5 New TV Shows To Start Binge Watching

I’ve previously confessed my binge watching addiction, as well as a list of popular shows to binge watch. However this year has bought many new shows into the mix, including ones that I felt necessary to share my love for.

Because who needs fresh air and all that when there’s a new season waiting in your download folder? I mean, honestly.

Better Call Saul
If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, this show should already ring some bells. Confession: I haven’t actually watched it YET (planning an epic marathon this weekend – what life?) but it’s supposedly a worthy prequel to Breaking Bad, according to reviews.

Edit: can confirm – OBSESSED.

There’s been a lot of hype about this prime-time show, and it does not disappoint. You’ll be completely consumed with only one episode. According to this review, the glossy hip-hop drama has surpassed the hype to become a genuine TV event.

The Killing
After a little break, the killing came back in season 3 stronger than ever. It focuses on teenage runaways, prostitution and mass murder (creepy enough for you yet?). It’s brilliant, & you’ll probably end up watching the whole season in a day.

Mad Men
Okay so this isn’t really a ‘new’ show, but 2015 brings upon the final season of Mad Men (season 7). It’s said to go out with a bang, giving you the perfect opportunity to start binge watching if you haven’t already!

The Returned
A small town suddenly finds that a number of its deceased denizens have inexplicably returned to life as “revenants” simply wanting to reintegrate back into their lives. It’s incredibly compelling with skin-crawling elements and the first season is already on Netflix.

What shows have you started binge watching this year?

  • OMG I have not heard any of these – soooo delayed


  • I have been wanting to start on Empire! Heard really great things about it – my friend seriously went binge watched for a couple of days. The Returned sounds good, will check it out. I have been watching Stalker but heard that it has been cancelled. So sad ):

    xo Jia from honeyandgazelle.wordpress.com (p.s. we made free desktop and mobile phone wallpapers (: check it out?)

  • I really want to watch Empire and The Killing!

    Ana Leote | Meet Me @ 2 am

  • Binge watching is always so dangerous for me, but there are so many shows I want to watch like Parks and Recreation etc

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • I always seem to binge watch near my exams which I hate! I've wanted to watch Empire for ages, but I'm currently binge watching RuPaul's Drag Race, Orphan Black, and Orange is the New Black!

    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  • Gillian Lamb

    Really need to start on Better Call Saul. I've been loving Homeland lately :)


  • Oh these sounds fab. At the moment I am loving 2 broke girls and Scorpion, once I have caught up with these I will check yours out.




  • Miss Sarah Spy

    Empire has just started here in the UK but it is amazing, the songs are definitely good

  • I must watch Empire. All my friends have been telling me to watch it but I have exams now. Gahhh, give me a week and I'll watch it all! I promise! <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  • I binge watched Breaking Bad last year but have yet to get round to Better Call Saul. Will have to use my free netflix trial soon to get through it! I'm just about to make my boyfriend watch Game of Thrones too, he's way behind the times!

    Liv | http://www.maidenincornwall.co.uk

  • I binge watch Pretty Little Liars (even though I've already watched every episode), Grey's Anatomy, and whatever show I'm temporarily obsessed with.

  • Yes! The returned is amazing and so is empire! I'm gonna try the other ones you've mentioned too!

    Shazza x

  • Lucy Johns

    Oooh The Returned sounds so good. I'll have to try that as soon as I finish all my Uni work!

    Thanks for the recommendation!


    Love Lucy x

  • I have seen so many adverts for Empire and have not been at all sure about it! But if you say its good I better catch up :)


  • I've heard so many great things about Empire and I think I need to start watching it. Currently I've been completely obsessing over The Royals. It's a shame the first season only had 10 episodes :/


  • Liz

    I love Mad Men! I've recently been getting into Suits on Netflix as well :)

    xo, Liz

  • I can not wait to get my teeth sunk into a few of these! thanks for the recommendations!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  • I've just started watching Game of Thrones (way behind) and True Detective. x

    Emma | ohflowerchild.blogspot.com

  • mad man has been on for so long! i started binge watching daredevil and house of cards on netflix so far, so good!! love your edit of shows!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

    So many people who watched breaking bad in my circle don't like this series at all but i'm obsessssssed. I love seeing Saul's development, what a guy haha x


  • I only heard of them not too long ago! There's SO many new shows out this year! x

  • Empire is so addictive! I've not heard of Stalker?! It sounds creepy. I like it. Haha! x

  • Two of my faves, especially the killing!! x

  • I loooove Parks & Recreation. It's weird because I was never that into it up until this year. Amy Poehler is awesome! x

  • Haha I used to do that too! I tried watching Orange is the New Black for the first time on a flight, but the opening scene was too raunchy & drawing a lot of attention so I closed it! hahaha going to give it another go (at home) soon! LOL x

  • Oh me too! I've never seen Homeland, but heard great things about it! x

  • 2 broke girls is always a fave! I've not heard of Scorpion, have to add that one to the list x

  • The music is amaze! The show just gets more dramatic & more addictive. Love it! x

  • You might finish it in a few days haha!

    P.s good luck with exams! x

  • I miss breaking bad so much :( ahhh my bf is exactly the same, so behind in every show I can't be bothered waiting for him to catch up anymore so I just watch everything without him now hahah x

  • PLL is one of those shows you can just keep rewatching! so good (although I STILL haven't watched the last few eps!) x

  • I recommend the killing (esp if you liked the returned!) ENJOY! x

  • I hope you like it! Definitely start after uni work, I started it during and then ended up finishing the season but not my uni work haha x

  • It's very entertaining! So much drama ALL the time haha. Definitely give it a go! x

  • I know right?! Empire has been one of the most talked about shows this year. Never heard of Royals?! I don't think it airs here in Australia (boo!) but I'll look into it! x

  • OH SUITS! That's one of my faves! It makes me wanna get into law and I hate law hahah x

  • I hope you enjoy them, Heather!! x

  • How good is it?! So addictive! x

  • Oh game of thrones, I don't know anyone who doesn't love that show haha! Like how gorgeous is Daenerys?! x

  • There's so many shows to catch up on these days! I hope you enjoy them if you do! x

  • I know right, 7 seasons! What the hell! I've got to watch house of cards, seriously, there's so much hype about it. It sounds brilliant! x

  • Ooooh no! I'm a HUGE breaking bad fan so I really do hope I like it too!! x

  • I'm going to start on Empire for sure then! (: Stalker is one of those crime shows but it concentrates solely on stalking cases – kind of like a Criminal Minds! I'm really bad with scary shows so I thought some scenes were definitely creepy! Try watching it!

  • The returned is so so good!! Love it! Xxx

  • I recently started watching Better Call Saul after finishing Breaking Bad and I love it!

    Jenna / Beauty And The Style

  • It is so good! Hurry up and watch the last episodes before the season 6 premiere June 2nd!

  • Dianne Childs

    The IT Crowd, Video Game High School, House of Cards, Misfits, Teen Wolf (lol), Orange is the New Black (I'm catching up), and the UK version of The Office (the original). Loving Netflix!

    Di from Max The Unicorn