Little Moments

{Fresh New Balance 1980 sneakers I can’t stop wearing}

A bit of a different style post coming at you today. If you read SC back in the day, you’ll know I shared little moments of my weekly life which I later stopped. I’ve had many of you asking for them to come back so I thought I’d test out the waters again!

This week has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a while. With the holiday season fast approaching, content is beginning to be bumped up to 5 days a week and sometimes it can be exhausting to stay on top of things. At the same time, it’s also my favourite time of the year and I’m so excited to share with you everything going on right now!

{First iced coffee of the season}

On a slightly related note, I did just place an order for $40 worth of vanilla-caramel flavoured calming, bedtime tea (casual Thursday night) since winding down seems to be a very difficult concept for me to grasp. It’s a struggle to turn off when you work for yourself and it feels like there’s always something more you can do. Any remedies, I’m all ears. You guys always have the BEST tips.

Currently falling asleep on my keyboard here and still haven’t tackled the rest of my emails (…it’s been a LONG day). As always, thank you for reading, commenting & following along. It really does mean the world to me to have you apart of Sunday Chapter!

{Getting festive with this INCREDIBLE pumpkin pie candle}
{My first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in ‘The Queen‘}


  • Nikki L

    Love your Halloween pumpkin – I can’t wait to start decorating my apartment for Halloween :-)

    • Thank you!! It smells delicious! We actually don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia BUT that still doesn’t stop me haha! xx

  • Peppermint Dolly

    Lovely post. As for winding down, the night before my wedding, my sister recommended I listen to some light, classical music along with lighting a candle (one that I absolutely adore the scent of), close my eyes and not even think about “trying to go to sleep”, she said to just zone out and focus on the scent and the music. It totally worked! The fact that it was classical music and not something I’d listen to regularly meant I was more focused on it, not knowing where the music would go next, it kept me interested in it, rather than wandering off on a mental tangent thinking of the big list of things I should be doing (when really, everything was already done!). Maybe it could work for you?


    • Thank you Rebecca! Oh wow what an amazing tip, I’m definitely giving that a try! Even the thought of it all sounds super relaxing. Thank you so much for sharing!! xx

  • Totally love the packaging and shade of that Charlotte Tilbury lipstick!

    Jacqui | Jaqventures

    • How gorgeous is it!! So in love with the packing! xx

  • Sounds like a busy week! I love looking forward to the holidays. Ugh the food!! I loved this type of post and hope you decide to write more every now and then!
    x Kenzie //

    • Sooo much food haha! Yay thank you so much, will definitely post them more often :) have a lovely weekend Kenzie! xx

  • Busy week! I hope you are able to take some down time. The Charlotte Tilbury packaging gets me every time!

    Carrie |

    • Thank you Carrie, I really hope so too!! Oh isn’t it gorgeous?! xx

  • i still have to get my first charlotte tilbury lipstick and i will soon. sometimes its very hard for me to unwind, especially when i have lots to do. normally, i go for a walk or i go to the gym to just take my mind off the situation and just get away from my desk. i also love having a hot bath with a lush bath bomb or bubble bar. its just so relaxing.

    • They’re so gorgeous, especially the packaging! So many great tips, thanks so much Elena! Might try having a hot bubble bath!! :) xx

  • The calming tea sounds incredible. Hope you always enjoy your week :D

    • Aw thank you! Hope you had a lovely week also! :) xx

  • Nina

    This lipstick looks gorgeous, such a pretty color.