How To Construct A Creative Space

A creative space holds a good amount of responsibility for your productivity, creativity and motivation. I do believe every space is subjective to personal taste, but there are some things that I think every creative space should have.

Letting in light
It’s vital and healthier to have a space filled with light, or situated next to a window. According to this review, natural light in workplaces is linked to a better well-being and increased productivity. And I mean, what’s happier than cracking a window open on a fresh Spring day?

You might also want to consider getting a reading lamp, as it will help focus on tasks at hand without lighting up your whole space at night.

Calendar / Planner
During the first few months of my blogging I didn’t use any type of planner or calendar. As you can imagine, it was pretty much a disaster. I was late to appointments, I forgot about events and other important dates. It’s now an essential to have a calender in front of me at all times to jot down important dates (this one works like a charm).

Flowers and plants
Something as simple as adding flowers to an mason jar, antipodes bottle or vase can fuel innovative thinking. Plants and flowers bring life into your space. They can boost your mood and productivity as well as decrease your stress levels.

To-Do Lists
To-do lists are my favourite thing ever. I’m talking about old school, written down to-do lists because honestly, there’s nothing more satisfying than crossing off completed tasks. It could be because I’ve kind of turned into an OCD / organisational freak, but lists cut down procrastination & add order to work.

Little reminders
Displaying a mantra, and quotes as reminders around your space will keep your goals and inspiration in check. They can help keep you motivated, stimulate your mind and drive action (p.s: inspiring quotes on Pinterest).

A comfortable desk chair
This is something I haven’t quite established in my own workspace, and it’s slowly killing me (or better yet, my back) every passing day. A quality desk chair will help you to have better posture, energy and focus. You’ll be able to sit for longer hours without worrying about any discomfort.

A Mood Board
A mood board is a great way to get your ideas flowing and it helps feed your inspiration on a daily basis. You don’t want to be looking at a blank wall, or computer screen all day. Fill it with anything that inspires you – magazine cutouts, quotes, artwork, letters, travel documents & other inspiring visuals.
Most importantly, organisation is a key source to success. Some people would argue a messy desk is the sign of a creative person, but it’s also an easy way lose track of things and feel overwhelmed. An organised space will prevent distracting clutter, and your mind will focus better.

Everything that inspires you
Find out what stimulates your creativity and fills you with the urge to do or feel something, whether that be books, candles, colours or items with sentimental value. Remember that you are what you surround yourself with.

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What’s the most important thing in your creative space?