How to Plan a Successful Staycation

When you can’t vacation, have a staycation!

Sometimes the most rejuvenating vacations can happen right in your home town. It can be a matter of settling on somewhere to visit where you unplug, unwind, and indulge, rather than finding the most exotic location. Because hey, doing nothing in a gorgeous suite with 24-hour service is much more glam than doing nothing at your home.

Don’t have the funds or time to travel? The quickest and easiest way to escape the reality and stress of life is by checking yourself into a hotel. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling revitalised in no time!


Finding your home away from home

Melbourne has such a vast selection of hotels, B&B’s, and AirBnbs, that it can be overwhelming to pick just one! I logged onto Hotels Combined to help narrow down the best accommodation by searching through the most popular Melbourne hotels until I came across The Cullen.

The Cullen is a boutique hotel run by the Art Series Hotel Group, which you’ll know how much I love if you read my guide to Bendigo. I’ve always had a thing for boutique hotels, they always have such personality and the Art Series Group is no exception.

So I dragged along my boyfriend and we checked into The Cullen for a weekend away from home!


Checking in:

The Cullen Hotel


The Cullen is the most renowned hotel from the Art Series Group so I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about! Before even arriving at the hotel, you had an option to check in online which gave you the opportunity to select what kind of room you preferred, any extra notes and your time of arrival. I thought this was a fantastic idea because it meant I could choose if I preferred a room with a view, a higher level, away from the elevators, etc. I wish more hotels had this kind of service!

Check in was incredibly easy and fast, a quick swipe or a credit card and we were all checked in. Might I add, the service here, alike all hotels under the Art Series Group, was exceptional. The reception were so warm and welcoming and made you feel right at home!


We booked the Deluxe Studio Suite but were lucky enough to be upgraded to the Deluxe Studio Suite Balcony room! I believe they’re the same room sizes, the only difference is an included balcony.

“The Cullen is a fearless concept of a boutique Prahran hotel located in the desirable Melbourne neighborhood.”

I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the room as it was extremely spacious! There was a little office space, dining table, couch and large king size bed with ensuite. Basically everything you need and more on your stay. The rooms are very fashionable with quirky pieces of artwork on display throughout the open living room. The kitchen is fully equipped to cook your own meals and the mini bar was way too tempting. Although I loved the design of the rooms, the only thing I would fault is the bathroom. There’s only frosted glass that separates it from the bedroom with parts you can clearly see through, so you don’t exactly get any privacy. I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem for most people though, just a small note I thought I should add!

fun mini bar

The Cullen is located in Prahran, next to the famous shopping district of Chapel Street, and public transport is right at your doorstep! Hop onto Hotels Combined to compare rates from the top travel websites!


Things to Do while on Staycation

Visit the local market. We took a Sunday morning stroll across the road to Prahran market for some croissants and coffee. I would suggest doing a little research before booking your accommodation to check if there’s any markets or events on nearby!

Dig into a new book. I’ve just recently got back into reading and forgot how relaxing it can be! I hardly ever have the time to read at home, but being on a mini vacation means no distractions. I’m currently reading Relentless – a great read for those lacking motivation in their life. Hours of uninterrupted reading while laying in a plush bed? Don’t mind if I do.

Order breakfast in bed. One of life’s little pleasures.

Get pampered at a spa. If the hotel you’re staying at offers a spa, take advantage! If not, you can always create your own DIY spa.

Go shopping. Spend the day seeing what’s new or just window-shopping. Hotels are always near local shopping centres and streets!

Book in a fancy meal. Eating and drinking out is one of my favourite things to do and even more so when I have the opportunity to discover new places! The lovely concierge recommended us a few places that I probably wouldn’t have ever travelled to despite living in Melbourne my whole life. Experience your city like a tourist.

Turn off your technology. Laptop, iPhone, iPad… everything. Take this time to disconnect from the world.

Order dessert to your room. Because when you can, you totally should.



This post is in collaboration with Hotels Combined, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own. I’d never recommend a service I wouldn’t use myself!