27 Ways to Find Inspiration

ways to find inspiration

Stuck in a rut? We’ve all been there. Considering my job relies a great deal on creativity, inspiration is certainly not something I want to lose. Here’s 30 ways I find inspiration – I hope they help you too!

1. Watch a documentary. I used to sigh when someone would even say the word “documentary,” but the past year I’ve really grown fond of them. You just need to find the right ones and they can inspire you in any kind of direction. For example, when I’m lacking some inspiration in travel, I’ll watch a travel documentary. P.s. recently just watched this one and highly recommend!

2. TED talks. Those of you who have seen TED talks before probably already saw this coming because, I mean, is there anything more motivating? Some of the stories are absolutely amazing. They hold keys to success, knowledge, happiness, positivity and more.

3. Read more books. Always keep learning. A great book can inspire ideas and ways of thinking that have the power to transform your life.

4. Create art. It doesn’t matter what kind or if you’re any good at it. I always like to immerse myself in different types of art – watercolours, painting, colouring, etc. I’m no artist but it keeps my mind stimulated and in a creative mindset.

5. Create a mood board. One of my ultimate favourite things to do. It always gets me so inspired looking at different prints, photos, quotes and sticking them all together.

6. Scrapbook. Quite similar to the mood board, just in a scrapbook! You might even want to consider scrapbooking a particular event or passion such as travel, friends or pets (or is that a little too crazy?)

7. Research. Pick a topic and research until you know everything. You have the entire world at your fingertips.

8. Get outside. It doesn’t matter if you go for a walk or you just step into your backyard. Fresh air always does good.

9. Write a bucket list. List all the things you’d like to achieve in your lifetime.

10. 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes.

11. Listen to music. The type that has a great affect on your mood. Recently I’ve started dipping into other genres I wouldn’t ordinarily listen to but instead help my productivity. Step out of your usual playlist and try something new! It might surprise you. Spotify has a great office playlist.

12. Don’t be a perfectionist. Admittedly this is something I struggle with but I do understand how much perfectionism can hold back creativity. For a moment, allow something to be imperfect. Just start acting.

13. Tackle small problems. Once you start to tick things off your list, you’ll gather some inspiration to tick off the big things. When I have a lengthy to-do list, I always find it hard to focus on new ideas and my creativity diminishes. Always try to have a clear slate.

14. Take a break. And don’t feel guilty about it. Taking some time away to clear your head will benefit you more than sitting around getting nowhere.

15. Meditation / Yoga. They both have a wide array of positive effects including incresing creativity and decreating anxiety. I prefer a class but you can find videos online.

16. Get feedback. Bouncing your ideas off of other people creates a positive feedback loop of more ideas.

17. Change your environment. It can be something as simple as adding flowers to your desk, a new scent, or going to another room.

18. Clean and simplify. I always find the more clutter that surrounds me, the more clouded my mind feels. Clean up your workspace and get rid of things that don’t serve a purpose.

19. Break your routine. Try something new. Get a fresh perspective.

20. Listen to a podcast. Ever since serial (that is, the first season – anyone else yawning at the second?) I’ve been hooked on podcasts. I either listen to them around the house, before bed, or on my morning walk. There’s millions out there so it’s a little hard to narrow down, but I’m really loving this list.

21. Get pinning. Yep, I’m still on that pinterest obsession. It is one of the most inspiring social medias out there in my opinion.


22. Quotes. Words of inspiration. My favourites here.

(P.s. Quotes to get you through the week, inspire your travels + brighten your day.)

23. Call a friend. Someone who lifts you up and leaves you feeling great after a conversation.

24. Sleep on it. You’ll either wake up not knowing what country you’re in or feel incredibly refreshed. Let’s hope for the latter. It’s also Arianna Huffington’s (founder of the Huffington Post) number one secret to success.

25. Watch this 1 minute speech by Shia LaBeouf

26. Discover new blogs. I aspire to inspire here on Sunday Chapter, and a lot of other bloggers do the same! One of my favourite things to do is discover new blogs through categories on Bloglovin, and of course, browse older favourites.

27. Coffee. Because with enough coffee, nothing is impossible. Right?