How to Learn to Love Running


I’ve never been big on running, but the holidays have been making me quite stressed, which in turn has my anxiety surfacing. I never thought I’d say it, but I’ve started to turn to running to help de-stress and calm down, and I’m slowly starting to really enjoy it. I’ve only been heading out for 30 minute walk/runs every day, but by the time I’m back, I feel so much more relaxed and ready to tackle things. Plus, it’s an excellent way to get fit and up your daily motivation. If you’re trying to get into running, here’s some tips that might prove really helpful!

Learn the right form

First and foremost, before you start getting into running, make sure you understand the correct form of running. Obviously we want to avoid any injuries and reap all the benefits. How your foot strikes the ground when running or jogging can affect proper running form. This is a great article for those wanting to learn proper running & jogging techniques.

Get fitted

There are so many different types of running shoes out there now with different gaits, arches, foot shapes, and body weights. My advice is go to a store that specializes in running shoes and sports fitness, and let them find a pair that suits you. A good pair of shoes will make running all the more bearable, reduce fatigue and keep you from any injuries.

Start small

Don’t go too hard too fast. Ease into it. Create a map of where you’re going to run – whether that be a block, 15 minutes, 40 minutes, etc. Figure out what you’re comfortable with and once you’ve mastered it, then add to it. You don’t have to go all in at the start, you’re allowed to take as many breaks as you like and spend the majority of the time walking. DON’T push yourself to the point where you’re miserable because you wont end up going back the next day. Consistency is key.

Slow down

Don’t even think about your pace in the beginning. Many people get discouraged at first because they want to run ‘fast.’ So they go out and kill themselves, then feel dejected and discouraged. Teaching your body aerobic endurance and to become more efficient is all part of the journey.

How to learn to love running

Fuel yourself

If you’re going to run, you’re going to need the right kind of fuel. You best bet is to eat a light snack or meal about 1 1/2 to 2 hours before you start running. Choose something high in carbohydrates and lower in fat, fiber, and protein. Some examples of good pre-workout fuel include: rice cakes with almond butter, bananas, an energy bar, or some oats and yogurt. After running, you’ll want to consume primarily carbs and protein. Some examples include fruit smoothies, peanut butter, fruit and yogurt.

A good playlist

My most important essential for running is a good playlist. A good playlist is everything. I usually make my playlists on Spotify or browse ready-made ones. If I know I have good songs in my playlist, it gets me all the more excited to zone out and run. Remember to keep them updated, too! If workout music isn’t your thing, there are some really fantastic apps out there for running. My favourites are Run! Zombie, Run! and Couch to 5k.

Set goals and rewards

I feel it is important to set fitness goals, but it’s equally important to reward yourself once you reach them. There are many different kinds of goals you can set, some examples are:
• “New training bra when I hit 10km”
• “Treat myself to a spa day when I run for 10 days straight”
• “Get a new hairstyle when I run 20 minutes without a break”

Running is a wonderful form of exercise but it may not be for everyone. Some days I prefer yoga or winding down with a long walk. You just wont ever know if it’s for you until you give it a good try!

Do you have any tips for running?

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  • Running is something I want to get into but I just find it so hard. I definitely need to make a good playlist and invest and get fitted for the right shoes!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    • It’s always the hardest to start! A good playlist works wonders.

  • Setting goals and rewards is such a fantastic idea for when you first start running, I wish I had done that! I totally agree with you on pace too, taking it slow at the start is so important to keeping at it.

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

    • It just gives you that boost of motivation to keep going :)

  • lucy prosser

    I LOVE the floral sports bras – so beautiful! I really need to start setting goals, it always makes me more motivated. Thanks for sharing your tips :)
    Lucy xoxo

    • How gorgeous are they! Setting goals is key to keeping consistent!

  • Cheryl Woodman

    I need so much motivation to go running, I just get a bit bored, I need to practise my brain ‘not thinking’ and I think that might help haha! I’ve done a couple of 10K’s and they are actually REALLY fun, cus your running with SO many other people. I wanted to get doing some 5Ks so I can get quicker and beat my times, I don’t think I am an endurance runner ;) haha… I have friends who run marathons and I am still like WHAT, HOW THE HECK? Plus there’s the nipple chaffage haha…

    • I know what you mean – a great playlist or app works to silence my mind & focus on what I’m doing! I have a few marathon friends too, but I’m definitely no where near the stage of entering a marathon haha. It would be a lot more fun to do with friends!

  • Love the tips! I need motivation too to start!! Thank you!

    • I hope they helped Darina!

  • great post. need to get in to this soon!!

    Kisses from

    • Hopefully they help you! :)

  • I love running and I seem to be insanely good at it. No matter what I do I seem to have speed behind me, I try to slow down but my legs just want to go! I’m just trying to work on my breathing right now, I’ve always had issues with breathing because I can’t inhale much air through my nose at all. So great tips here though!

    Taylor |

    • I wish I had speed behind me! breathing is definitely key to endurance. Yoga & pilates can help you learn to breathe from your diaphram better! And also stretching correctly before and starting at a slower pace :)

  • I agree with you on the shoes! I almost hurt my ankle really bad once while running because my shoes weren’t offering proper support.
    Running with a friend also helps, especially a no-nonsense friend who wouldn’t stop with you (me) every 2 minutes!

  • megsiobhan

    This is definitely something I need to read, as I am not necessarily a fan of running, but purely because I’m a bit anxious of how I’ll look, as I do run! But maybe it’s something I need to start in the new year :)

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  • This is extremely relevant for me at the moment. I have not been able to do any high impact exercise since I had an operation in September, but I am now ready and fit enough for it, so I am taking up running in 2016. I loved the tips were useful and practical, and I think being gentle on yourself and feeling ok about walking the majority of it at the beginning is super important to build up the strength and stay motivated. Thanks for sharing!

    Inma x

  • I’ve been seriously wanting to get into running, it might be the perfect way to kick off the new year!

    paige • eyeliner wings & pretty things

  • This is so perfectly timed! I’m currently on a cruise (stacking on the weight) looking for motivation to exercise when I get home hahahah x

    Katina |

  • Love these tips! I’ve loved running for several years now, but it’s hard to get motivated sometimes. Thanks so much for this post! :)

  • Love this tips! I’m actually on my way to my daily training :)

  • Pallavi Washivale

    Could you please share few more ideas on snacks after workout? Also, how long do you wait after running to grab a bite?