Sportswear with an Edge


When it comes to sportswear, although I do appreciate the odd brightly coloured bra or tank, I’ve always been one that leans towards darker shades.

I’m all for sportswear whether it’s for brunch, yoga or running errands and I’ve practically been living in this combination.

But lets just take a moment to talk about these shoes. The Nike Huraraches are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, which I know isn’t saying a lot because I’m an appearance > comfort kind of girl, but they really are just heavenly. They slip on, feel light as a feather and they’re so 2016, no?


I love leggings that make a statement. These are super flattering and I feel like I could do just about anything in them. Instead of pairing it with your average tee, I decided on this mesh panel tee for a sporty spin on things. It runs a bit large so I would suggest dropping down a size.

I feel like I’m going to own it in all 3 colours soon… but what’s new?



This post was in collaboration with Nike.