Can’t Leave Without These Travel Essentials


1. FRENDS Headphones. Still my favourite headphones in the world. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than forgetting my headphones when traveling. Nothing at all.

2. Aesop Hand cream. The air on planes is recycled, low in humidity and tends to suck moisture out of the skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated. Keep your hands hydrated by bringing along your favourite hand cream.

3. Kate Spade passport holder. After a few slightly stressful experiences losing my passport, I thought it would be best for everyone if I invested in a passport holder. It’s super cute so it’s a less likely chance that I’ll lose it.

4. Madewell weekender bag. I am completely and utterly obsessed with Madewell bags and this one is honestly just the best carry on bag ever. It’s practical and comfortable to carry around without having to sacrifice style.

5. Converse shoes. I go back and forth with the kind of shoes I like wearing on planes, but it usually comes down to low converses or slip on flats. I’m particularly loving these white converse ones at the moment.

6. Glossier balm dotcom. I can’t stand dry lips. If I’m somewhere without lip balm and I feel that my lips are dry, I’ll purchase a lip balm (& this kind of explains why my lip balm stash is overflowing…). This balm dotcom one by Glossier is cute and does a great job at hydrating! I bring it everywhere with me.

7. Sunglasses. They come in real handy after a long haul flight when you’re feeling/looking extremely jet lagged.

8. A reading book. Zoning out & catching up on reading is a great way to pass time in airports or the flight. How to be Parisian never fails to ignite my wanderlust.

9. Canon 70D. My one true love. I’d feel lost without it.

10. Mary Green eye mask. I’m still on the edge whether I like eye masks but I think I’m coming around to them. This one is too cute for words.

11. Camera strap. Okay maybe not an essential, but it was too pretty not to share.