The Backless T-Shirt


A new Topshop just opened near my house which obviously meant the weekend called for a shopping trip. I still remember the day Topshop opened in Australia only a couple of years ago (still patiently waiting on you River Island…), and although I very much appreciate the store, I feel like their clothes are always a hit and miss for me. I always head to the change rooms with approximately 9384693 items of clothing and leave with 1 or 2, if that.

But I did spot the cutest striped open back t-shirt and could not leave without it. I love that it’s an elevated basic, because I always get so much wear out of basics. And the bow is just TOO CUTE. I can’t wait until the weather starts warming up and I can pair it with some high waisted denim shorts!

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  • I’m always conscious of backless t-shirts/tops in general simply because I don’t want to show my bra, but you look incredible in this darling!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

    • Thanks so much! I actually have the same problem, but luckily the bow on this covered the bra strap completely!! :) xx

  • Such a cool t-shirt!

  • Love this shirt!

    • Thanks Darina!! So cute isn’t it! xx

  • Ashley Christabelle

    Exactly how I feel about Topshop too! I bloody loved the store a couple years back, but at the moment I’m just not feeling it. I love that shirt though, it’s so chic. xx

    • Yes!! I don’t know what it is, I just don’t find a lot of the stuff actually wearable and considering some of the price tags, I’d want to get a lot of wear out of it!! xx

  • What a cute top! I love how simple the front is, but once you turn around it has so much character! x

    • Thank you Sheila!! It’s such a cute way to elevate a basic! xx

  • Topshop is the best! Have been shopping there since forever x

    • I’m so glad they opened in Australia, I used to be SO jealous of everyone in the UK haha! xx

  • Rachel Spross

    Such a chic look! Love the top! The back just gives it a little extra somethin’ :)


    • Yay thank you!! Loving the back too :) xx

  • That shirt looks so lovely! In Austria we sadly can’t wear outfits like that anymore since it was already snowing today. Also I’d love to have a Topshop here, I love their clothes.

    Norina xx

    • Thank you Norina! The weather has actually been terrible here too lately so I really do hope it warms up at some point otherwise this will be sitting in my wardrobe for a while haha xx

  • Around Colours

    That t-shirt is so cute! I love it! Unfortunately we don’t have topshop here but a forever 21 and nyx stores opened up recently so maybe topshop is next, who knows.

    Marta –

    • Thank you Marta!! Aw no, you probably will! Nyx just opened here, unfortunately not Forever 21 yet (but I’m hoping!!) xx

  • That backless t-shirt is so cute! I feel like the bow in the back makes it look a bit more chic than your usual basic tee. I’m on the same page with you on Topshop. I wish there were one in Portland so that I could try things on in store.


    • Thank you Helen!! Yes, totally agree! LOVE the bow :) Ooh I hope you guys get one soon!! xx

  • Serene Nicole Ramos

    This backless t-shirt is SO CUTE!

    • Isn’t it!! Thanks for reading Serene :) xx

  • This looks so cute on you babe! Loving your fashion content lately xx

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    • Aw thanks so much Sarah!! :) xx

  • This is such a nice top! I love classic tees with a twist! x

    • Thank you Millie :) I don’t have many, I really need to start stocking up!! Too cute! xx

  • I also do think Topshop are a little hit and miss – they’re not exactly what we could call cheap, and yet sometimes the quality isn’t just there unfortunately. But they do have some awesome items sometimes, I wish I had seen this top when I last went in store because it is simply beautiful! I love simple items with a little twist. Plus the fact that the ribbon is in a nude colour makes it even better. I love how your paired it with ripped jeans – they’re not usually my style but they totally work with this top :D

    Julia x
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