The 15 Cheapest Countries to Visit for Budget Travel

Traveling on a budget? Well, you’re certainly not alone. Discover these great low-budget places to travel, where you can spend as little as $10 a day!


15. Thailand

Thailand is very similar to Malaysia in terms of everyday living costs, but Thailand does prove to be that bit more expensive (unless you’re drinking, then Thailand will probably be cheaper). You can find budget accommodation for $15 a night and live off another $20 a day for food and drinks. Also, FULL MOON PARTIES. I’m sold.


14. Malaysia

A lot of people seem to have a misconception about Malaysia that it is not very affordable. Admittedly, it’s not as affordable as Cambodia or Vietnam, but it is still a very cheap country. I’ve talked to many travel bloggers and backpackers about this and we all agree it is possible to get by on $30 a day. The only downside is they have the highest alcohol tax in the world. Basically if you’re planning on partying every night, you may want to reconsider your budget.


13. Peru

The Machu Picchu ruins are enough for me to want to visit Peru, but as a bonus, it’s also an incredibly affordable country. It’s a must see for most travelers heading to South America. Besides Machu Picchu, there are many Andrean Highland towns that are fascinating to explore. You can find meals for $5 and accommodation for $8 in some places! All in all, $20-$25 a day is quite a reasonable budget.

Ghandrung Village and Annapurna South, Nepal, Himalaya

12. Nepal

Nepal is still rebuilding from the earthquake that happened in 2015, but there is a lot the country has to offer. Plus, if you’re on a budget, like most places on this list you can get by on $20 a day. A friend of mine actually returned from Nepal a few months ago and I was shocked to hear she lived on $300 for a month! Here’s a great breakdown of all the costs you might encounter in Nepal.


11. India

I believe India should be on everyone’s bucket list. It may be a culture shock but there is SO much beauty in the country. Much of your travel budget here will depend on where you go and your travel style, as well as how much shopping you want to do. On average, most backpackers go by around $20 a day.


10. Indonesia

If you stay at accommodation with air condition and party many nights, the cost of traveling in Indonesia might hover from $25 – $30 per day. But if you’re on a budget, you can get by on $15 per day. Apart from the most popular Bali, there are a lot of other gorgeous islands to take note of, including Lombok and the Gili islands.


9. The Philippines

Perfect beaches, friendly locals and beautiful nature. Similar to many other countries in Southeast Asia, the price of living is ridiculously cheap. Coffee is 11 cents, a meal is $2.50 and hostels can work out to be $9 per person. Also, it’s home to Palawan, which I think should be reason enough to visit!


8. Venezuela

With the value of Venezuela’s currency quickly collapsing, Vanezuela was voted the cheapest country in the world back in 2014. Prices have dropped from $12 a night to $5 a night, a meal at a decent restaurant costs around $3, and that’s with a beer and tips included. And the best part? Domestic flights around the country range from $7- $20, making it easy to travel around.


7. Egypt

Ever fancy seeing the pyramids? Well, you might be in luck because according to this comprehensive travel guide, it’s on average $22 a day to travel Egypt. Vegetarian meals can be eaten for less than $1 per meal and beds can be bought for around $4 a night.


6. Bolivia

Bolivia is a country in central South America, with a varied terrain spanning Andes mountains, the Atacama Desert and Amazon Basin rainforest. It’s also home to the worlds largest salt lake flats. The cost of eating out, sleeping at a budget hotel, and going for a night out in the town is all very affordable. You can score a night at the famous salt hotel for $25 a night, or a budget hotel for $8 a night.


5. Paraguay

Paraguary seems to be a little-visited and little-known country that is too often passed over by travelers. Many people assume the lack of attractions means there’s nothing to see, but it’s ideal for those keen to experience a truly authentic South American experience. Street food can be bought for $2 and a meal at restaurants around $3-$5. A budget traveler will get by on $15 a day (extreme budget travelers even less!) but if you’re looking to stay a while, there’s one bedroom apartments for rent around $200 a month in Asuncion. That’s only $6 a day (!!).

blue lagoon laos

4. Laos

Laos is a Southeast Asian country traversed by the Mekong River and known for its mountainous terrain, French colonial architecture, hill tribe settlements and Buddhist monasteries. It’s easy to find rooms for $5 – $8 a night and even cheaper if you’re sharing.


3. Vietnam

Despite its rise in popularity in the last few years, Vietnam is still super cheap, as well as a beautiful country. I’ve had lots of friends who have backpacked through Vietnam and lived on just $20 a day (yes, including food, transport AND accommodation). Keep in mind accommodation is cheaper in the north but more expensive in the south.


2. Cambodia

With beds as little as £1 a night and a meal even cheaper, it’s no surprise Cambodia has made its way onto every backpackers radar. Even for luxury travel, it’s easy to find 5-star villas for a quarter of the price you would normally. The country is lush with lovely beaches and home to the Angkor Wat temple. Oh, and alcohol is as little as 25 cents. I’m down, anyone else?


1. Malawi

Malawi has been dubbed “The Warm Heart of Africa” and is a landlocked country in the southeast region. To give you some idea of how cheap this country is, the average monthly salary is about $27. Roughly 0.72 cents – $1 a day. It’s hard to wrap my head around in all honesty. You can easily find meals for $1 and live off merely $10 a day. A backpackers paradise. It’s bordered byb Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique so it’s an easy base to start exploring other countries in Africa with similar budgets.


15 cheapest countries for budget travel


  • These are all such beautiful places, and I had no idea they could be that affordable! I’ve been to Egypt, the Philippines and Malaysia, and can’t wait to cross some more of these off my list :) India has been a dream of mine for so long!


  • awesome list! Thailand is one of my favourite but hopefully can cross some more of these off my list!
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  • Joanne

    Loving the places on this list! I live in Indonesia and because of the currency, it is INCREDIBLY cheap for people to come and travel here. These are such interesting destinations! I’ve always wanted to visit India to see their festivals. <3

    Life in Blue Skies | A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  • This is a brilliant post!! So helpful and all of these places look amazing :)

  • Amazing post! Great locations.

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  • I want to go to all of the places on this list. I’ve just been looking into city breaks in Europe and I’m so inspired to pack my bags and just get away for a few days on a budget.

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  • gosh all of those pics make me want to travel and explore the world right now! xxx

  • Definitely want to visit these places!

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    Perfect for a student on a budget!

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    Thanks for this awesome post. I love reading about budget travel and how to make the most out it and making it al happen! Xo

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  • Such a great list! I really should visit more of Asia and with those prices I really have no excuse! :)

  • Lisa Underhill

    Egypt and Malaysia I would not consider safe. I was in Malaysia about a 1 1/2 year ago and I did not feel safe there, its not a place I have to go back at least to Kuala Lumpur maybe if we went to the beach or out in the country. I was in Laos last summer it is pretty there but I didn’t like it very much but the food was good and it was cheap but the hotels I think are not very modern at least Luang Prabang.

    • Mimi

      I was in Egypt and didn’t feel safe either. I was so relieved just to see our cruise ship from a distance in case we had to book to it.

  • paula

    I always read you blog and it’s so cool to see my country included on the list!! haha I’m from Paraguay :)

    • Aw thank you Paula!! :)

  • Emelizabeth Sánchez

    The most beautiful fotos are shown except from Venezuela, my country. Venzuela has beautiful and warm beaches like Los Roques, Mochima and Isla de Margarita, also called La perla del Caribe (the Pearl of caribean) , an exceptional water fall located in Canaima, el Salto Angel, the biggest water fall in the world. I think that any tourist do not want a reference showing the poor side of the capital, Caracas. Any country and city have an poor side and is not atractive for anyone, I think you must consider change the picture in the article. Here you have some pictures of places that i mentioned: Los Roques (1 and 2), Mochima (3 and 4), Margarita (5 and 6), Salto Angel (7)

    • Thank you for your suggestions :) Venezuela is a beautiful country – you’re so lucky! I would love to visit one day.

  • Fantastic list but seriously some of them are not cheap. Peru is not that cheap. Egypt is not cheap either – we were there last year. Bolivia I agree with. Thailand is but not in the cities. Looking forward to visiting a few of these this year and hope your predictions are accurate.

  • Katie Pineski

    Cheap, but are they safe for a single girl to travel on her own? I looked at the travel advisories and these places are not that safe.

    • Despite what the media says, I find all these countries to be quite safe. I know many solo women who have backpacked through those places :)

    • No, they are not. Also Katie, in the top right corner of your screen you will see a little wheel. That’s the settings wheel. Click on it and then click on ‘Edit Profile.’ At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a check box called ‘Keep your profile activity private.’ Make sure the box is checked and then click save below it. This will better protect your anonymity online.

      • I have not yet met one person who has told me these places are unsafe – quite the opposite actually. Have you been to any of them personally?

        • No, I have not. Mostly I just wanted to share how to set Disqus profile to private.

  • Divya N

    You have left out Sri lanka!! In the Asian countries – Nepal is the cheapest followed by , Thailand, Sri Lanka, India,vietnam and Malyasia. These places are quite safe for a single female traveller contrary to popular opinion. But Indonesia and Cambodia are quite expensive

    • I agree these countries are safe despite what the media says. I also agree that I could have included Sri Lanka! I found Indonesia to be very cheap as well as Cambodia. It all depends where you stay and how you travel :)

  • I loveeeee this post… Definitely makes me want to pack my bags and leave right now. I will love to travel this year and I will definitely be on a budget. Thanks for writing this!

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    This is amazing! If I visit even a few of them I will be such a happy girl!

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    Have just discovered your blog and absolutely LOVE it :) so beautiful and such great posts!! x

  • Great tips here – all such beautiful places too! Will definitely be making a note of these when budgeting for our next trip!


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    Awesome! You should visit the Philippines someday :)

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    Great tips! I just make some reasearch for my full time travel year so thank you. :)

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    I love this post! I’m in college so I don’t have a lot of money, but I dream of traveling the world. I’ll be studying abroad in France in the spring and I’ll be blogging about it!

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  • Andy Nguyen

    Thank you very much for very important information for young people who would like to travel around, specail the Southeast Asia. I have travel to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam is the super cheap, not only the North as you told, now in Central and South is also so cheap when you have best choice about local service as homestay, local food. And Vietnam food is the best ever, don’t forget to try street foods and drinks if you are food lovers! Of course with very long shape of country, Vietnam has many beautiful landscapes that you mustnot miss as: Halong bay – the Nature New Wonder, Sapa terraced rice field, Hue ancient citadel, Hoi An ancient town, Mekong delta… and specailly amazing beaches…. come and enjoy!

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