4 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear A Watch


The classic timepiece

In collaboration with Cluse Watches
In today’s world of smartphones and technology, it would sometimes seem the need for a watch is becoming more unnecessary. But I have to disagree. Watch brands understand, along with watch lovers, that strong sales and consumer demand will continue even if smart watches and new technology flood the watch market. A classic timepiece will never die and they’re something I believe everyone should own. Here’s just a few reasons why.

They are timeless

Smart watches are cool, but they’re a passing fancy and have a limited appeal, whereas a classic wristwatch will never go out of style. They transcend through seasons and fashion trends and it’s not something you will ever have to replace or update. You don’t have to spend your savings to invest in a luxury watch, unless of course it’s something you’ve always wanted, as sleek and streamlined styles master the luxury look for less. Simple, consistent, and functional aesthetics will always remain timeless and beautiful.


They signal style

I’ve always looked at people who wear watches like they have it all together. They always look the part, you know? They take a bit more pride in their appearance and appreciate style. Any time I feel an outfit just needs that “something” to pull it all together, it’s always a watch. It dresses up and adds a statement to any outfit and I would feel almost naked if I’m not wearing one.

A classic style wristwatch will always go with what you’re wearing as it’s more a reflection of your personality and status, rather than a fashion statement. I was immediately drawn to this black and gold “La Boheme” mesh bracelet watch by Cluse watches. I already own a lot of white faced watches and so I thought the black was such a nice contrast, and I’m actually beginning to prefer it now. I love that it’s different and eludes a more powerful statement, but still remains timeless and understated.


They impress at work

It’s always important to make a killer first impression when it comes to work and job interviews and that includes dressing to impress. Mark Horstman, cofounder of Manager Tools, recommends always wearing a watch to interviews. Why? Checking your watch is a subtle gesture that you value time management and pulling out your phone to check the time could be mistook for checking your emails, and comes across as rather rude.

A single glance at your wrist to check the time is much better than rummaging through your bag trying to find your phone.


They add to your identity

Watches are highly visual symbols of status, association and identity. They become a part of your identity and each one says something about the wearer, intentionally or not. They give you this subtle feeling of independence and maturity – sort of like you can take on the world. A watch is a very personal item because when you choose a watch, you are choosing an extension of your identity. For example, when I see someone wearing a chunky, glam & glitzy watch, I know they want to make a strong statement and show their self-importance, whereas someone who wears an understated, smaller watch revels in their low profile status – they’re all about being classy and inconspicuous.


Which one reflects you?