. You might (or might have not) noticed a lack of content going around here recently. Here’s the thing… I’m feeling uninspired. I can’t exactly pin-point when it started, I think it’s just gradually evolved over the past few months. There’s honestly nothing quite as bad as feeling uninspired in a job that relies so heavily on inspiration. It’s soul-destroying not being able to do what you love.

I love blogging and this little corner of the internet that I’ve created. Most importantly, I love connecting with you guys… your comments and feedback mean the world to me. Sunday Chapter started as a personal blog and that’s why I feel it’s necessary to share with you what’s happening behind the scenes.

As you might’ve noticed, there has been a slight change in direction on the blog. We went from beauty, to focusing primarily on travel, and then a shift to fashion. These are three things I feel so passionate about but as you guys might know, travel will always be first and foremost for me. Nothing inspires me like seeing a new city, meeting new people, being on the move… I miss it a lot. I miss it more than anything, actually. I can’t stand being standstill and I’m not someone that is inspired by their own city. And over the past few months, I’ve sunken into a routine that’s just completely drained me.


At 22 years old, I’m feeling more lost than ever. I will never, ever leave this platform, it’s like my baby. I’m just trying to work out what kind of direction I want to take it in. Another thing is that blogging isn’t a big industry in Australia like it is in London. A lot of brands only care about Instagram and I can’t pursue a lot of opportunities that come my way because of my location. It can be quite discouraging and unstable in terms of jobs, sponsors, partnerships, etc. It’s something I have to take into consideration if I want to keep pursuing this career.

A lot of you might know I’m also finally starting YouTube (with a first video hopefully in the next couple weeks). It’s a platform I’ve been wanting to be apart of for so long now. I love creating video content and I guess it’s something fresh to focus on. It might even (hopefully) knock back some blogging inspiration in me!

I’m writing this not only to inform you, but to also comfort anyone in a similar position… Maybe you feel behind in life compared to your friends or family. Perhaps you’re not exactly where you planned to be at this point in your life. Then I came across this article that wrote:

“Sometimes we’re not yet the people we need to be in order to contain the desires we have. Sometimes we have to let ourselves evolve into the place where we can allow what we want to transpire. Most of our unhappiness stems from the belief that our lives should be different than they are. If it’s not the time, it’s just not the fucking time. You need to give yourself permission to be a human being.”

Those were the words that resonated with me so much that it gave me a sense of comfort. Just because something isn’t happening now, doesn’t mean it’s never going to. We don’t have total control over our life because we can’t control how we feel, when we’re going to feel inspired, when we’re going to be willing to change as well as external forces. Your journey is not the same as anyone elses and there’s no “right time” for anything. We don’t live linear journeys.

From the same article, I’ll leave you guys with this message and hope it resonates with you as much as it did with me.

“Sometimes the novel is not ready to be written because you haven’t met the inspiration for your main character yet. Sometimes you need two more years of life experience before you can make your masterpiece into something that will feel real and true and raw to other people.”



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Do you ever feel like this or have you in the past? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!


  • Ashley Christabelle

    Oh, don’t worry Angela, you’re not the only one who’s been lacking inspiration! I’ve been having the worst blogging rut this month and it really sucked. But rather than writing posts that doesn’t sound compassionate or raw and real, I took a break from blogging for a while to let myself rejuvenate and think what I’d love to put on my blog. I love that quote from the article, exactly what I needed to ready today. I hope you feel better! x

    • Glad to know I’m not alone!! You’re lucky you have the option to take a break, it’s a bit harder to do when it’s your job! But definitely needed sometimes :) thanks so much Ashley! You are so sweet. Hope you had a lovely weekend! xx

  • missgetaway

    Yes yes yes. I totally get this! I just posted a rather similar post on my blog as I’m currently going through a pretty similar phase. I do love the quotes, though. SO true! I do love your blog by the way – sometimes you just gotta take some time off, step a few steps back and reflect and what you want to do. Best of luck & hope you feel better soon x

    • Thank you so much for your comment & support!! Really means the world to me. Going to have a read of your blog post now :) xx

  • I totally feel you here. I lived in a tiny town in Wales about four/five hours away from London, and blogging here is pretty much non-existent. I am now working in London and there are so much more opportunities. I do wish it was more universal, as it’s difficult for everyone! Can’t wait to see your YT videos :) Keep going. Your inspiration will come xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    • Ahh so jealous!! There’s so many incredible opportunities in London it makes me want to relocate so badly! Thank you so much for the support!!! Means so much to me xx

  • Completely understand where you are coming from, there are so many bloggers out there it can be quite overwhelming, I’m British, but blogging is not big where I am from so, opportunities aren’t readily available. x

    • So glad to know I’m not alone! And thank you for your comment :) It can be so discouraging not living somewhere where blogging is understood. xx

  • Loved this, it’s nice to know other people feel the same as I do! Will check the article out :)

    Ella xx

    • I’m so glad I’m not alone! It’s crazy how many of us feel the same way! Thanks so much for your comment xx

  • Fatima

    A bit reassuring to see that people are in the same boat as I am! :)

    Fatima –

    • The blogging world can get so overwhelming but it’s so lovely to know we’re not alone :) xx

  • Brenda MacD

    Thanks for sharing. We are all on our own journey so no comparisons. Don’t have regrets. Love the quotes. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Brenda!! The quote so are my fave :) xx

  • Thank you for sharing. I think we ALL go through moment of self doubt… and should remember that great things take time and patience :) Congrats on your new YouTube channel!! Xx

    • Self doubt is the worst!! It’s nice to know we’re not at it alone. Definitely agree on patience! The key to everything. Thank you so much!!! :) xx

  • sara Augustus

    You’re not alone! I’m in the same boat but keep going because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. xxx

    • I love your comment, thank you SO much Sara!! xx

  • Brittaney Borman

    Long time reader, first time commenter. I think most people can relate to what you are feeling. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability. It always helps to know you’re not alone when going through something like this.

    • Firstly, thank you so much for your comment Brittaney! So happy to have you as a reader. And so true, so comforting to know I’m not at it alone :) xx

  • Love your top! But, i get how you feel, got to get that spark back. I’m sure you will find inspiration. New to YouTube too :)

    • Aw thanks lovely! I do hope so!!! Thank you so much for your support! Oh what is your channel?! xx

  • I’ve been feeling so lost recently, not only blogging wise but also in general! It’s been so comforting to read this post, it’s always nice to know that other people go through the same things as you some times! Can’t wait for your YT video :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    • Jen C.

      Please read my post; I hate to hear this from people your age

    • Aw <3 I can't believe how many people this post has related to! It's so comforting to know we're not at it alone. xx

  • Absolutely loved this post. I can totally relate.

    Hannie Arden from Missing Wanderer

    • Thank you soo much Hannie! xx

  • meg

    “If it’s not the time, it’s just not the fucking time. You need to give yourself permission to be a human being.”
    I really needed to read this at the moment. We put too much pressure on ourselves to feel as though we constantly need to be moving, and succeeding, and we don’t! We need to just, live.

    Meg | Elmpetra

    • It’s the best quote, isn’t it?! Sometimes we just gotta take a step back & not be so hard on ourselves for it :) xx

  • Lisa Jayne Quick

    This was a lovely post to read so thank you for writing it. At 24 I am no where near where I thought I’d be when I left Uni two years ago and for me its really difficult but the quotes from the article you’ve put in this post are quite inspirational to me.

    Good Luck with YouTube!
    Lisa from

    • Thank you so much Lisa! I spent years studying PR and got nothing from it so I totally understand how you’re feeling. I’m so happy the quotes could comfort you somewhat :) xx

  • peonies passionfruit

    Thanks for sharing this post, I can definitely relate to a lot of the points you touched on. Good luck on your new YouTube journey! xx

    • Thank you so much Eme!! xx

  • I most definitely can relate to your thoughts. I think a lot of people set a timeline for themselves of where they want to be at certain points in their life. And when things don’t necessarily work out the way they thought they would, it can be extremely disheartening. People in their 20s especially these days seem to be feeling like lost little sheep. I know that I’m in this place, and feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness have certainly crept in at times. It’s hard to remain positive but I do take comfort in the fact that I’m not alone.

    You must be doing something right though – your blog and Instagram have grown ridiculously since I started following, which is amazing! Looking forward to following your YouTube journey too. :)

    • I’m actually so shocked at how many people feel this way! Your comment is so spot on (they always are!). That’s definitely me, a lost little sheep haha. Thank you so much for writing that, it’s definitely given me some comfort to know I’m not alone & I’m so glad this post could help you a little! And thank you so much Carissa, you are so so lovely xx

  • I understand the lack of inspiration at times, it’s the cause behind many of my breaks from blogging. It always comes back though, sometimes it just takes a little while. Wishing you the best of luck!
    xx Dany | The Queens Empire

    • It’s the worst, isn’t it! I’m just hoping I get that spark back soon… thank you so much Dany! xx

  • Seems like we have a lot in common! I have never been more lost in my life than these days and I really know how you feel. Hang in there, Angela :) Good things come to those who wait <3

    xx, The Random Bibliophile

    • Jen C.

      Renee, please read my reply….if you need inspiration, find someone or something you admire. Everyone has a talent, and thus, everyone is an artist! There is an art to cooking, writing, cleaning, organizing! Interview and listen to people who are true artists at these things. Interview your parents, grandparents; get their stories down on tape!

    • Aw thank you for your comment, Renee! Just know you’re definitely not at it alone :) seems like we’re all so lost these days haha! xx

  • I’m currently lack of inspiration for my blog writting and this article helped me, thankyou <3

    • Aw that made me so happy, so glad it could help you somewhat! xx

  • Emily B

    Great read! I’m lacking a lot of inspiration right now! With my blog, my location, and my career! I guess early 20s is the time to figure out where you really want to be!

    x Emily ||

    • Early 20’s have been quite the rollercoaster so far… haha. I hope we both find some inspiration soon <3

  • Jen C.

    Dear Lord, child, (and I mean that in the kindest of ways, since I am maternal to the bone), you are only 22, and look at all you’ve figured out in life already, and accomplished! Back when I was your age (don’t fall asleep and stop reading), we had no such platform to announce to the world we were struggling, hurting, lost, what our passions were, and any plans to change the world!
    We had to rely on face-face communications with (ye gads are you ready), OUR PARENTS, our community, neighbors, friends, librarians, teachers, for guidance and instruction in developing plans for our future, and in figuring things out for ourselves. We treated these people with the respect they deserved, we didn’t counter with, “You’re disrespecting me”, because Beavis and Butthead, which actually should be regulated as adult comedy, as should Family Guy, and shows containing format delivered by Rosanne Barr and others, modeling disrespect of husbands and wives, by each other, by their children, we didn’t grow up with. Now, when it used to be, Art imitates life, we have life imitating art, and, for your generation and the next, it may prove to be your undoing, and we will all face the consequences. We are seeing that now.

    Back to your dilemma. At your age, I had the same issue. Went to the library, after doing a career search, completing excercises in, “What Color is Your Parachute?”, I came upon a system that I use today to challenge my clients to do soul-searching so they know themselves well, and can cite examples of why they have these strengths and weaknesses and are particularly suited for whatever job they are seeking.
    Life is work. Humility, Respect, knowing your etiquette are things that will take you further in life than your blog’S lack of inspiration and love of travel, fashion, and make-up. Beauty fades, boobs sag, but no one can take education from you. Invest in that.
    Listen to Joel Osteen, a great motivational speaker. Contact me with any questions. I’m in the midst of creating my own blog!
    Good luck to you, and God Bless.

    • Oh Jen thank you so much for writing out that comment! I really truly appreciate it and it did put things into perspective. I will always be fortunate to live in an age where we have all these platforms to connect with others & to know you’re not at it alone, but it’s so easy to get lost inside your own world! And it is so true, no one can take education from you. Knowledge is power I guess! Thank you again Jen :) xx

  • Anne Rita Taylor

    Resonated with me as well – was heartfelt and I appreciate knowing I’m not alone.

    • I hope you find your inspiration and know you’re not at it alone :) Thanks so much for commenting Anne xx

  • Golden Med Girl

    Dear Angela, you are so young to feel like that, the whole life is in front of you! But I totally understand you because I feel the same, and I am 37, just started a blog 6 months ago and although I live in Europe my country is so small that you probably never heard about it. You can imagine then how difficult it is to find followers, collaborations, brands and to explain everybody what a blog actually is. But I like to do it, I feel happy and calm when I do it and after many jobs I did and many companies changed I think this is my thing. It just needs some more effort and time. And believe. I hope you will find this in you very soon too. Never give up! Kisses and hugs from Croatia, Tina

    • Thank you so much for your comment Tina! It’s so crazy to know how many of us are going through the same thing. I still have to explain to people what bloggers actually do so you’re not alone there haha. And you’re right, if it makes you happy, then nothing else should matter :) Patience and persistence is everything!

      P.s. Croatia is possibly my favourite country in the world :)

  • I totally understand the way you feel. Being uninspired is such a sad and frustrating feeling. I live in Italy and I dream to move to a city like London, where I could pursue a better career as a blogger and an aspiring writer.
    But you’re so young! You really have all the time in the world to realize what you want to be and where you want to write your own novel (thanks for sharing those beautiful words).

    • London really is the place to be, isn’t it! Thank you so much for writing that Noemi, you are too sweet :) xx

  • Natalie Redman

    A really good motivational post! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks so much Natalie! Glad you it gave you some inspiration :) xx

  • MVM

    I’m 28, so a little older than you, and definitely in a bit more of a “wtf is happening with my life” panic, but this post still brought me great comfort. Life has, for me personally, meandered in ways that I never expected. I’ve had road blocks and setbacks and am definitely not in the place I thought I would be, although I do try and believe there is a method to all the madness. That all of these obstacles were necessary in order to show me my true path and inner strength. I literally never comment on these things, but your post moved me to do so. Thanks for the chin up and the insightful perspective.

  • Awwww, nice post and also very inspiring! Different experiences changes who we are as a person but maybe sometimes that is just a sign for us that there is a new path for us to follow.

    Jessica || Of Purity and Simplicity

  • Your travel posts are my favourite to read. It’s wonderful to read them, as like you, I love to travel. Its the one thing – except my family – that drives my motivation each and every day. Looking forward to your YouTube adventure, your unique voice + videos of your travels… I SO can’t wait. Lisa x

  • Hillary Coombs

    I found your blog yesterday, and I have seriously almost read all of your posts!!

    Love this blog!!! :)

  • Djael

    Loving the content❤❤

  • josipamador

    I totally agree with this. As someone who is just starting with blogging I am always worried about am I good at this. I have no experience and so many bloggers are out there doing their thing. It’s hard to let go of control and just do what you feel you should do at the moment. And I love this post. I think it’s always great to share the truth! :-)