Why Your Wardrobe Needs a Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets.

They’re just about everywhere nowadays, aren’t they? A bomber jacket is agelessly cool, and is arguably the ongoing jacket of the season… or perhaps the year? I wont lie, I was a little hesitant towards them at first, but after trying on many myself, I must confess I’m head over heels.

I never thought I’d be one for wearing pink, but this dusty pink bomber jacket (unfortunately now sold out, but there’s still a few left in black!) totally changed my mind. It’s thinner and not as puffy as most bomber jackets, which makes it IDEAL for spring! Which by the way, can you guys believe I’m talking about SPRING here?! Thursday marks the first day of the season and you can bet I’ll be waking up with the biggest smile on my face.

Okay getting off topic a bit, back to the jacket.

From dresses to pants, to night and day, the bomber jacket can be worn with just about anything. It can be pulled off in any season. It is seriously one of the most versatile and practical pieces to add to your wardrobe. They emit a cool girl status and I really don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

And if you’re still not convinced, here’s a few reasons why you just neeeeed to own one.


pink bomber outfit0

they’re transeasonal.

As I was saying before, the best part about a bomber jacket is that it transcends through seasons. Despite what some people may think, that it is reserved for winter & fall, the one I’m wearing is a lightweight bomber jacket that you can rock in warmer weather on top of with dresses, jeans, shorts, and on. This also makes them very cost effective, even if you were to invest in one, you will get your moneys worth. If you’re searching for a lighter bomber jacket for Spring, here’s a few of my favourites going around!

lighter bomber jackets for spring

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they’re comfortable.

Have I mentioned bomber jackets are literally the comfiest jacket EVER? As much as I love a leather jacket, I find myself reaching for bomber jackets for the comfort factor. There is nothing more snuggly and warm than popping on a puffy bomber jacket during a cold night. It feels like you’re wrapped up in a soft blanket and since they’re meant to be oversized, it doesn’t restrict you like a lot of tailored jackets do.

pink bomber outfit0_10
pink bomber outfit0_7

they’re versatile.

Bomber jackets are the most versatile jacket I have ever come across – they go with just about anything and can create new looks from old clothes sitting in your closet. I have a few favourite ways to style bomber jackets. I love them paired with high waisted ripped jeans, a crop top and superstars or heels (depending on how casual you want to be), & on top of a bodycon dress with strappy heels for a night out. They come in so many different colours, fabrics and styles, there is bound to be one that’s perfect for you.

And on that note, I’m going to round this up with sharing my absolute favourite bomber jackets hitting stores right now. If only you guys knew how long it took me to narrow this down – there are so many dreamy designs out there at the moment. I feel like doing a whole post on embroidered bomber jackets they’re just so cool. Happy shopping!

Shop the post: trending bomber jackets

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Bomber jacket: Glassons (sold out – still a few left in black), Jeans: Forever new, Shoes: Adidas

Do you own a bomber jacket or do you want to add one to your wardrobe? Love/hate?!