10 Things You Must Do in Bali


Bali is a place I believe should be on everyone’s bucket list. I fell in love with everything about the island and since there are so many astounding places and sights to see, it can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never been there before. Here’s a list of 10 places you just can’t miss in Bali.

1. Rock Bar at Ayana Resort

The atmosphere at Rock Bar is incomparable. It’s awe-inspiring. I would suggest to walk the scenic route instead of waiting for the cliff-side inclinator, it’s much more rewarding and the views are spectacular. That being said, line up a couple hours before sunset to get a good spot. The drinks are expensive, starting at about $18 for a cocktail but once you arrive, you’ll agree the atmosphere is well worth the price.

2. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

You really can’t go to Bali without experiencing the rice paddy fields. You can hire some bikes and explore the countryside on your own, or book an ATV riding adventure. I would recommend spending a night in Ubud and wake up to the breathtaking views. The best vantage point is along the road of Tegallalang, where there’s also roadside stalls as well as small restaurants with views of the paddies.

3. Ubud Monkey Forest

The monkey forest in Ubud is perhaps the best known, also known as the sacred monkey forest. The forest alone is extraordinary and unlike any other in Bali. As you walk through monkeys will come out and jump on you, so be careful of your belongings! There’s about 7,000 monkeys in the forest, including infants.

4. Eat Seafood in Jimbaran Bay

This place is known for its amazing seafood, and although we never had time to experience it, locals and drivers would all recommend this place. I would suggest a romantic sunset dinner at Bawang Merah Beach Restauran where the tables are all lined directly on the beach.  This one is definitely on the bucket list for the next trip to Bali.

monduk moding plantation

5. Experience an infinity pool

Infinity pools are easy to find in Bali, however the most famous ones are found at Munduk Moding Plantation, Alila Ubud + Uluwatu and finally, the Ubud Hanging Gardens. These are all unrivaled in Bali and some of the most beautiful places in the world.

photo: @tessbegg

6. Eat all the smoothie bowls

I feel like you wouldn’t be doing Bali right if you didn’t try one of the famous smoothie bowls found all over the island. I could probably live off them if given the chance, plus they’re the perfect refresher from the heat! The fruit over there is some of the freshest and most flavorful I have ever tried. My favourite places to pick up one are Cafe Organic, Nalu Bowls, Earth Cafe, Watercress Cafe, Sisterfields, and The Spicy Coconut.

7. Explore unknown beaches

The main beaches in Bali aren’t too special. If anything, I would try to avoid them. They’re quite dirty and you’ll be disturbed every 5 seconds with people trying to sell you something or ask for money. The ones I’d recommend adding to your list are Pasir Putih Beach, Geger Beach, Green Bowl Beach, Karma beach, and Amed beach (shown).

8. Take a trip to the Gili Islands

Although an overnight stay at Gili Trawangan was enough for us, people stay there all Summer. It’s a beautiful place to explore and get away from the craziness of Bali. Gili T is the biggest island of the gili islands, and has more of a party scene, where as Gili Meno & Air are more for people who want something a bit more quiet and secluded.

There’s also Lombok island, which is a short boat ride from the Gilis. There’s volcanos to climb, waterfalls and swimming holes to discover. It’s like tropical paradise.

9. Tanah Lot temple

Tanah Lot is a rock formation that is home to the pilgrimage temple Pura Tanah Lot, a popular tourist and
cultural icon. It is one of Bali’s most important landmarks, and is a most incredible sight to see at sunset. You can learn more about its history here. It’s approximately 20km northwest of Kuta.

pura luhur

10. Sunset at Uluwatu

Uluwatu was one of my favourite places and I only wish I saw more of it. Bali is filled with temples, but one of the most famous, located on a cliff, is Pura Luhur Uluwatu. There’s walking paths and tracks all over the cliffs, and it is best to catch it at sunrise or sunset. There’s monkeys everywhere and fire dancers, making the experience truly unique.

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  • Wow! All of these things look so fun, and Bali seems like an amazing place to visit :)


  • I'm planning on going travelling later in the year and Bali's one of the places I've set my heart on visiting. This is such a helpful post and has made me so excited to go. Thank you! It looks so beautiful x

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  • Eilidh

    ah it just looks and sounds so amazing!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  • Bali looks gorgeous! I live so close but I've never been there! I must one day and visit Pura Luhur Uluwatu. It looks gorgeous! <3

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  • Wow Bali looks incredible! I want to make this my checklist of things to do if I ever visit there for sure! I definitely want to go to an infinity pool, they look amazing :)


  • Rachel Marie

    Oh my, this post just really really makes me want to go to Bali

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    wow this actually looks amazing. Love your photography.

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    Lauren x

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  • This makes me want to go to Bali SO BAD! Definitely saving this post if I ever get a chance to visit it, fingers crossed I do :)


  • Andres Poiche
  • Bali is so beautiful! The water in these photos kill me, so clear and they look so refreshing!


  • It does look beautiful, but I probably will never end up going there..

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  • It is one of my favourite places ever! x

  • Oh you'll fall in love with the island & people there! Everything is beautiful x

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  • It definitely was! I wish I was back there! x

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  • Caz

    Bali is one of the places i've always wanted to visit – the infinity pool looks amazing!

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  • What stunning, beautiful pictures! I would love to visit Bali and these pics have inspired me even more!! xx

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  • I wish I had visited the Rock Bar! Padang Padang is my favourite beach ever xx

  • Joanne

    Lovely photos, and I agree with all of this. I live in the country but I have never actually swam in an infinity pool in Bali. This post made me want to do that really badly though! And I agree, Gili is perfect if you wish to go away from a crowded, hectic place like Bali, but technically, it's actually very far away from Bali. Beautiful post!


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    Lovely post. You have covered everything a Bali trip planner can ask for. Bookmarked :)

  • Kris Rodrigo

    I regret not going to Rock Bar :(

  • Lyn – A Hole in my Shoe

    Six times to Bali (just got back two days ago) and still haven’t been to Rock Bar… there is always next time :)

  • Ahh I seriously wish I had read this before I went! I guess it’s just another excuse to go back though ;). Thanks for sharing! xo

  • Mai

    Awesome post – traveling there soon and will definitely take these into account! That being said, I live in Southeast Asia and would like to point out how harmful and exploitative it is to ride elephants, a mistake many tourists make. Instead, I would recommend visiting an elephant sanctuary or rehabilitation center. There are many to choose from and they really make a difference in the lives of elephants! :)

    • Ellen Salomé

      Thank you so much for this comment!
      Also, please don’t pay to hug bears! Ok they are cute but do you really think they enjoy being hugged? Don’t you think they would rather be free?

  • Kate

    Thanks for these great tips, but I’m sad to see that you recommend riding elephants. It has been well documented that only elephants that have been tortured and beaten into submission are able to have the type of human contact that elephant-riding requires. And elephants are not designed to carry humans on their backs – I’ve visited sanctuaries where I’ve seen elephants with broken backs do to this. More reading: http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/asia/elephant-riding-phuket-bali-chiang-mai-koh-samui-rides-sanctuary-nature-park-ethics-intrepid-travel-a7185061.html . I dream of a day when everyone knows that riding elephants is unethical.

  • Ruby Tuesday

    I just can’t deal with the wild animal petting for tourist tips… come on! Just don’t do the Elephants and Bears thing. -_- Even if the ”trainers” seem nice. Animals should not be trained for our amusement.

  • I’m going to Bali in a week. Thanks for the tips! Which camera did you use?

  • Kris Bernard

    Can you please update this article to remove the animal exploitation?

  • Carmen Jessica

    Great post, except the supporting of animal exploitation. Elephants are subjected to horrendous ‘training’ to make them submissive enough to ride. It’s unnatural, and cruel. Same goes for the sun bears. Plenty to do in Bali that doesn’t include animal torture :)

  • hannah

    This is a great read- I’m not convinced about riding the elephants though. This always seems something that is unnatural and unnecessary. Uluwatu was one of my favourite places too though!

  • Wendi

    I cannot believe you suggest dancing with bears and riding elephants. Absolutely disgusting and so so ignorant. Do your research. Used to love your blog – instantly deleting the link.

    • I did a lot of research before recommending The Elephant Safari Park at Taro, as unfortunately many wildlife parks exist that exploit or abuse their animals. I am a huge animal lover and would never want to promote places that aren’t ethical. The elephants in Taro have all been rescued from dire circumstances in Sumatra, where they are often trapped, poisoned or shot. The park is entirely self-supporting, with all profits going directly back to the park and elephants. Regardless, I have still decided to take it down from the post.

  • I can’t believe you’re suggesting to go to the bali elephant camp.
    I’m sorry my post is in Italian but here I wrote about what “human” do to this amazing animals (http://tripvillage.it/elephant-nature-park/) and if you’re not able to read it, just search on google “elephant punjabi”

    • I did a lot of research before recommending The Elephant Safari Park at Taro, as unfortunately many wildlife parks
      exist that exploit or abuse their animals. I am a huge animal lover and would never want to promote places that aren’t ethical. The elephants in Taro have all been rescued from dire circumstances in Sumatra, where they are often trapped, poisoned or shot. The park is entirely self-supporting, with all profits going directly back to the park and elephants. Regardless, I have still decided to take it down from the post. xx

  • I think, for those who likes to try local food and learn how to make it, is worth to add to the list and cooking classes. I’m not fan of cooking but after attending such classes I changed my mind :) Because it was more fun rather than “work” :D Some false myths about cooking classes http://lifeinbigtent.com/cooking-classes-in-bali/

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