The Best Lip Balms for Dry Lips

Chapped lips. How I love Winter (note: sarcasm). It can be a miserable and annoying thing to deal with, so today I’m sharing 5 of my trustworthy lip balm picks to help save your lips through the cold season.

The ChapStick Everyday Lip Care is a go-to when I start to feel the onset of dry lips, and it comes with a night version which you apply generously before bed. It contains Vitamin E and aloe vera to help soothe dryness.

I’m not sure if other countries stock this but Paw Paw balm is one I would highly recommend getting a hold of if you can. Pictured is the lip balm version, which works a treat, but the original is the ointment which you can use for your lips as well as other bites, rashes, burns etc.

Similar to Paw Paw is Grown Alchemist’s vanilla & watermelon lip balm. Besides the delicious scent which provokes a little Summer nostalgia, it has a similar feel to the PawPaw balm, but it is one you have to reapply more often.

My favourite of the bunch is probably the Lanolips 101 ointment. I’ve shared my love for the range in previous posts but it really is healing, hydrating and super moisturising. You can always count for this one being in my handbag because I can’t be without it. It can also be used for dry skin patches & cuticles, small cuts & bites.

And lastly, another well loved product has been ChapSticks Cake Batter lip balm. A lip balm that smells like a cupcake. I mean, is there anything more you could want in a lip balm? I use this for times I don’t want a glossy finish, it just does it’s job in keeping my lips soft and moisturised without looking like I’ve applied anything.

P.s. If you suffer with severely with dry lips, I highly recommend Blistex (not pictured) as it’s a medicated relief for chapped lips.

What’s your go-to lip balm?