How to Have an At-Home Spa Day



At-Home Spa Day


Spa days are some of the best days but they can also be extremely pricey to have on a regular basis. The past few months have been really quite overwhelming with work and trying to maintain a personal/social life that I feel like I haven’t had many opportunities to take a moment to breathe. I know that I always feel super relaxed after a good pampering session, but it’s difficult to find the time and book in.

Therefore I decided to have a little spa evening at home and I thought I would share my tips on how you can recreate it at your home too! You could invite some friends over or take the time for yourself. Either way, I assure you it will make you feel a million times better.


Scrub away

Coffee body scrubs took over the beauty world last year and since then, there’s been an influx of them from different brands all over the world. A new one that I’ve recently just tried out, and later fell in love with, is the ModelCo Tan-Tox Coffee Body Scrub is a 100% natural exfoliating blend of pure Coffee granules and Sweet Almond Oil (MY FAVE which you’ll know if you read my post/love story to oils) to exfoliate skin while stimulating the body. Not only does it help remove your fake tan, but it also battles stretch marks, cellulite and scarring. My skin feels absolutely amazing after doing this and if you’ve never tried a coffee body scrub before, you are seriously missing out!

Run a hot bath

SO. How to get in the mood for a spa day? Light some candles, dim the lights, set out some essential oils (lavender is great for relaxation), & run a bath. If you don’t have a bath, or you don’t have the time, a shower will also do! This might be the time to break out some new shower products you haven’t used.

If you’re having a shower, I use this Sugar Crush by Soap & Glory, although my favourite body scrub from their range is The Breakfast Scrub which I have sadly ran out of. It’s smells so good you’d be mistaken for thinking it’s edible. Sometimes I also dry brush to get the lymphatic system going. If you haven’t tried dry brushing before, you NEED to. Really though, it gives you this amazing buzz of energy after.

My favourite shower gel is vanilla jasmine by Philosophy which doubles as a shampoo and bubble bath gel! I don’t really stray away from vanilla scents when it comes to shower products. There’s something so calming and comforting about it.

I have to say, I’m not one take many baths (I really have to be in the mood – relaxing is SO hard for me) but when I do, I take advantage of my Lush bath collection. The only reason I have a collection is because I can’t help but continue to buy bath bombs and bubble bars even though I only ever use them a few times a year. Regardless, if you’re like me and need some incentive to take a bath, hop on over to a Lush store! The Luxury Pud Bath Bomb and Candy Mountain Bubble Bar always help me get a better nights sleep.




Skincare treats

Spa days are opportunities when you can give your skin a real treat! For my face, I started off with removing any makeup with my ALL TIME FAVOURITE makeup remover, Jojoba oil. Obsessed doesn’t even describe my adoration to this product. It wipes away literally every trace of stubborn mascara and dirt.

I then tried out a new product that I’ve been wanting to give a go for so long, but haven’t got around to doing so until now. It’s the Instant Hydro-Glow Miracle Mask by ModelCo (this post isn’t sponsored by ModelCo by the way, I’ve just been real into their products). It’s ideal for dry, tired skin or simply for a boost of moisture and glow. Basically, in the sachet, you get 3 incredible products. Step 1 is the daily foaming cleanser which wipes away any impurities and creates a clean slate. Step 2, you apply the serum, which is so light and moisturising, it absorbs into the skin instantly. Then finally, for step 3, you have the hydro-glow miracle mask. It’s a sheet mask with built in serum that is aimed at creating an instant moisture boost & tightening of the face.

The morning after using this mask my skin felt so soft and appeared much brighter, you’d think I slept for a good 24 hours when in reality it was 6 and I was half dead, but my skin was telling a completely different story. It’s also a fantastic little sachet to bring along on your travels or weekend away to help save space!

After I removed the mask, I just applied a small amount of my most adored Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, and followed it by Sunday Riley’s Start Over Active Eye Cream. It’s a cooling cream that is made up of Vitamin C, Licorice and Rosehip Seed Oil to instantly sooth and correct puffy eyes, fine lines and brighten dark circles.

For the rest of the body, I applied Sanctuary Spa’s 4 day Moisture Body Oil Spray, another one of my all time favourite beauty products. It is filled with luxurious oils (refined organic olive oil, gold of pleasure oil & vitamin E oil to name a few) that seal in moisture for up to 4 days. And yes, it absorbs quickly so you’re not left feeling all sticky (the worst, right?).


DIY Manicure & Pedicure

A spa day wouldn’t be complete without a manicure & pedicure session, would it?! Since this is a spa day, take the time to do a proper manicure. Here’s my steps for a DIY manicure and pedicure at home:

1. Start with a clean canvas by removing any trace of nail polish with a good non-acetone remover. Use clippers and a nail file to get your desired shape and length. You can also go the extra mile and use a nail buffer for a high shine!

2. Soak your hands in warm water for 2-3 minutes and then exfoliate using a body scrub! This is to gently rub away any dead or dry cells. Rinse and pat dry.

3. Rub some oil or cream (I recommend Burts Bees Cuticle Cream) onto your cuticles to soften them up, and push/trim them back with a cuticle trimmer. If you want your manicure to look professional, do not skip this step! It’s so important and makes a huge difference to the end result.

4. Apply a base coat (I like this one by OPI) to create an even and smooth surface for your colour.

5. Apply your nail polish and most importantly, allow your colour to dry completely between each coat.

6. Finish it off with applying a top coat. Don’t underestimate the importance of this step! A top coat does more than just add shine – it also smooths away flaws and helps the colour stay in place for longer. I swear by this one by Deborah Lippmann.



Food & drink

And for my favourite part of at-home spa days – the treats! I try to avoid any kind of refined sugars, unhealthy food & sodas because ultimately this day is about making you feel good, and those foods just leave me feeling bad and sluggish.

For drinks, you could go one of the two ways, either brew yourself a pot of tea or a glass of champagne / wine. I went for the champagne, obviously, and added in some berries for fun! For times I’m not drinking and don’t feel like tea, I use kombucha and add in some berries and chia seeds.

Some healthy snacks to include:

Fruit (fresh, dried or frozen)
Trail mix
Clean Chocolate Chip Cookies
Fruit & nut bars
Raspberries with dark chocolate chips
Vegan cookie dough
Bliss balls (these lemon or
Dark chocolate covered almonds
Lemon coconut truffles


Have you ever had an at-home spa day?