Overnight Beauty Tips

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These overnight beauty tips give the real reason behind “beauty sleep.” I try to ensure I’m doing most of these steps each night and since they’ve proved effective for me, I thought it was only fair to share them with you guys too!

1. Use satin or silk sheets

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can cause creases on your skin, create wrinkles and cause hair breakage. If you’re prone to frizzy hair, I would also avoid cotton pillow cases as they only make matters worse. Although more expensive, high quality silk or satin pillow cases will pay off in the long run.

2. Moisturise

It’s all about moisturizing at night! Make sure to look for a night moisturiser as they’re much more rich and hydrating than the day ones. I use this one and I’ve never looked back. It’s also best to apply any face products that have brightening ingredients like retinol and vitamin C in them at night. When they’re exposed to sunlight it can actually stop them from working. This retinol night treatment is used before moisturising as a pore decongestant and anti-aging product.

3. Soften feet

Before you get in bed, massage some vaseline onto the soles of your feet, then put some socks on.  The socks help bind the moisture to your feet and you’ll wake up to soft, smooth soles. For BABY soft feet, these socks feature a gel lining that soothes and softens with olive oil, grapeseed oil and vitamin E.

4. Hydrate with a humidifier

If you have dry skin, try using a humidifier in your room while you sleep. It will increase the moisture in the air and help moisturize your skin.  Just be sure to change the water out every day to avoid bacteria from growing inside the machine.

5. Style your hair

You can braid your hair or twist it into buns to create effortless waves, or you can simply sleep with it a little damp and let the natural look take its course. Play around with what works for you and what looks best. I usually leave mine in a braid after running this cream through it.

6. Grow your lashes & brows

The secret ingredient? Castor oil. This wonderful ingredient is full of omega-6 fatty acids which help moisturise and lengthen your lashes. Using a clean spoolie, gently brush the castor oil through your lashes each night. In the morning, just rinse with warm water and wash your face as usual. If you have sparse brows, castor oil can also promote hair growth and help fill them out. Apply some to your brows each night and rinse off in the morning. Results aren’t overnight, but if you do this consistently for a few months, you should start to see results.

7. Zap away blemishes

If you’re looking for a quick, overnight fix to zap away blemishes, I highly recommend this drying lotion. Dab a little onto your blemishes before going to bed to kill bacteria, clean out pores and soothe inflamed skin.

8. Keep lips smooth

Do you ever wake up with dry or chapped lips and suffer with it through the day? Applying a rich lip balm (I live and die by this shea butter one) will have you waking up with the softest lips that stay smooth all day long. Sometimes when you apply lip balm during the day, it has a tendency to remove quickly through drinking/eating/licking so applying at night is your best bet.

9. Nourish your hair

Run a leave-in conditioner or treatment (or even coconut oil!) into your hair before you sleep to wake up to the shiniest, softest hair you’ve ever had. When you apply it overnight, it gives the treatment optimum time to penetrate into your hair cuticles and provide the best moisture.

10. Wake up refreshed

I spray a calming aromatherapy mist onto my pillows before going to bed and it helps me get the best nights sleep (besides magnesium, obviously). Not only does it help set a relaxing ambiance before falling asleep, you’ll wake up feeling very well-rested too. Plus, it also leaves your bed smelling amazing!