Behind the Scenes of a Blog Post


Today’s topic is a question I get asked about almost daily; “what actually goes into a blog post?” For those of you who don’t really blog, you’ll probably think it goes a little something like take photos, edit, write and publish. Whilst in theory that sounds about right, it also couldn’t be further from the truth. There is an incredible amount of work that goes into each individual blog post and people are always so surprised at how much effort, time and hard work it takes to make something look effortless.

It’s important that every single post on here brings YOU value, content, bright & high quality photos, so that you go away feeling inspired, informed and motivated. Of course my way isn’t the only way of doing things, it’s just what has worked for me. Many bloggers have different strategies and methods that work for them, I’m just here sharing my way and experience.


Brainstorm sessions

Once a month I’ll sit down and have a content planning & strategy session. I brainstorm topic ideas, directions, and the kinds of content I want to focus on for that month. Is there a focus on health? Beauty? Travel? Are there any holidays coming up? I also need to incorporate any kind of collaboration posts. For instance, if there’s particular brands I’m working with, I’ll need to set out all the dates so nothing clashes. I also schedule in any meetings, events, and photoshoots. Basically I plan out what I’m doing on each day for the entire month.

Once a week, I’ll also need to have mini brainstorming sessions to finalize the exact content for each day. This is where I align it with my social media calendar so I can start creating content for all my platforms as each post goes live. Knowing what posts are about to go live also allows me to gather props or any information I need in advance.

There are also days where I’ll get inspiration for a post or questions and feel the need to post about it so the schedule is quite flexible. At the moment I aim to post on Sunday Chapter at least 3-4 times a week, but will be upping that to 5-6 times a week towards the end of the year so the bulk of content has to be set out and planned months in advance.


Shooting & editing

As I mentioned before in this post, I prefer to batch my tasks together. There’s usually 1-2 days a week that I’ll dedicate to shooting photos which has helped me a great deal. I prefer to have photos ready to go rather than having to worry about setting up shooting before or after you’ve written each individual post. For me, it just takes up too much time.

Details are VERY important to me (I’m a perfectionist, remember?) so I need to plan in advance to organise all the props I need for each individual shoot. If it’s a photoshoot, I make sure to have outfits ready to go and prepare from the night before to make sure my nails are painted, hair is styled/not a train wreck, and all those little details are taken care of.

When it comes to editing, it’s always been a long process for me because I’m very specific with how I like my photos to look. I need them to fit the brand and my aesthetic (e.g. dark, gloomy, overly sharp & de-saturated photos are usually a no-go for me). To speed up this process, I often have presets ready-to-go in Lightroom. I use both Lightroom & Camera Raw to adjust the colours, shading, crop, etc etc.

Writing the post

Strangely enough, I think I spend the least amount of time actually writing posts despite it being the part I enjoy the most. When I’m writing, I need a certain work flow that involves coffee, chill house music or silence, and a bright, clean space. I love being surrounded by things that inspire me – flowers, candles, calendars, prints, and positive affirmations. This is extremely important for me because for some reason I just cannot focus in mess or dark spaces. When I’m surrounded by mess, my mind is all over the place and I get distracted way too easily (…like a puppy, honestly).



Once the post is written, then I go back and add photos and code them to be formatted a particular way. I take care of the presentation – borders, backgrounds, spacing and so on. I go through and proof read to correct any grammar mistakes, add links, & any shop the post widgets. I make sure all the SEO is good to go and add tags so people can easily search the post, and then it’s time to hit publish!

UNLESS it’s a collaboration/sponsored post which means this will only be the draft. It will be sent out for approval and there’s usually a bit of back and forth emailing before it’s all good to go.

Social media promotion

The process definitely does NOT end once the post is live, it’s only the beginning! Now it’s time to promote & market the post across all social media channels. I share the post to Pinterest, Facebook, WeHeartIt and Tumblr, and also create separate graphics/edits for Pinterest & Instagram. For each individual post, I post 1-3 images to Instagram and I also make sure to share to Twitter in the morning and night to reach different audiences. I also promote some posts through Instagram stories and Snapchat given the post works for the platform (for instance, I don’t feel any need to share collages on Snapchat). I want to get the word out, but I try not to be pushy and annoying about it.


I try to respond to every single comment on the blog post and on social media. Engagement with your audience is so crucial and I always feel a little put off when I reach out to a blogger and they don’t even acknowledge me. No matter how much time it takes, I always get around to respond to each comment. In the end, your readers are everything!

So there you have it. All the steps I take to form a blog post, and this doesn’t include the added steps of emails, contracts, approvals and invoices if it’s a sponsored / collaboration post. I guess you could say it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed?

It’s definitely taken me a while to form a good system. You guys should’ve seen me about 6-8 months ago… complete and utter mess.


I’d love to know a bit of insight into your creative system. Is your blogging process similar to mine or very different? I’m always so interested to hear!

  • Ashley Christabelle

    People who don’t blog really need to understand that blogging ain’t easy! When people I know says it’s easy, I’ll refer them back to this post because sometimes it’s hard. Especially when my mind is constantly thinking of other things, it gets hard to edit and write properly!

    • Thanks so much Ashley! Sooo much goes into it, it’s crazy!! xx

  • useful post and I also love your outfit :)
    Miki xx

    • Aw thanks so much Michela! xx

  • Around Colours

    Blogging is hard and most people don’t know it. My creative process is kind of similar to yours except I probably don’t spend as much time editing photos as you do because I don’t use photoshop for that anymore. I use another programme that is much easier and makes the photos look just as good. And sometimes I have brainstorming sessions every two weeks or so because I’m feeling inspired and then end up with a crazy amount of blog post ideas that I don’t even time to make all of them hahaha

    • I’ve worked with photoshop for over 10 years so it’s not that it’s hard, it’s just that I’m so indecisive when it comes to editing & colours!! It drives everyone (myself included) crazy haha! Oh that’s amazing, always better to have LOTS of ideas on hand :) thanks for reading lovely xx

      • Around Colours

        Exactly! It’s like when we look at a menu with dozens of dishes, we don’t know what to pick but if it only has 3 dishes, it’s much easier! Weird metaphor, sorry hahaha

        • YES so true and I actually love that metaphor hahaha!

  • That was such a nice blog post, Angela! I’m always looking forward for your content precisely because of the dedication and time you put into everything you produce for your readers! Seriously blogger – goals ;)
    My process is very similar to yours, although I still need to learn to code images, edit in Photoshop and add shop widgets. But I do know how much time it takes – a good 7-8 hours just for a post people read in 5 minutes!

    xx Mili | The Pink Traveller

    • Aw Mili you are the sweetest, thank you so much!! It’s so crazy isn’t it?! xx

  • I work full time at the minute so only really have one full day a week to dedicate to writing blog posts but it’s actually made me more organised! I spend evenings doing all the social media and admin bits and take my photos in bulk like you so they’re all good to go when I need them :) x

    • That’s so good!! Love your dedication, Alice :) shooting in bulk is the best thing ever! xx

  • I love seeing the BTS of how others plan their blog posts! Really helpful and insightful, thanks for sharing :)

    Heather x

    • Me too, always so intriguing! Thanks so much for reading Heather :) xx

  • That was such an interesting post to read, I think most people don’t realise how much work goes into a blog post! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    • Thanks so much Ariadna, that means a lot to me :) Totally agree! There’s soo much behind every post! xx

  • I loved reading about your process and picked up some tips for myself! Right now I only plan out a week in advance (if that!) and I think taking one day to plan your entire month is a smart way to stay organized and on track with posts. Thanks for sharing! x

    • Yay! Thanks so much Sheila :) It’s definitely important when you’re posting nearly everyday!! So glad you found it a little useful xx

  • I blame Paris

    I really appreciated this article. I have just started my own blog (it’s just a little creative outlet), but I can now imagine how tedious every little bit is. If you publish 5 pictures, than there were at least 150 that you discarded.
    And I also really appreciate that you want to respond to everyone. I completely agree. Not getting a response has made me unfollow a few blogs after a while.
    /I blame Paris

    • Yes!! Editing photos definitely takes up a huge chunk of time. I’m so glad you could relate! Your readers are so important, it’s so awful when I see bloggers neglect them!! Thanks for reading & commenting lovely xx

  • Jessica Riley

    I don’t think people really appreciate how much work goes into a blog. Its full on! Thanks for sharing your process, it’s pretty similar to mine.




    The Crown Wings

    • It’s crazy isn’t it! So much work it can get a tad overwhelming haha. Thanks for reading Jessica! xx

  • Cattleya

    I love this post. This sounds a lot like what goes into my posts. I got some ideas from this post too. Thanks for sharing!

    x. Cattleya

    • Aw thank you so much Cattleya! I’m so glad you found some inspo from it :) xx

  • Sabina

    My blogging process is very similar, apart from scheduling posts and photos in advance… I know, I should be doing this, but I’m still trying to figure out a good system that works for me. I’m sure in a few months from now things might be different, but for now, I’m still working on other parts of the blog that needs my attention. It helped reading about your system, now I have a new goal on working on my posts scheduling :) Thanks for sharing, Angela! xo

    Sabina |

    • It’s not for everyone! Some people find they prefer doing everything in the moment instead of in bulk :) So so happy this could help you!! Thanks for reading Sabina! xx

  • Samnatha

    Loved ready this babe! whay type of calendar do you use to schedule posts? X Samantha

    • Thanks so much Samantha! I use Google Calendar to schedule everything, can’t live without it! xx

  • Great post! It definitely is a lot of work, I find it difficult to stay on a consistent track of posting with school taking up all my time. Writing a plan ahead of time seems like a great idea!

    • Thank you Fiorela!! Oh I can just imagine how difficult juggling blogging & school would be!! Prepping ahead would help so much! xx

  • thisisallure

    My blog process is pretty similar. I always take the longest to write up my posts because I find it the hardest but I do love taking the photos. Remembering to post on my social media sites can also be a little tricky.

    • The photography part is always fun! Writing posts can definitely take up a lot of time if you’re not in the mood especially!! I think social media is the most important part for me!! :) thanks for reading lovely xx

  • ventyy

    Wow Angela, you’re a force of nature and your blog certainly lives up to all the hard work and love you put in.

    • Oh wow!! Thank you so much, that means the world to me! :) xx

  • This post is amazing! It’s so true and will be extremely eye opening for those who haven’t blogged before xx

    Grab Your Camera x

    • Aw thank you so much! Yes for sure!! Sooo much more to it than meets the eye! xx

  • This is such an organised process! I try to follow something similar but I definitely need to work on finding a day each week just to shoot the photos for my posts, I tend to leave this a little last minute sometimes! Definitely a goal of mine to work on!

    Toni x

    • Thank you!! It’s a challenge sometimes haha. Bulking photos is the BEST! Highly recommend :) Thanks for reading Toni! xx

  • Grace Campbell

    Great blog post! Really informative and so helpful! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Grace x

    • Thank you so much Grace!! <3

  • Love this post! So cool to see how other bloggers structure their tasks :)
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    • Thank you Tess! It’s so fun, I’m always intrigued as well :) Thanks for reading! xx

  • I love how open you are sharing tips and your process. It’s really inspiring. Thank you so much!


    • AW! That’s such a big compliment, thank you so much Giana!! :) xx

  • Michelle Louise Love

    So true, so much works goes into it. It’s frustrating when people (who have no clue about blogging) think it’s easy. You wouldn’t say that to a journalist or photographer that their job is easy!