My Latest Health Obsession: GoodnessMe Box

Today I introduce to you my latest obsession, GoodnessMe box. If you’re all for health & wellness, then you’re going to absolutely LOVE this goodie box.

Basically it’s a health food sampling service, letting you discover and try new wholesome & GMO free foods for only $25 a month which I think is amazing value for what you get.

Sooo this month we’ve got:

♥ 60 packets your tea
♥ stolen recipe ice tea
♥ coconut sugar
♥ organic vanilla bean wpi
♥ raw energy bar
♥ organic turkish mini figs
♥ activated mixed nuts
♥ recipe cards

I couldn’t be more happy with everything I received. Coconut sugar? um YES. Obsessed. & I died a little over the coconut energy bar. Already on my way to find them in bulk.
I’ve been wanting to try a teatox for so long but I never got around to ordering one because there’s seriously a billion out there to choose from now. This your tea set came with 60 packets (which is usually $35 alone!!) and you’re supposed to have 2 a day before meals, making it enough for a month. They’ve got a different tea for just about everything.

I received Her tea which is basically like the all rounder, everyday tea for girls. As it says on the packet, it assists with reducing excess fluid, boosts immunity, mood & skin health. I’m super excited to give it a go annnnd I will be sure to report back to you guys in a month!

What are your thoughts on a health food box? Would you ever give it a go?

Provided for my consideration, but all opinions are my own.