First Road Trip of the Season


Less than two weeks until summer (!!) and we’ve embarked on the first road trip of the season. I think the last time I saw a beach, or even proper sunshine in fact, was back during July whilst in Greece. It felt so damn good to not even think about bringing a jacket. We spent all day yesterday driving the Great Ocean Road, although you’d probably already know if you follow me on snapchat! We stopped at a few beach side towns for coffee and mandatory burgers. It was still a little chilly out near the water but it was just the thing I needed after a particularly hard few weeks.

Road trips are one of my favourite things that I look forward to every single summer. When it comes to style, the aim is to stay as comfortable as possible. I wore this white playsuit that I picked up last week which is just the most comfortable thing in the entire world. I’ve seemed to really have a thing for playsuits this year, mostly because they’re just so easy to wear and feel like the safe option on the beach in case it’s windy or you’re running around. I paired it with some sandal flats and my Quay sunglasses that I clearly can’t get enough of!

Fingers crossed we get some more of this sunny weather because I’m currently curled on the couch watching the rain & severe storms outside (it’s only been one day since this road trip but that’s Melbourne weather for you). Happy Monday!




  • Wildfire Charm

    You look amazing! I love the romper & those sunglasses are perfect!

    • Aw!! So sweet, thank you lovely! xx

  • Sophie Stewart

    Gorgeous pictures, you look amazing! Sophie x

    • Thank you so much Sophie!! :) xx

  • Around Colours

    The photos are gorgeous! And that playsuit is so pretty, it looks great on you!

    Marta –

    • Thank you so much Marta!! So sweet of you xx

  • I love road trips! Especially those where you pack your car with food and your best friends and go wherever it takes you. Your photos make me feel like I need to take a trip to the beach again soon.

    Norina xx

    • SO fun!! Such good vibes! Thanks so much Norina <3 xx

  • Gorgeous photos! You look amazing :-)

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer

    • Aw thanks so much Hannie!! xx

  • Loving your style, this outfit looks amazing on you!

    Emma at