10 Feel-Good Websites to Brighten Your Day

The internet can often be a stressful and negative place. Whenever I’m feeling a bit down, or overwhelmed with social media and gossip articles, I look to the more positive and happy corners of the web. Here’s 10 of my favourite.

Good News Network: Good News Network has been a clearinghouse for the gathering and dissemination of positive news stories from around the globe.

Good Life Zen: This warm and welcoming community is run by New Zealander Mary Jaksch, with the tagline, “practical inspiration for a happier life.” She provides lessons and tips on happiness, inspiration, meditation and productivity.

Sunny Skyz: Sharing only positive, upbeat media that inspires. They share uplifting news, inspirational stories, feel good pictures and videos so you can live, laugh and love.

Goodnet: A website that shares content to engage good doers with the many wonderful ventures on the web.

Things to be happy about: Have you read the book 14,000 Things to Be Happy About? This site offers a sampling of the inspiration found there, with lists of positive thoughts, events, quotes, and more.

Stuff on my dogs head: Quite literally a website dedicated to stuff on dogs heads. A fantastic use of internet I’d say.

Milkshake: Milkshake is a free email featuring all that’s good – products, travel, music, eco, people and causes that give back and make a

Gratitude Log: The community for spreading gratitude and appreciation. Open to shiny, happy people, businesses, and organisations over the world.

The Fluffington Post: As if the name isn’t cute enough, The Fluffington Post (also known as The FluffPo) is a repository of media about soft, petable creatures, and fluffy animal news.

Humans of New York: A personal favourite, HONY provides a worldwide audience with daily glimpses into the lives of strangers in New York City.

What’s your favourite place on the internet?

  • Lovely idea for a post! I’ll definitely be saving these websites for when I’m having one of those days…


  • Ah, I’ve never heard of any of these! I have a feeling Humans of New York will be my New favourite thing! :D

  • Ah this is such a great post, will definitely have to give these sites a check out! Thanks for sharing! xo

    Catherine | Pretty Little Beauty Blog

  • I love HONY, I love reading all these people’s stories and it’s so lovely to see how strong some people are! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • omg thanks for sharing these!! :-)

    Hannie Arden,

  • Bookmarking this. And HONY will always be a favorite, the stories are just so raw and relatable.


  • Oh my gosh I clicked on Stuff on my dog’s head thinking it would be dog thoughts. . .but completely surprised to find a piece of toast on a pup’s head instead. A good use of the internet indeed~
    She Will Be

  • I’ve checked out all of the websites and they’re all so amazing! Really brightened up my morning! :D

    Natalie Ann xo //
    Petal Poppet Blogs

  • Humans of New York is BY FAR my favorite thing on the entire internet. Not just the inspiring stories, but the comments of people all around the world. I rarely to never see anything negative said about a person’s situation or story and it warms my heart, so much. I have shed several tears while reading HONY and I’m forever grateful Brandon started that project. He’s changing the world step by step and doesn’t even know it.

    x- Naomi in Wonderland

  • I still absolutely love these types of blog posts you do! You always come up with the best links and amazing lists :)


  • I like Goodnet a lot. Especially when so many sites are devoted to telling us what’s wrong and who to blame, focusing on what’s right and who to thank is refreshing!


  • Haha the Fluffingotn post? That’s great & adorable


  • rae

    Thanks for the links! I am totally loving Fluffington Post! I oftentimes spend my time on the web window shopping and reading blogs, so it is nice to find some other sites about different things that I can also surf for fun.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  • These are lovely links! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Hope you have a bright and lovely day!


  • LOVE IT. I’ve GOT to share it!! :)