Happy Weekend Links

So I had my injections today before going overseas, and I’m currently typing this post with one hand because the other ones gone numb. Fun, right? Also, I’m seriously almost convinced I have trypanophobia. But anyway, hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend & enjoy these fun links!

What your sleeping position says about your personality.

What 11 highly successful people were doing in their twenties.

A website full of good news. Also, the last one got me all emosh.

Record your voice and turn it into jewellery.

How to control your dreams, whilst you’re sleeping.

Guess where you are in the world.

This is somewhat captivating.

A gif search engine.

An interactive visualisation of stars.

Exercises for toned legs.

& I’ll be making one of these 10 skinny cocktails this weekend.

Happy Friday! – xx Angela

{Image via SF Girl}