5 Simple Steps to Stay Motivated

I’ve found myself losing a lot of motivation the past few weeks. I’ve been struggling to go to the gym and eat healthy, which I’m partially blaming on the cold weather because in all honesty, exercise doesn’t sound too appealing when you could be all cosy on the couch with Netflix.

But it’s not just with keeping healthy I lost motivation, it was with work and just being able to stay on top of daily errands.

After some minor breakdowns and a block (or two) of chocolate later I’m now feeling much better. I think sometimes we just need time out to accept that we’re human and we’re not going to be feeling 100% all the time – and you shouldn’t blame yourself for it.

Here’s 5 steps that helped me get back on track.

Write a to-do list. You probably already saw this one coming, but writing a to-do list the night before is my key to a successful and productive week. It’s an effective time management tool and will cut down your procrastination. I always find that writing it by pen and paper makes them feel real, so it stops me from slacking off as much.

Define your outcomes. Write down your goals for the week, month and even year! I always have my short term and long term goals written down in my planner and it reminds me why I work so hard. Figure out what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it.

Wake up earlier. You’ll get a lot more done even just waking up an hour earlier so try to make it a habit. You’ll be one step ahead, and studies show that early risers are more productive throughout the day. For example, In Winter I’ve found exercising in the morning easier because after work it’s already dark, freezing and much too difficult to motivate myself.

Take more breaks. Don’t overwork and risk burning yourself out. Keep your mind healthy and refreshed with regular breaks and fresh air. According to this article, breaks help us retain information and reevaluate our goals, so don’t ever feel guilty about it!

Reward yourself. This is a really tough one especially when you’re working from home, but don’t let yourself go unappreciated. You should be your own motivation. I treat myself regularly, and it doesn’t have to always be something you buy. Just take some time out to do whatever makes you feel happy and rejuvenated.

How do you stay motivated? Any secrets? Do tell!