Why Boyfriend Jeans are a Wardrobe Essential


The boyfriend Jean

I’ll admit, I’m a total skinny jeans girl. I wear them with everything and I feel like you can’t really go wrong with them. I guess you could say they’re very much in my comfort zone, but since I’ve been all about leaving my comfort zone lately (yep, even with fashion) I finally got around to trying the boyfriend jean.

Turns out, everyone was right and I’ve been seriously missing out. What’s new though.

I was always so scared that a slouchy jean would look unflattering, but some pairs are just as flattering (if not more) than skinny jeans. For those of you heading into summer, I would definitely call them an essential. They’re easy to wear, comfortable (but seriously, probably the most comfortable pant in my entire wardrobe), and despite being somewhat casual, they can really elevate an everyday look.

Oh and they’re just ideal for travel or when you don’t know what to wear but still want to look semi put together grabbing your coffee.




The trick with boyfriend jeans is finding the the right pair that fits your body shape seamlessly. It took me a few different styles and sizes to find my perfect pair. Some people like to go bigger and looser, whereas I prefer them quite fitted but still very relaxed.

I like to dress them up with heels and a slouchy jumper or blazer, or dress them down with a loose tee and converse. They also work so well with body suits. The options are literally endless and if you’ve been really struggling with your wardrobe lately, ripped boyfriend jeans will give you at least 5 new outfits. Promise.


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So what are your thoughts on boyfriend jeans? Love/hate?