4 Secrets To Looking Great After A Long Haul Flight

Looking great after a long haul flight is considered a challenge for most people – even frequent fliers. With no access to a trusty beauty cabinet or liquids above 100mL, it’s a tough gig for beauty enthusiasts. However, despite being up high at 35,000 feet and above, if you are organised and resourceful, getting holiday-ready skin before you’ve landed may just be possible. Margaret Lai, Flight Purser at Cathay Pacific reveals her expert tips and secrets to looking great after a long haul flight.

1. Pack Smart

Annoyed that you can’t bring your favourite moisturiser with you? Most people get put off by the 100mL limit but nowadays more beauty brands are selling travel size products, so you can bring your favourite beauty necessities with you in your carry on. If all else fails, you can always buy sample size bottles from pharmacies and top up with your preferred beauty products too. It’s all about being prepared and organised well in advance. Always pack a rich moisturiser, hand cream, make up wipes and a face or sheet mask in your carry on. Blotting paper is also essential if you have oily skin. Don’t forget your SPF – flying doesn’t mean you are less prone to the harmful UV rays.

2. Eat & Drink With Caution

What you eat and drink has a direct impact on your skin and the way you feel afterwards. It’s tempting to indulge via the inflight wine menu or go all out with the salty chips and snacks, but all these options work to dehydrate your body and skin. Make healthy choices starting from when you arrive at the airport and bring your own snacks. Make a habit of drinking water pre, during and after the flight to really up your hydration levels from within.

3. Hydrate In Every Way Possible

The key to looking your best after a long haul flight comes down to hydration – from the inside out. On top of drinking water, you should also set up a routine once you’ve boarded to continuously replenish moisture back into your skin. The cabin air can be harsh and drying for the skin, so opt for a quick and easy sheet mask to boost instant hydration. These are disposable, making them a dream to travel with. Then follow with a serum or rosehip oil before applying moisturiser. Make sure your hands get the same treatment too! Before you doze off to sleep, slather on a rich hand cream and slip on cotton gloves to lock in intense moisture. Try to avoid wearing makeup on the plane so that you can reapply moisturiser with ease.

4. Schedule In Sleep & Exercise

No amount of skin care can replace the benefits of sleep and exercise. Both can be a challenge when you’re flying, and so this is when you need to get resourceful. Avoid the discomfort of bloating and swelling by increasing your circulation. Get up once every two hours to walk around. To lock in your beauty sleep, bring ear plugs or noise cancelling ear phones – these are miracle workers when you have a crying baby on board. A silk eye mask is also great because it blocks out the light and helps decrease crinkles from sleeping. If you’re an extra light sleeper, also pack a soothing lavender spray, which may help.

With all of the above pointers in mind, your skin will be looking luminous and radiant, even after flying long haul. Once you have your complexion sorted, your makeup will glide on with ease and look more natural too. Apply makeup 30 minutes before you land so it stays nice and fresh!

Thanks to Margaret Lai, Flight Purser at Cathay Pacific for these tips!