5 Rules for Mastering an All Black Outfit


Mastering all black

I’ve always found stepping out in all black a little daunting. When it’s pulled off the right way, it can make a powerful statement, but if it’s not, you’re often left looking somewhere between goth and like you’re attending a funeral. Neither are too fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing colours and pretty patterns, but sometimes I just feel an all black outfit is just appropriate especially since the weather is cooling down.

There’s something about women who wear all black that evokes a sense of professionalism, confidence and attractiveness, don’t you think? It’s sort of like they value self-empowerment above all else and never follow the crowd.

And that’s what I’m all about, going against the crowd.

We’ve all heard that black goes with everything and that it’s easy to wear, but I have to disagree. It can be quite difficult to pull off black without it looking bland. Here’s a few tips to help you nail that outfit because haven’t you heard, women who wear all black lead the most colourful lives?


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Vary the fabrics

The trick to pulling off an all black look lies all in the textures. All black and all cotton? YAWN. Adding layers of various fabrics adds depth and interest. Don’t hold back either – wearing black allows you to go a little over-the-top with your ensemble. Denim, fur, lace, mesh, fringe… you get it. Black doesn’t have to be boring.

Speaking of textures, this lace mesh peplum top has me swooning. I’ve always been on the fence with peplum style tops, but this one is an exception, as the design makes it look super flattering. Plus, the peplum style adds an interesting silhouette to a subdued colour palette. It’s versatile enough to take you from day to night and the embroidery detail is nothing short of beautiful. I’ve paired it with slightly washed out black denim jeans but it also works seamlessly with pencil skirts and leather pants.

I just have a total soft spot for denim, lace and mesh.



Some will argue to make a statement with your accessories if you’re not already with clothing, but I much prefer playing with subtle pieces of jewelry. Bold accessories tend to compromise an otherwise understated look. Black pairs effortlessly with gold, rose gold or silver pieces, my favourite being gold tones. A simple necklace, dainty rings or elegant bracelet. You just can’t go wrong with the classics.

Since I was wearing this from late afternoon to night and it was still quite sunny, I paired it with these gorgeous rose gold sunglasses. And yes, still totally riding that rose gold trend. I almost feel like it’s more than a trend to me now.


Show some skin

When I’m opting for an all black outfit, I always make sure to try and break the black monotony by showing some skin. It doesn’t mean baring it all, for example in this outfit I made sure to wear jeans with rips and open toed shoes. The mesh top also helps break things up despite it still covering up.



Makeup can ultimately either complete or deter your ensemble. If I had worn a dark lipstick, this outfit probably would have given off a much different vibe – something a little more edgy and restricted to nighttime wear. I prefer to pair bright makeup with all black, especially if it’s for daytime wear. Nude lips, dewy skin and shimmery bronzers are generally my go-to. Keep it simple and classic.



Statement piece

The thing that usually separates a boring all black look from a powerful one is often a statement piece. For my outfit, you’ll probably notice the top as being the statement piece so I downplayed the rest of the outfit and kept it simple. If I was only wearing a plain top, I would opt for some more eye-catching shoes or bag. I wouldn’t try to have more than one statement piece though, of course there are exceptions, but often it can get a little overcrowded and simplicity is key when it comes to black. You never want too much going on.


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What are your thoughts on wearing all black? Do you love or hate it? Is it something you feel comfortable wearing?