What to Pack: My Gym Bag Essentials


I’ve been meaning to write this post for so long now as I love taking a peek inside peoples gym bags! Since I usually workout straight after work, often I’ll need a pre-packed gym bag that I can just grab and go with all my essentials. It saves SO much time and it means I never forget to bring anything. So, without further adieu, here’s all my gym bag essentials.

{Day Birger et Mikkelsen tote bag}


Workout tights: I’d say about 90% of the time, you’ll find my sporting some workout tights. I’m not a huge fan of shorts unless the temperature is pretty unbearable but considering it’s usually cold most of the time in Melbourne, tights are my go-to. My favourites are Lorne Jane, Nike, Adidas, and Sweaty Betty.

Gym Shoes: Not pictured, but these have been my usual workout shoes and I LOVE them. Nike have always been the way to go for me when it comes to fitness.

Socks: I always keep a couple spare pairs in my gym bag because I always change after a workout.

Gym bra: My all-time favourite gym bra’s are by Lorna Jane – they’re cute and super supportive. They can be quite expensive but I would completely vouch for them as I still use the first one I purchased over 2 years ago!


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Wireless earphones: I’ve just recently been converted to wireless earphones at the gym, especially since if you’re doing weights it’s a lot harder to carry your phone around and not get caught between wires.

If you’re more of a headphones kind of person and like to make sure you’ve completely blocked out all outside noise, I recommend these iLive Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

Water Bottle: I honestly don’t know (or want to know) how much money I’ve wasted on buying a water bottle nearly every time I’ve been at the gym. This water bottle came with my protein powder by my all-time favourite supplement and protein powder brand WelleCo by Elle Macpherson. It’s secure, sturdy and BPA-free.

Protein bar: Just in case you feel a bit peckish after a workout. RXBars, Larabars and bounce balls are my favourites. They’re made with the cleanest ingredients because no one has time for anything processed and full of preservatives after a good workout.



Hair Ties: Can’t be without these – especially if your hair is as long and unruly as mine!

Shampoo and Conditioner: Considering how many travel-sized shampoo & conditioners I’ve collected from hotels over the years, I find this the perfect time to use them all otherwise they’d be sitting in my drawer forever.

Hair Brush: Always handy before and after the gym. You never know where the day is going to take you (particularly true in my case).

Makeup remover: Because I’m just SO IN LOVE with this jojoba makeup remover, I now have one in my gym bag too. I find it really useful if I’m wearing heavy mascara/eye makeup because sweating down black eyeliner is really not cute. This removes any stubborn waterproof makeup in only a couple of swipes!

Body cleanser: For times you’re showering at the gym, I like to have my own body cleanser on hand.

Dry Shampoo: Anyone who knows me, knows I could not live without dry shampoo. Washing my hair is one very annoying task and one I aim to avoid as much as possible, so dry shampoo is without a doubt a staple for me. I spray a little into my roots and at the ends. You don’t have to go too crazy!



When I’m finished at the gym, I always like to keep clean and refreshed. I hate the feeling of sweat that’s drying up into your skin and blocking pores *shivers*. So I just bring along 3 facial products for a quick facial.

1. Facial Cleanser: I use this jojoba facial cleanser in a travel-sized version to quickly cleanse my face & remove any dirt and sweat. Washing my face just doesn’t do it alone.

2. Facial toner mist: Since I’m trying to save as much time as possible, I opt for a spray toner. A few quick spritz and I’m done.

3. Moisturiser: Sometimes I’ll use a tinted moisturiser for some colour, otherwise since I workout at night, I just use any other moisturiser I’m loving. For the moment, it’s this Lightweight Mattifying Moisturiser by Coast to Coast.



Perfume and deodorant: Pretty self-explanatory, because no one quite enjoys that “just finished at the gym” scent. I usually use only travel-sized products but ran out of perfume!

Toothbrush and toothpaste: I have a spare toothbrush and mini toothpaste I take to the gym most days. This is a really cute set.

Towel: It’s always good to have a small hand towel to take around the gym with you (especially if it’s a BIG workout) as well as a large one in case you’re showering there.

Your turn! Is there anything else you would add to your gym bag that I should too?!