Miracle Magnesium: The Answer to Everything


For the last couple of months I have been going on and on about magnesium. I can’t help it though, it’s what I do when I become completely and utterly in love with something.

Because magnesium is THAT good and it doesn’t receive half the attention it deserves. It’s benefits are incredible and I feel as though a lot of people don’t know about much about it.

Why am I so obsessed?

Weight loss: The mineral plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels. A high intake of magnesium has been linked to lower levels of fasting glucose and insulin, which control fat and weight gain, according to a 2013 study reported in the Journal of Nutrition. In another study, British researchers found that supplements help decrease fluid retention to relieve bloating during the menstrual cycle.

Beats sugar cravings: Are you constantly craving sugar? Well, turns out, it’s likely you just have a magnesium deficiency and you’re actually craving magnesium-rich foods. Also, if you’re eating daily sources of magnesium, your body will be able to deal with fructose better and you won’t get sugar highs and lows.

Anxiety, stress and panic attacks: Magnesium helps keep adrenal stress hormones under control and also helps maintain normal brain function. It is vital for GABA function, an inhibitory neurotransmitter that produces “happy hormones” like serotonin. If you suffer with anxiety, this drink literally keeps me sane and helps me de-stress when my anxiety is sky rocketing which is always so fun.

Depression: Did you know depression can also be caused by a magnesium deficiency? It plays an important role in biochemical reactions all over your body. It’s a well-known natural alternative to anti-depressants.

Treats insomnia & helps you sleep: I find it extremely difficult to get to sleep most nights and I’m pretty much convinced I’m bordering on insomnia. Magnesium is vital for the function of GABA receptors, which is a calming neurotransmitter that the brain requires to switch off; without it, we remain tense, our thoughts race and we lie in bed staring at the ceiling. Magnesium supplements can help quiet a racing mind, relax your muscles, and help your heart rate. Take them before going to sleep and you’ll have the BEST sleep ever. It’s even proven to be more effective than melatonin.

Relieves PMS symptoms & balances hormones: Ever wonder why you crave chocolate before your period? It’s because your body is clamoring for magnesium. Levels fluctuate during a woman’s cycle. The higher the estrogen or progesterone, the lower the magnesium. This can result in spasms in the brain arteries — a prelude to PMS and migraines. Increasing your intake can help relieve PMS-related symptoms, such as headaches, bloating, cramps, low blood sugar, dizziness, fluid retention and sugar cravings.

Helps increase energy: Magnesium is used to create “energy” in your body by activating adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP. This means that without enough magnesium, you don’t have the energy you need and can suffer from fatigue more easily.

Helps relieve migraine headaches: Because magnesium is involved in neurotransmitter function and blood circulation, it can help control migraine headache pain by releasing pain-reducing hormones and constricting the blood vessels that raise blood pressure.

Promotes digestion: Magnesium helps keep bowels regular by maintaining normal bowel muscle function. Depending how much and what type you take, it can have a mild laxative effect. Maintaining regular bowel movements also contribute to higher energy levels.

[ more benefits over here ]

Benefits of magnesium.

When to take: Supplements should be taken at night right before bed. This is because has a calming effect on both the muscles and nervous system, and may therefore be beneficial in getting a good night’s sleep. It also regulates your bowel movements in the morning, keeping you feeling light and energised.

Of course, you can up your intake through food (and you definitely should) but I highly recommend adding supplements into your diet to reap all the added benefits. Magnesium rich foods include dark leafy greens, nuts/nut butters, seeds, fish, beans, whole grains, avocados, yogurt, bananas, & dark chocolate.

I’ve found magnesium citrate to be most effective and easily absorbed. I take 2 supplements before bed (300 mg each – I like this one) but I’m not a doctor, I’m just sharing what works for me, in hope it will help you too.

What are your thoughts? Have you had any experiences with magnesium?


  • I’ve been taking Magnesium on and off for a while, but I’m horrible at remembering it! This article definitely reminded me of why I should try harder though! I’ve been taking it in the morning, maybe if I leave it on my nightstand to start taking it in the evenings I’ll remember :)

    • It has so many benefits, it’s crazy! Leaving it on your nightstand is the perfect reminder :)

  • missgetaway

    Oh wow! I didn’t know that!! I’ve been starting to regularly take Magnesium a while back but somehow completely ditched it after a few days/weeks. But now that you told me all this: I better take one again!!

    Love, Kerstin

    • It’s seriously amazing! I swear by it :)

  • I have never heard you could take Magnesium but my oh my I want to now! It sounds like a miracle! Xx


    • I feel like almost no one has heard of it haha, but it’s the best thing ever!

  • I’ve heard this is good for curbing headaches! I may have to give it a go :) (purely for the hormone balancing I think haha) x


    • I take it for hormone balancing too & it’s incredible. I don’t have nearly as many mood swings haha x

      • Finally bought some magnesium! Starting tonight :) thanks for the tip xx

  • rae

    I actually learned about the benefits of taking magnesium after working out to ease sore muscles from my ex boyfriend when I started working out and he told me I definitely needed to take them. I just spoke to my dad as he headed out the door while reading this post too, and he said that epsom salt has magnesium in it which is why soaking in a bath with epsom salt is so good for your muscles too. Was really interesting to read how magnesium helps us in other ways as well! Really wonderful and informative post!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • Yes! Epsom salt is AMAZING to ease sore muscles. I use it after workouts too :)

  • I literally have all the symptoms that you’ve mentioned, I’ve just never connected them together. I’ve heard of the benefits for different things. It helping muscle soreness and helping to aid sleep but I’m so glad I read this post. I’m going to go do some research on magnesium supplements right now!


    • It’s crazy how many people are suffering from a magnesium deficiency! I’m glad I could help out :)

  • This is such an interesting post to read, I had no idea of magnesium’s benefits.


    • I’m surprised how many people don’t know! It’s really an amazing mineral!

  • Rachel Kaly

    I love this! I didn’t know about many of these benefits! I started taking magnesium supplements about a month ago actually because I was having heart palpitations after dinner a lot and read about how this can be from digestion, OR a lack of magnesium. It helps regulate your heartbeat and keeps your heart strong. Since taking magnesium right before dinner, the palpitations have stopped. I’ve also heard it can help with headaches and migraines. Thanks for sharing all these!

    • That’s amazing! It’s the best muscle relaxant :) it does wonders for relieving migraines!

  • I have been taking magnesium for about a year now and I can’t accurately express how much it has improved my mood and stress levels. I used to get terrible anxiety attacks and crying spells. My partner did some research about natural ways to help remedy these symptoms and he came across magnesium and fish oil. I’ve been taking magnesium at night and fish oil with my vitamin d in the mornings and my extreme emotions have totally leveled out.

    My sweet tooth has also died down tremendously and I’ve been craving fruits and veggies much more than I used to. I think many people these days are lacking magnesium in their diets so even if it doesn’t benefit you in ways that you expect, it very well may benefit you in at least one other way that your body and mind will thank you for. :)

    • I love your comment, Scout! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been also taking it for the same reasons and have had the exact same results. My extreme emotions and sugar cravings have thankfully leveled out too. :)

  • I use magnesium regularly, but rather than pills I use magnesium oil on the skin – sometimes magnesium pills can cause digestive upset. Magnesium is the best supplement though – great for using after a tough workout and it gives the BEST nights sleep :)

    • I’ve heard of that happening, but I think you just have the find the right amount that works you & your body! And I agree, magnesium oil is amazing – I use it after tough workouts too. :)

  • Ashley

    When I was 26 I started getting seizures for no reason. I went to many Doctors and no one could explain why. I also tried many many different medications but not one would help and some even caused me to have more seizures. One day my husband read about magnesium helping seizures and I had to try. My seizures have gone from every 6 weeks to every 6-7 months. I am a huge promoter of Magnesium.

    • That is amazing Ashley!! I’m so happy for you. It’s crazy how many of us have a magnesium deficiency and don’t even know it.

  • So informative! Thanks for sharing babe x

    • No worries, glad I could help in some way! :)

  • I had no idea Magnesium was so amazing! Im quite a stress head so this sounds like a great natural remedy!


    • Magnesium has helped calm my stress levels a lot! :)

  • A. Whitney

    I started taking it for migraines a little under a year ago, but I stopped because the good stuff is so expensive. I must look at re-introducing it now!!


    • It is quite expensive but I think it’s well worth it! Have you tried purchasing online? Sometimes you can find a really great deal!

  • Noelle

    May I ask what dosage you take? You wrote that you take 2 pills but how many mg’s are they? Thanks!

    • They’re 300 mg each. :)

  • Bee

    I started using magnesium to help with anxiety and sleep several months ago and it really works miracles! I love using Natural Vitality’s Sweet Lemon magnesium powder which you mix into water. It’s like having a fizzy lemonade that puts you to sleep!


  • Zara

    I have 90% of the above symptoms – insomnia, insatiable appetite for sugar, headaches, PMT, anxiety…the list goes on! I have been struggling with all of the above for the past couple years and am hoping I may have just found the cure!! I am going to speak to my doctor on MOnday morning and look into getting a test (if there is one!) and hopefully get on top of this.

  • Angela Rosario

    I am so excited to try this, I have just ordered mine now! I have been suffering with bad muscle spasms and major sugar cravings. I can’t wait to see the benefits ;-)

  • ImaMe

    The link didn’t load, most likely cuz I’m using Safari so, no surprise it didn’t load. Anyway, I prefer to get my vitamins and minerals from food :) Broccoli, almonds, dark chocolate, spinach, pumpkin seeds, bananas, yogurt :) All yummy and I eat just about every day!