Classic Trench Coats for Every Budget


Although my eyes are still set on the classic Burberry trench (a girl can dream), I picked up this almost exact dupe from Zara earlier in the year for a trip to Paris (remember this post?) and couldn’t believe how perfect it was. From the colour, fit, material and shape, it was everything I was looking for in a trench coat, minus the Burberry price tag. I actually went to 3 different Zara stores to track it down and nearly cried when I found it in my size. Even after returning home, I’m surprised as to how much I’ve actually worn it out! It’s easily become one of my wardrobe staples and I really do believe it’s an item every woman should own.

Trench coats are the most flattering coat of them all and you can pair them with nearly anything for an elevated appeal. They add a classic and almost luxurious feel to your outfit and not to mention, they’re incredible versatile. They’re appropriate for every season, and can be worn to cocktail events, work, casual days (I love it with white jeans in spring), & are a great essential when traveling!

If you’re on the hunt for a trench coat to add to your collection, I’ve left some of my favourite styles below for every budget.



Under $200

Under $2000


So what do you guys think? Love or hate trench coats? Do you own one or is it not your thing?