What to Wear in Paris

Timelessness is a priority in French style and fashion is highly regarded all over Paris. I love changing up my style and adapting to suit my environment every time I’m in a new city, and Paris is definitely my favourites to do so. Trends don’t exist in Paris, it’s all about the classics. Here’s the items in which I believe compose a quintessential Parisian packing list.

Trench coatI would easily classify a trench coat as an essential when visiting Paris, no matter the season. It works for day and night and can dress up any plain old outfit. It’s the most versatile piece to own and I didn’t know how much I needed one until I owned one. I adore mine from Zara (went to 3 stores to track it down – that’s love right there), but unfortunately it’s now sold out! If you’re looking for an investment piece, no one does a trench coat quite like Burberry.

SweaterEven if it’s summer while you’re in Paris, you’re more than likely going to need a sweater at some point. I love this one by Acne Studios because it goes with nearly everything without paring down an outfit too much.

Black CamisoleThis elegant basic is a summer wardrobe classic. It looks just as good with a blazer and an up-do as it does with jeans. Plus they’re essential for layering. I personally love pairing black camisoles, particularly this one with its extra strap detail, with white jeans, a red lip & strappy sandals.

Striped blouseIt wouldn’t be right to post a “what to wear in Paris” post and not include a striped blouse, right? Striped items are synonymous with France and it is undoubtedly a trend I’ve embraced this year.

Tailored shorts – For when you’re not feeling a skirt and you want something dressier than denim shorts, tailored shorts are a life saver. This white pair looks gorgeous with the black camisole.

Midi Skirt – The midi skirt is perfect for pulling off a classic ladylike outfit and very appropriate for Paris. Despite what people might think, I believe they are very versatile and defy the seasonal calendar. From office wear, to everyday wear and to a sexy cocktail outfit, there’s so many ways in which a midi skirt will benefit your wardrobe.

Boots – Paris is considered a walking city, so there’s no doubt you’ll need a comfortable pair of shoes. On my first trip to Paris I was so under prepared when it came to footwear that I went through 3 pairs of shoes in 2 days. Not fun. Most boots have enough support and comfort without sacrificing style.

Sandals / FlatsYou’ll need a comfortable, stylish pair of sandals whilst going out in Paris and these lace up flats are my favourite! Avoid wearing any kind of flip flops as they’re seen as sloppy and looked down upon.

Oversized HatAdds that Parisian chic to any outfit.

Semi formal Dress – If you’re planning to go out in Paris, whether that be to a fancy dinner or cocktail bar, make sure you pack a semi formal dress. Black or white dresses are usually the go-to, I love this white mini dress by Self Portrait and this black one by For Love & Lemons. If there’s any place to make an effort with your outfit, it’s Paris. There are many places where they don’t even let you in unless you’re dressed appropriately.

Leather JacketYou really can’t go wrong with a leather jacket. I wore mine everywhere!

Skinny Jeans – I always find it’s safe to pack at least 2-3 pairs of jeans in different colours. I always bring a pair in black and white because it creates so many more outfits!

Sunglasses – A stylish pair of sunglasses is a must, preferably oversized, black and sleek. I feel like these just scream Paris.

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