7 Incredible Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice isn’t something new to hit the shelves, but it’s only recently hitting up all the health and beauty headlines. It was formerly only known for it’s skincare properties to help sunburn, but it’s now being praised & renowned as a ‘heal-all’ product.

The benefits of the stuff seem endless, but here’s a few I thought I’d point out.

1. Aids digestion: Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory that cleanses your digestive tract. Sipping on it in juice form can decrease irritation in the stomach and intestines, heal and repair the stomach lining.

2. Detoxifies: Aloe vera juice is crammed full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals making it one of nature’s most effective cleansers.

3. Regulates weight & energy levels: When you improve your digestion, you’re eliminating waste more efficiently, and through the process of detoxification, you’re helping all of your bodily functions operate at their highest level, including your metabolism.

4. Reduces Stress: Aloe vera is an adaptogen, which means it helps you adapt to changes in your environment & affords you an increased ability to cope with all sorts of stress (physical, emotional & environmental).

5. Boosts immunity: Aloe vera juice contains polysaccharides, which are an important component of a healthy immune system, because they stimulate your white blood cells to fight off viruses. It’s also an excellent source of Vitamin C.

6. Promotes hair growth: Not only is aloe vera full of natural vitamins and enzymes that directly promote healthy hair, but it also helps alkalize your body, keeping your scalp in the optimum pH range to boost growth.

7. Supports skin health: Apart from being an anti-inflammatory, a hydrator, and a healer, the juice contains natural hormones that have been shown to stimulate the growth of new cells and enhance collagen production.

So, who else is adding it to their daily regime? Make sure it’s organic, preservative-free and whole leaf. This one is my favourite.