Where to Find the Best Travel Inspiration


I get asked quite often where to find travel inspiration, whether it be for seeking a new destination or planning an itinerary for the next trip. Today I’m going to be sharing you my favourite ways to do so!

» Pinterest

Pinterest is like my bible when it comes to any kind of inspiration, and if you follow me along there, you’ll probably notice I’m mostly pinning travel. I look at pinterest like a digital moodboard. I follow many travel related accounts, groups and even look through the “travel tag” from time to time. If you’ve not jumped on the pinterest board yet, I would highly suggest doing so!

» Instagram

Instagram is another way to find travel inspiration, but I look at it with a different perspective than pinterest. It more so gives me ideas for where and how to take the best photos of a place, as well as real-time information. Every now and then I do discover some pretty amazing places, you just have to be looking in the right direction.

» Travel books

Yes, travel books still exist and are a great way to find inspiration. Lonely Planet’s travel guides are a favourite of mine and I always have a few sitting in my book collection. There’s something about picking up a book and reading about a city that feels a little special. For travel stories, here’s a wonderful list of 35 books that will take you around the world (without a plane ticket).

» Travel websites

There’s an endless amount of travel websites and online magazines to be found, starting with cntraveler, travel + leisure, national geographic travel, pure wow travel, AFAR, wanderlust & outside online.

You might also notice airlines, hotel brands and tour companies have blogs and websites of their own, such as Qantas insider and Intrepid travel.

» Travel blogs

Last, but certainly not least, is travel blogs! Strangely enough I don’t actually follow a lot of travel blogs as I try to keep my content authentic and don’t want to be influenced by other bloggers too much. Also I’m guilty of always comparing my blog to others, which of course never ends too well. However, I do still follow some travel blogs as I love reading other travel stories and personal guides. They keep me inspired seeing the amazing opportunities other travel bloggers are achieving nowadays!

Plus, travel blogs inspired me to turn my passion for travel into a blog, so it’s only fair a share a few favourites.

Where do you find travel inspiration?