How to Make Today a Good Day


Sometimes bad days seem inevitable — you miss the bus, arrive late to work, then forget a major deadline — but it’s how we handle these unforeseen events that determines the quality of our day. Just because you wake up on the wrong side of bed, doesn’t mean you have to adapt that negative attitude. Here’s some small ways to have a better day.

It starts with one positive thought.
I’m a firm believer in the saying that one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Even if you haven’t had the best morning, think of one positive thought and hold on to it. Our thoughts create our attitude and perspective, so why not use it to your advantage. Stay present and set the days intention in a positive way.

Get a good nights sleep.
This one is self explanatory, but getting a good nights sleep makes all the difference. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a few hours sleep, feeling terrible at the thought of facing the day.


Random act of kindness.
Hold open a door, offer assistance, or help someone trying to get a stroller down the steps. Every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to have a positive impact on both of your lives. P.s. 29 random acts of kindness.

Do less, live simpler.
You can do anything, but not everything, and you can’t do things faster, until you learn how to slow down. Concentrate on what is most important and focus your energy on it. Don’t take on more than you can handle and leave yourself feeling stressed – it’s okay to say no sometimes.

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Get active.
The ability of exercise to boost mood is undisputed, and just squeezing in a brisk walk everyday can do wonders for your health. Getting active releases feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream, reducing stress and anxiety.

Appreciate the little things.
I’ve always thought of happiness being a compilation of all the little things in life. Like the first taste of coffee in the morning, reconnecting with an old friend or getting a recipe just right (even if it’s third time lucky). I think this poem puts it perfectly.

Listen to great music.
You know, that feel-good music that makes you want to move around and do something productive. Those songs that instantly put you in a good mood. It makes mornings 10x more fun when you’ve got those tunes playing in the background.

Tick off your to-do list.
Setting small goals and then ticking them off on paper always gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of of the day. It makes me feel like I’ve been productive and put good use to my time.

Prep the night before.
My day always starts off on a better and happier note when I prep the night before. I usually go over my calendar, add in necessary dates and corresponding to-do lists – I’m a bit of an obsessive planner, but it pays off. I wake up with more focus, and with my goals already in place for the day so I can get working on them straight away.

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Treat yourself.
Whether that be to end your day with a glass of wine, your favourite dessert, a pamper session, a long bath or even some time to yourself to read a favourite book. Looking forward to something at the end of my day always gets me through an afternoon slump. Without time for relaxation, it’s likely that you will begin to feel stressed or burned out.

Learn something new.
It is not enough to be content with what you already know. New knowledge makes us feel pride, accomplishment, better self-esteem, it helps us adapt to new situations and gives us a deeper character and new perspectives.

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  • I really love this post – saving it for those days where I just need a bit of a reminder about how to turn my day around :)

    Sophie Cliff

    • Aw that’s lovely! Thank you Sophie :) x

  • Lisa Jayne Quick

    That was such a lovely list and just the little tips I needed. I always feel guilty for having some “me” and I try to do as much as I can and then get annoyed because I can’t do it all, but like you say “Do less, live simpler”.
    I love your positive posts!
    – Lisa,

    • I totally agree with the whole ‘do less, live simpler’. Sometimes the easiest way to make a day better is to cut something out rather than add something in. We often do so many things we don’t enjoy doing that we don’t even need to do (we just do them out of habit). It’s good to start paying attention to things like that and cutting them out when you realise they’re not adding any value to your life or anyone else’s!

      Sam xx – how to make the most of your twenties

    • Thanks so much! Definitely don’t feel guilty to have time to yourself, you should always be a priority :) x

  • Just what I need to get me ready for the day! Thanks for the positivity x

    • Yay! Glad you’re starting on a positive note :) x

  • Such a great list, thank you. All so true x

    • Thank you! So glad you think so Lauren :) x

  • Random acts of kindness always cheer me up, be it from myself or from a stranger!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    • Definitely! It’s the little things :) x

  • Nice post! You look beautiful ♥

    • That’s not me, haha! but thank you for your comment :) x

  • Love this post – I agree with all the points but especially the prep the night before one – it makes such a difference and guarantees a productive day!


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    • Totally agree, it’s just a mess for me if I don’t! x

  • It’s so wonderful how music can change your mood! Loved this post.

    Ariana |

    • Always! It can snap me out of almost any mood haha x

  • Loved this! It’s so true how you can take control of your day by starting it on a positive note.

    xo Rania

    • Yes! The morning is such an important part of the day! x

  • Rachel

    I really love this post. especially this ‘Our thoughts create our attitude and perspective, so why not use it to your advantage.’ So true!

    Rachel x

    • Thank you! So happy you enjoyed it :) x

  • I really love this post, I always have to remember to treat myself now and again and give myself some me time at the end of the day so I can curl up with a book, I find it so hard while at uni though as I worry my friends will think I’m boring if I scurry to bed early to read or take sometime to myself. I do always make sure to pack my bag the night before though and think of what to wear the night before as then I know I don’t have to worry about it the next day

    • I know exactly what you mean, and I think it all comes down to balance. It’s important to schedule time for yourself & do what makes you happy! I love to be out with friends, but I also need time to myself some nights, and that’s perfectly normal :) x

  • All great suggestions. My fav is treat yourself. I run around trying to do everything and put off doing things for myself. I am going to copy your lovely photo for that idea to remind myself. Hat, pillow, flowers, travel book, candle, wine and a great rooftop view on a sunny day! Perfection! Thank you.

  • GoFashiondeals

    Great tips! Such a wonderful post! Treating yourself is so important. Like right now I am treating myself to a glass of wine and some mint chocolate chip ice cream! Gorgeous pictures!

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    Fresh article with useful reminders ?

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    Great post! Definitely keeping all of these in mind:)

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    Such good advise! I really believe having a positive mindset changes everything. Enjoy your Sunday.

    Allegra X

  • Sadly I’ve been neglecting a lot of these tips. I need to kick start my life so I can live happier. Thanks for the tips.

  • I enjoyed reading this blog post a lot, I will follow some of your tips. Thanks!

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    This is so perfectly spot on!! Great thinking.

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    thank you for the reminder! such great advise! the post itself brightened my day!

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  • i couldn’t agree more about getting a good night sleep and starting of the day with positive thoughts. A great start should equal great results.

  • Sophie Smith

    Such a lovely post! I agree, random acts of kindness can really make someone’s day!

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  • great post, thanks for sharing! definitely what i need right now. xo

  • Maja

    These are great tips! I think living a simple life makes everything so much easier and stress-free :) xx Maja

  • Charlotte

    I literally can’t start the day without having a good night sleep, it literally gets to the point where it gets near to 10pm and I start panicking LOL. Such an old woman at heart

    Charlotte | Two Cats One Flat