5 Things I’ve Learned from Blogging


It just occurred to me that I missed my second blog anniversary in July, and although I’ve only been blogging on this little corner of the internet for 2 years (feels so long but not at the same time?), I’ve been blogging and making websites since I was about 15. That’s about 8 years now which I can hardly believe. It’s safe to say I’ve learned my fair share about the blogging world, but I’ve also picked up a few life lessons along the way. Blogging has taught me more than I ever could have imagined, but today I wanted to share the 5 most important things I’ve learned on my journey.

It’s not a competition

In an industry obsessed with numbers, it can be hard to shake the competitiveness. It almost feels as if your instagram count is your worth in the game, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. No one should be in competition with each other and comparing yourself to other bloggers is completely pointless. It does absolutely no good because everyone is so different. Sure, there are times when I’ve felt envious of other bloggers who seem to buy a new Chanel bag every month, but then I realize some of them have been working at their blog for over 10 years. They take outfit photos almost daily and some of them even run a part time business. And then there’s others who fake it – buy the bag to photograph it & then return it (yes, this actually happens a lotttt in the blogging world, believe it or not). Regardless of these reasons, just because they’re sporting a new luxury item or have 100k+ followers does not mean they’re any better than you. There is no number one blogger and I have come to realize that readers, including myself, love to follow a plethora of blogs from different categories. I don’t think one is better than the other – I love them all unconditionally. And I definitely don’t follow people based on their followers, do you? People are allowed to read more than one blog!

Stay humble

This is something that has become more relevant recently as I’ve seen happen more frequently. I’m definitely not saying this is every blogger, but when certain bloggers reach a particular amount of followers (usually 100k+), it’s almost as if they think they’re a celebrity. They don’t bother to reply to comments, messages, or respond to any kind of engagement. It’s really quite sad. I’ve met numerous bloggers in real life who have really disappointed me, and that only talk to others with a similar or higher amount of followers. It’s easy to fake a personality online but not so much in the real world. It’s so important to never, ever neglect your readers. They are responsible for every kind of success in your life as a blogger. I have so much respect for bloggers who try to reply to every comment, email, tweet, and message, despite the amount they are receiving.

Don’t undervalue yourself

As a blogger, your voice should always be valued. If you feel you’re being underpaid or undervalued by a brand, it’s imperative you let them know. Don’t sell yourself short. The majority of brands and PRs I work with are incredible and very understanding, but I do get some very rude emails every so often. For example, if a brand is asking you to write a 1,000+ word post, with photography and social media sharing to 10,000+ people to promote their product in exchange for the opportunity to win a $15 amazon voucher, you can say NO. If anything, I find these types of emails very condescending and disrespectful. Stand up for your worth.


Breaks are necessary

It’s very easy to become consumed by the online world so it’s important you take a step back and live in the real world. Actually, just yesterday, I took a day off from social media and blogging. I disconnected from everything, saw a friend for brunch, went for a long walk, listened to some feel-good music & caught up on netflix. I don’t do this very often at all, but the past week I’ve been feeling down, uninspired, negativite and felt myself falling into the comparison trap. And honestly, it did a world of good. I still felt so guilty for taking any time away, but today I know it was completely worth it. I feel recharged and refreshed, ready to take on tasks with a much better perspective. I like to think of it as a mental health day so I don’t completely lose my sanity, you know?

Progress over perfection

I’m not saying don’t take pride in your work, but sometimes it’s better to choose to progress rather than make it perfect. Nothing is ever going to be perfect and there is never a right time. Always choose quality over quantity, but don’t waste time fretting over minor details that could potentially deter you from great opportunities. Even if it’s not 100% perfect, put your work out there and improve on it! When I was starting this blog, I was paralyzed by the desire to do everything right and overwhelmed with the amount of decisions (indecisiveness is one of my worst traits). Over time I realized things don’t have to be exactly how I need them to be, I just have to do what I can with what I have, and grow from there. Experience is invaluable in this industry.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Are you a blogger? What’s the best thing you’ve learned from your time blogging?