How to Wear the Embroidery Trend


The Embroidery Trend

I know I know, it’s Winter on this side of the world and I probably shouldn’t be looking at summer pieces already but I just can’t help it. I’m swapping some of Winter for the European summer anyway, so that kind of makes this post relevant, right?

If you’ve made a trip to the shops recently, or even had a look online, you might’ve noticed the embroidery trend popping up more often than not. Everyone from For Love & Lemons, Zara and Chloe have been jumping aboard. It’s a beautiful skill that occupied women for centuries is making an equally beautiful comeback. I love that people are swapping expected floral prints for lavish embroidered patterns this season. I kind of got over floral when I wore it to DEATH when I was a teenager. It’s pretty, but it’s nothing riveting for S/S collections.

Embroidery on the other hand, it hasn’t been seen around for a while. It was almost not cool to have embroidery pieces, such as bomber jackets, hanging in your wardrobe. But that’s all changed this season.

Today I wanted to share a few of my most adored embroidered pieces, that I hope you’ll love just as much!



Favourite Embroidered Pieces


What are your thoughts on the embroidery trend? Is it something you could see yourself wearing?