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The past week was my first full week back home and it’s been a real whirlwind. The post-holiday depression has kicked in, as well as the detox. Although I have looked forward to healthier meals after living off pizza and alcohol for 6 weeks. As some of you may know, I dropped my phone into the ocean whilst in Croatia and I’ve just been reunited with an iPhone 6 after almost 3 weeks (missed you Instagram). And yes, it was magical. I hope you all have a great weekend!

{watching porter robinson perform live}

{brightening a space in the living room}

{post-holiday detox salad}

{fighting an oncoming cold with impressed ginger ninja juice}

  • I'm loving that concert shot – it's beautiful! :D

  • I have the post holiday blues too, what a tough week it has been. I have a weddinga t the weekend and my detox will start after that.


  • Thankyou! It was incredible x

  • The 5 degree weather doesn't make it easy either :( Enjoy the wedding! x

  • Abi Street

    Love the colour scheme for your living room! x

    Abi |

  • Siobhan Rothwell

    Everything looks so bright and fresh! Love the yellow cushion


  • Everything looks so pretty and cheerful!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • rae

    Sounds like you had some amazing 6 weeks (minus the iphone snafu!) I can imagine how amazing the feeling must have been when you were finally reunited with your phone!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  • Your iphone wallpaper is beautiful!

    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

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  • megsiobhan

    So much pretty! Glad you have a new phone – I would actually cry being without one…it's like a digital comfort blanket!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  • I'm a sucker for every pretty pillow out there! I love, love how those look in your room xx

    Kelsey |

  • Your pictures are always so beautiful!

  • I love how you were able to jump right back into your normal healthy lifestyle! Totally jealous of that! It's so hard for me to get back on track after not eating clean for a long period of time! x

  • Love all these photos. Living without a phone for three weeks sounds terrifying!!

    – Kaitlyn |

  • I couldn't not be without instagram for three weeks, I love it too much haha! Gorgeous photographs

    Toni x

  • Welcome back home <3 That concert just looks so dreamy~ I'm feeling the festival vibes—no wonder you have the holiday blues! But, home is just as nice too! Fight that cold, girl! A teaspoon of honey can stop a cold in it's tracks! I know it sounds weird, but it really helps~
    She Will Be

  • hannah

    I'm in the same boat, getting home after a month and a half of travelling is a real bummer. I'm also trying to start eating healthier, returning home is always good motivation to get back to being healthy! Loved these images x

  • I know the feeling! My iPhone went for a swim in the toilet this weekend (for the second time since I got it, when will I learn not to carry it in my back pocket?), and I missed it so dearly! Lucky me, though, it actually survived after a few days soaked in rice!

  • Thankyou! Something to brighten up these dark days haha x

  • Thankyou! It's so cute! x

  • Thanks Candice! :) x

  • Oh it was amazing, it wasn't my phone though as that's still at the bottom of the ocean somewhere haha x

  • Thankyou! obsessed with peonies x

  • I KNOW! I haven't felt like myself these past few weeks haha x

  • Thankyou! Pillows can totally transform a room! x

  • Thankyou soo much! x

  • My body was just feeling so malnourished and sick after the 6 weeks I've been craving healthy foods! Not sure how long it will last though haha x

  • It was probably the longest 3 weeks of my life haha x

  • It was definitely a struggle! SO much to catch up on, I feel so disconnected from the world lol x

  • Aw thankyou! That was actually a concert I went to back home :) I'm going to try that tip! I've been fighting this cold for a week now & it feels like it's just getting worse! x

  • Sucks, doesn't it?! It has given me a lot more motivation :) Thanks Hannah! x

  • So many people have dropped their phone in the toilet haha, I'm shocked it hasn't happened to me yet! I've heard of that little rice trick, had no idea it actually worked haha x

  • It sounds like you had an awesome time over in Croatia! Shux about the phone, but at least you were still able to replace it :)

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  • Coming home from holiday is always hard! But hopefully you'll feel refreshed, and luckily you missed most of the cold winter weather here in Melbs! x

  • I know post-holiday depression all too well, such a bummer! Love that iPhone background. Also all your photos are gorgeous! xx

  • Such great photos! I'm sick at the moment so I'll definitely be trying the ginger juice out hehe x

  • ariadnamorell

    the salad look so yummy!! btw, I love all your pictures, they all look so nice!! x

  • Dewi Natalia

    How come you dropped your iphone??? :(

  • You have a great eye for detail in pictures! I wish I could've seen Porter. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  • Thankgod for insurance! Croatia was incredible :) x

  • I feel like I got back right in the eye of the storm haha. Not dealing well with these temperatures :( x

  • It's seriously the worst! Especially coming back to winter :( thank you Caitlin! X

  • Thank you! Definitely give it a go, or make your own. Helps a lot :) x

  • Thank you!! It was :) x

  • It slipped out of my hand whilst on a boat, straight into the water and sunk :( such a low moment haha x

  • Aw thank you! He was incredible! X

  • Love your photos! You can do no wrong hhaha x

    Katina |

  • These photos are amazing, especially that shot of the concert! I can't imagine being without my phone for more than a day – you're so brave! ^_^

    xo Mandy | A Girl, Obsessed